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A Primer in the Politics of the War on Terror Essay

A Primer in the Politics of the War on Terror - Essay ExampleThe U.S. led War on Terrorism is directed to its inevitable end, rather endlessness, given the shifting paradigms of the war and the impact of war actions and consequences on ball-shaped terrorist networks. The war, which began on a hysterical note at the 9/11 U.S. attacks by the al floor was fought relentlessly by the U.S - initially on Afghanistan, alleged to be the homeland of al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, the overlord brain behind the terrorist attacks, and then on Iraq, for their suspected links with the al Qaeda, and the potential threats from Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). No sooner did the War on Terrorism became War on Iraq, aimed at ousting Saddam Hussein and the establishment of democracy in Iraq, strategically naming the war Operation Iraqi Freedom, as America advanced its strategic and political interests in the Arab world. According to a 2004 report released by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, the U.S. actions in Iraq since 2003 March has attenuate the global counter-terrorism coalition, which seemed formidable in 2001 however, war on terrorism was effective in revitalizing and motivating the al Qaeda network, Strategic Survey 2003/04, 2004 As the war continues to be waged extending geographical territories, the enemy seems all the more opposed and ever-more prevailing, as new cohorts of terrorists emerge to be potential threat to the U.S. and its allies in the Western world. The human, economic, brotherly costs and consequences of Americas War on Terrorism have been appalling and still continue to mount. The dismal and absolutely avoidable war consequences aggravates the need for a critical review of the politics behind Bush Administrations so-called War on Terrorism - the legality, the solid intentions, the propaganda, the schemes, and the roles and responsibilities of all those involved and concerned - resulting in one of the most demoralizi ng episode in the tale of humanity, no less than Hitlers Holocaust. Role of President and the sexual relation In the wake of the shocking September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001, President Bush dubbed the terrorist attack as acts of war, and proclaimed a global war on terrorism (GWOT). The Presidents hastiness in declaring war on an enemy not so advantageously defined, and his declaration that al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters were unlawful enemy combatants, rather than criminals, has been subject to critical analysis. Feldman, 2002 However his decision to endue troops to combat without seeking a congressional declaration of war, Ramsay, 2002 and expansion of his Presidential authority facilitating non-constitutional actions including the keeping of prisoners without judicial review and approving torturous interrogation techniques Seelye, 2001, Fisher, 2001 have been unilateral and critically grave violations of the U.S Constitution. The coition al so played a crucial role- despite protests, objections and voices of dissent from all quarters including the United Nations, the Congress categorically supported Presidents non-constitutiona

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Technology and Cultural Connections Assignment Essay

Technology and Cultural Connections Assignment - Essay ExampleTechnology, idealistic mass media and accelerated conversation has virtually removed space barrier. All these have culminated in new developments in individual and social culture. For instance, western culture is oriented towards individual autonomy, independence and differentiation hence, it is more egocentric. On the other hand, much of eastern culture attaches so much value to society i.e. family, friendship and land (Triandis, 2005). Thus, western culture is individualistic while eastern culture is collective in nature. gang of these two provides hybrid cultures and new cultures altogether.Globalization has mainly been facilitated by technological advancements. Simpler form of globalisation took broadcast in Mediterranean hundreds of years ago. Technological developments in transport and navigation in this region intensify commercial activities across borders. Globalization was further facilitated by the inven tion of Script in parley technology. merely developments in communication and transportation gave man greater control over space and thus globalization was spread across globe by empires such as Byzantine Empire. Guttenberg gave a big lift to globalization when he invented the printer. This was followed by invention of newspapers, telegraph by Samuel Morse, telephone by Graham doorbell in 1861. Other outstanding historical developments in communication technology included the invention of receiving set by Hertz and his colleagues. All these contributed to conquest of new lands and introduction of uniform modes of trade and standard modes of communication such as English in non English speaking territories. Other advances in transport and communication technology that gave a boost to globalization included invention of high speed ships and airplanes, television, satellites, fiber ocular cable, SWIFT and VSAT (Triandis, 2005).Electromechanical technology refers to things such as radio and television. Computer and internet

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Managing Change (Assessment 2- Change analysis) Essay

Managing Change (Assessment 2- Change analysis) - Essay ExampleIn the first part, the example of the arrangement where I was working is given whereas in the next part the example of change in my accomplices university is explained briefly. The paper ends with recommendation and findings that have been gathered from both the examples. Part A Two geezerhood ago, I rendered my services for a local telecom ships company. The company possesses a large market chapiter and is considered as one of the leading telecom companies in the country. I was working as a client service agent in that company and my job was going relatively fine. During my employment over there, the company underwent a substantial change. That change brought opportunities for some workers, but a large number of workers were resisting change. Among them, I was likewise the one. The type of change which the organization experience was Organizational Restructuring. The company acquired a new and growing net income Service Provider Company. This change not only affected the employees but also impacted the customers since I was the once who attends customers calls and therefore I john judge their responses. Rationale for Change The basic criteria which led to this encyclopedism were the deeper linkages between telecom industry and internet connectivity systems. Nowadays, almost every telecom company which is offering cellular service is engaged in providing internet services as well. Our company was lacking this bea of providing internet facility to our customers therefore it instantly identified a local emerging internet service provider company and acquired it immediately. The rationale for acquiring this company was that after viewing the performance and financial position of that company, our covert management realized that there are substantial chances for this company to expand and grow even to a greater extent in future. In this way, it exit become an additional revenue generating unit for our company and the deficiency of providing internet facility will also get fixed. Change Process Management The merger and acquisition which are taken place in telecom industry are called as level mergers because all the entities break down to the same industry. Therefore the merger between our company and the small ISP Company was also a horizontal merger. Change management process requires taking some necessary steps at the side of straighten out management. These steps include preparing the employees and customers about the upcoming change. For acquisition, our company had to prepare the employees who were resisting change. In this regard, HR managers conducted seminar and workshops to train employees in dealing with change. Some of our valued customers were also informed about our upcoming expansion so that more trust is built between us and our customers. Apart from this, the change management process also needful to downsize where it is required. Few redundant e mployees were fired. Some redundant departments and operations were also closed. Response to Change Responses towards this change change from employee to employee. Some employees who got promoted were motivated and enthusiastic whereas those who lost their jobs were certainly very depressed. The overall responses of internal management and employees can be considered as positive because large numbers of employees were motivated, positive and optimistic about this change. Everyone was expecting that this acquisition will prove to be fall in favor of our company because the right

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Green biotechnology, government policies, taxes, barriers and all that Essay

atomic number 19 bioengineering, government policies, taxes, barriers and all that include government policies for commons biotech. deadline 2 - Essay ExampleRegulation of Green Biotech The potential for human health risks and purlieual impairment has necessitated the need for the government to monitor and regulate the release of genetically modified (GM) organism in the environment and commercialization of GM food products. The Brazil government uses the precautionary principle in the regulation of biotechnology products. This is with respect to the environmental safety and consumer health. The precautionary principle is used when there is a threat of repellant damage to human health or the environment. Innovation in agriculture biotechnology depends on the expertness of sharp property rights. The World Intellectual Property Organization manages and protects international intellectual property and ensures countries dedication to fight biotech piracy. Governments have establ ished transparent judicial mechanism to enable firms to complain about intellectual property violation, and provide resources to the enforcement of property rights (Gaisford and William 61-69). In U.S, the efficacy and the safety of an agricultural product should be present to regulatory agencies before it is commercialized. The agencies also conduct a risk assessment to ensure safety of GMOs in laboratories or green house (Joyia 20-21) Barriers to green biotechnology The lack of appropriate technology is a wide obstacle in the attempt to apply biotechnology to benefit the developing countries. This is brought about by technologies be demonstrable in advanced nations and take time to diffuse to developing countries. Another problem is the love of intellectual property rights. Companies in advanced nations own most of the patents for green biotech. These companies have to be adequately compensated in order to allow access to their invention. Other obstacles to green biotech incl ude the lack of market mechanism, poverty and disparities between nations, local and regional politics, biosafety issues, limited infrastructure for exploiting biotechnology, and the biotech debate waged in potential donor countries (Acquaah 460). Ways in which Green biotech can be best traded? Most developing countries can cover transgenic crops to increase food production in the market and shore in more money to the farmer. Green biotechnology may not be the ultimate solution to hunger and malnutrition, but it can bring about increased, environmental friendly, sustainable and economically profitable agricultural growth. Most developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, for face, have high hopes of producing high yields of transgenic crops to reduce threats of food security. Food insecurity is brought about by drought, plant louse pest infestation, viral and fungal diseases that result into severe crop loss. The potentiality of agricultural biotechnology in Sub-Saharan countri es lies in producing hard crops to withstand the various natural risks. The sub- Saharan biodiversity resource provides possibilities for developing impertinently genetic traits. These traits can be used in transgenic crops through regulatory processes and well- funded innovative research to induce environmentally friendly and new varieties that are harder than existing varieties. Cases of scientific success in developing countries provide that green biotech can change the local economy and reduce food security concerns. The famous example of technology beneficial impact on agricultural production is the green revolution. In Kenya, scientists have developed

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DS Final Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

DS closing - Dissertation ExampleIn the wake of such levels of debate and discussion among researchers, it is always useful to enter a new paradigm that would serve as an alternative. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has been anchor to be a new technology that most IT projects would want to use in the provision of chat services. This is largely due to the level of reliability associated with the service output of VoIP. The study therefore took advantage to instal a paradigm shift in medical alert systems by using VoIP instead of POTS. This was make through the development of medical software that was called VoIP medical alert system. Medical alert service is subsequently analyzed in this paper as a customized and integrated work activity, using extremity medicinal drug as a theoretical framework. Medical alert service is regarded in the paper as an emergency response scheme that demands that medical care reach service users in emergency within the shortest timeframe. pre cisely for this to be achieved, the need to have a reliable and efficient communication system to link up to the medical alert service was necessary. Information systems opening was thus used as an activity theory to guide the development and introduction of the VoIP medical alert system at the St Theresa Hospital. ... I declare that the sermon describes original work that has not previously been presented for the award of any other degree of any institution. Signed, your-name-here This talk contains material that is confidential and/or commercially sensitive. It is included here on the understanding that this will not be revealed to any person not involved in the assessment process. student, Supervisors and Classes Student name Student ID number GDI name CRMT class ID DA name Yongge Wang CAC class ID ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A number of people vie very instrumental roles in the completion of the current research. For various roles in which they supported me morally, spiritually, intel lectually, and logistically, I would akin to express a depth of gratitude to I would like to thank Dr.Yongge Wang (my dissertation advisor) for his support throughout this dissertation. I would like to thank my family for their continuous support and the University of Toronto. Finally, to all respondents who dedicated their time to answering interview questions during the simple data collection. LIST OF circuit cardS Table 6.1 Emergency Services given before and after the Intervention 47 Table 6.2 Deaths recorded before and after the Intervention 49 LIST OF FIGURES Fig. 3.1 Information Systems as an use 25 Fig 3.2 Decision-Making Theory plat 26 Fig 4.1 SSDAM Diagram 30 Fig 4.2 simplified Data Flow Diagram 32 Fig 4.3 Business Systems Options Diagram 33 Fig 4.4 Requirements Specifications Diagram 35 Fig 5.1 Combined use of Waterfall Model and Action Research 42 TABLE OF CONTENT Chapter 1. Introduction 10 1.1 Scope 10 1.2 Problem Statement 11 1.3 Approach 12

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Market Research proposal report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Market Research proposal report - Essay patternThe industry gives conveying services for freight and also passengers. Businesses inwardly the industry aim at make it very interesting to woo customers to desire to use services provided by the industry. The study of the industry reveals that in that location are political, economical, socio-cultural and legal factors that affect it. The Pest analysis should be used to analyze the environment in which the industry operates in. This simple analysis involves understanding the industrys political, economic, social, and technological environment with references to the various companies within the industry. (Massingham, et al. 1988)Political factors fill a direct and indirect effect on the performance of the various companies within the airline industry. on that point are more or less decisions which have been do by the federal government of the United Kingdom which has truly had a negative effect on the performance of the industr y. For instance, in 2001, the federal government brought legal suits and made decisions to minimize the production and marketing of high performance to countries believed to be a threat to the security of U.K. This ingrain impacted negatively to the general operations of companies within the industry. (Michael, 1985)The industry has also been alter by economic factors. These include Currency exchange rate, interest rate policy, consumer factors, and fiscal policy rates. The industry has to adhere to the fluctuations in the market depending with how a consumer perceives the offered products. In the times of economic recession, less people use air transport because of the low affordability of this kind of transport. Hence the industry has continually suffered for lack of customers. Therefore, the industry makes minimal profits because of the fewer customers it is able to acquire at such times. (Jan, 2002) The market has also been affected by social factors. Forces within the societ y such as media, family and friends have affected the operations of companies within the industry. The media has compete a percentage in influencing customers to believe that the services offered by the industry are of high quality. Social factors have affected the opinions, interests, and attitudes of the industrys potential customers. The industrys success open fire be greatly attributed to social factors. (Scholes, 1993)Technological factors have also played a role in affecting the industrys performance. The internet for example has assisted the industry to extend its spheric out reach. Most of the marketing mix strategies which the airline has used have kept in tinct with changing engineering and modernization in the ever changing world. E-commerce and Radio Frequency identification-RFID are some of the modern technological aspects embraced by the industry. The industry has tried to always keep abreast with technology. The modern technology present in the industry has given it a competitive edge over other link up industries. The technology has also greatly increased the effectiveness of the services offered by the industry. (Schlesinger, 1991)Some of the services that can be introduced in to the industry include postal services. Here, letters and mails will be transported via planes to where they are needed. This enhances the rush of postal services in the world as a whole. The targeted customers will include rich disdain people who need to deliver mail to business people based in other separate of the world urgently. The cost of this service will

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Market Models of Education - Pros and Cons Essay - 2

Market Models of Education - Pros and Cons - quiz ExampleThe authors of the Brave new classrooms democratic education & the Internet argue that redden though the online courses superpower have their place in providing for a higher level of education with respect to the social sciences or to the hard sciences, argues that the provision of online classes in terms of teaching creative writing skills is doing a strong ill service to students around the world. As a function of analyzing this particular point of ensure and summarizing it, the following critique lead provide an interpretation into the method of argument that the authors in question use and this students view of whether or not it is an effective argument or not. Essentially, the authors indicate that there are several tell apart reasons why Internet sources are not sufficient in teaching creative writing, or even writing in general. Firstly, the basis of traditional writing courses, as defined by the authors, has bee n predicated on downhearted groups for many decades. As denoted within the chapter, this is not by accident. Instead, the utilization of small groups increases the general level of interaction, ego and peer review, and other relevant factors relating to the way in which creative writing is taught. However, within the Internet classroom, the overall interaction betwixt students is necessarily limited and a one dimensional level of interaction between the instructor and the student is ultimately affected. Another rationale that the authors provide for why electronic courses are not as effective in teaching writing has to do with the fact that Internet classes necessarily provide to the elements of computer writing and professional business correspondence. The authors argue that even though it is true that these elements should doubtless be taught, to base entire courses on this is to lose sight of how effective writing techniques have produced exceptional articles, books, and opi nions the one-time(prenominal) several decades.

Anomaly Detection Methodologies Research Proposal

Anomaly Detection Methodologies - Research Proposal ExampleBesides, current practices and procedures aimed at identifying much(prenominal) patients are slow, expensive and unsuitable for incorporating new analytical mechanisms. Buckeridge (2007) argues that Current algorithms used for achieving this risk stratification are pendant on the labelling of the patient data as positive or negative. This classification implies that determining trends and subsets that are idealistic in a given population requires an analysis of large data sets and the identification of positive aspects up to a threshold level. This process, as explained above, is not just slow or expensive, but puts additional lading on patients and hospital administrators, thereby affecting the validity and effectiveness of such practices. The proposed study aims to use allot anomalousness perception methods that are known to be suitable for detecting interesting or queer patterns in a given data set. Bohmer (2009) s ays that new frameworks allow anomaly detection to be use towards determining anomalous patterns in subsets of attributes associated with a data set. In simpler words, anomaly detection methods identify droll occurrences with the data that appear to deviate from the normal behavior exhibited by a majority of the data set. Examples of such anomalies include an epidemic outbreak, traffic congestion in a certain section of roads or an attack on a network (Applegate, 2009). The proposed research aims to extend the standard approach to anomaly detection by devising techniques to identify per centumial patterns that exhibit anomalous behaviour with the remainder of the data set. such techniques are believed to aid in the detection and assessment of unusual outcomes or decisions related to patient counseling in healthcare institutions. Anomaly Detection Several studies by researchers like Nurcan (2009) and Anderson (2007) have applied anomaly detection techniques to healthcare. In fac t, anomaly detection has proved useful in areas under clinical behaviour and medical technology such as blood samples, vestibular information, mammograms and electroencephalographic signals (Brandt, 2007). However, the same principles have run aground little application in enhancing the quality of patient care or identifying existing deficiencies in the assist extended to patients. The proposed study aims to improve and extend anomaly detection techniques to such relatively unexplored domains. plot previous studies have relied primarily on detecting existing conditions such as diseases, the proposed research allow for apply similar methods to ascertain the level of risk that accompanies a potential outcome being analyzed. Thus, the step of this risk as a result of uncovering anomalies is likely to help in forecasting the picture of patients to certain diseases or deficiencies. The study proposed to utilize several anomaly detection methods by applying them to existing clinical data on patients. In doing so, the number of outcomes and patients being analyzed will be much bigger and wider than those adopted by previous studies. Some of the detection methods that will be included as part of the proposed study are listed below Nearest Neighbour method As the name suggests, the hot neighbour method helps detect patients (anomalies) from a given population based on information pertaining to their n nearest neighbours. This method is based on the principle of vectors that are used to sum the distances between a set and it n closes neighbours. As a result, dense and sparse regions are identified based on the numerate score which is lesser in the former case

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Pop Art- Andy Warhol Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

pull down Art- Andy Warhol - Research Paper ExampleThe essay Pop Art- Andy Warhol states the graphics of Andy Warhol. To understand the concepts and techniques employed in the pop invention, this paper will analyze Andy Warhol through the catch of his work. This will include the techniques and themes he employed in his work the origin and the implication of the art impulsion as well as the work of Andy Warhol through analysis of literature and internet sources in the radiation diagram of annotated bibliography. Pop art originated in Britain much earlier than it did in North America, but their origins were independently motivated. The offshoot of pop art in the United States marked the reemergence of the hard-edged composition of art and the use of realistic art. The representational nature of art was achieved through pop art by the artists using mundane reality, impersonal, parody and jeering to mask the personal symbolism. The works of pop artists were at their greatest high in America in 1960s and the term pop art was introduced in December of 1962 during a Symposium on pop art that was organized by the museum of modern art. Freeman, asserts that the generation of American pop artists in its prime length of the 1960s had to search deeply for dramatic styles that would help in the creation of a demarcation among the art and the well-designed commercial material. The prime period of the pop art was known as the pop art movement that was marked by a new level of fascination with the popular culture that was meant to regularize and reflect the post-war society.

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Analyze Oath of the Horatii Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analyze Oath of the Horatii - Essay ExampleTheir mothers and sisters be fearful for the warriors lives as render at the bottom right of the painting. The legend depicts one of the Horatii sisters to be engaged to one of the Curatii brothers. During the contest, two of the Horatii brothers were like a shot killed, but Publius feigned flight and managed to kill his wounded pursuers piecemeal. The sister wept with sorrow, upon hearing that her brother Publius had killed her lover. Seeing her tears, Publius the hold out Horatius brother was horrified that she was cursing Rome, stabbed his sister calling upon death on any Roman cleaning lady who mourned the enemy (Livy, 1978).The painting by David depicts heroism. In this case, the paintingshows the three sons as they give the salute and inform to protect their city.In line with this, the French government used the painting as a intend of pre-French revolution propaganda, to promote a sense of nationalism. The main aim of the governm ent was to bring its citizens togetherand pulp loyalty for their outlandish. Hence, Jacques-Louis David created the painting in order to inspire feelings of heroism and loyalty within the French people. The Horatius brothers are risking their lives in order to protect their city of Rome, despite the woeful and sorrowful faces of the women. David attempts to give his people a sense of sacrifice.Through his painting,the Oath of the Horatii is aimed at promoting loyalty and sacrifice for the country eventually leading to the origin of outstanding heroes during the French Revolution. Hence, the painting required the French to take arms and swear to protect their country as the brothers did in the painting (The Oath of the Horatii, 2011).Jacques-Louis David presented the first work of art in a sore style called the rococo style. The painting has a broad and basic composition, with the full-scale figures

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Trend and analysis of SLS hotel external environment Research Paper

Trend and analysis of SLS hotel external environment - Research paper ExampleThe SLS Luxury brand caters to a specific class of volume who desire a lifestyle of high-class service, sophistication, over the top luxury, and an atmosphere that fulfills these needs. SLS Hotels have created a new trope in the luxury hotel experience that speaks to a global, civilize audience. SLS stands for style, luxury, and service. This speaks to the needs of todays sophisticated travelers, offering an array of widely customizable features and an unwavering commitment to innovation and superior guest service (Hotels, 2014).The mannikin of products and administrations requested by customers is generally impacted by their convictions and state of mind which, on the other hand, argon affected by social molding. The surrounding social entities and the associated activities. The Hollywood presence, for instance, presents the hotel with great opportunity for the constant current of clients who even sta y for longer periods. The hotel location is a great contributor to the accessibility by the laughingstock population who include the diplomatic tourists and business persons in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, in particular, is a favorite destination for people seeking luxury and high-class lifestyle. The Hollywood movie industry, high-end shopping options and opportunities, beaches and resorts such(prenominal) as Santa Monica Pier and Venice boardwalk, attractions such as the Universal Studios, many museums and cultural events in L.A constitutes to the main social agentive roles that make the destination popular (Enz, 2009). Being an economic hub, Los Angeles provides the hotel with an adequate supply of market as business people from all over the world frequently come to the city for conferences (Hotels, 2014).The growing population of Beverly Hills is also a social factor to consider. Currently, the population of the city stands at over 34,000 people. However, the p opulation has various demands depending on the age-group and socioeconomic factors.

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Missoni Brand Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Missoni Brand Architecture - Essay ExampleFrom this word it is clear thatMissoni has diversified as part of its brand extension, and ventured into other industries that are a continuation of the modus vivendi that the company seeks to offer. In this case, it has ventured into the hotel industry and already established a minute of high-end hotels in other locations universe on the companys overall plan. Currently, the companys lines of operation overwhelm the signature Missoni line, which is the set out company with divestment into other famous Missoni lines. These lines include M Missoni, which is a less expensive line Missoni Sports, which deals with sports raiment Missoni perfumes Missoni Home collection, which deals with furniture and Hotel Missoni.This paper highlights that Missoni has taken a number of measures to go out that it remains at a favourable position among its competitors. In the fashion industry, the key determinants of brand stead are the pricing and the de putation of the brand. In line with this, the direction of the brand is the target market place that the company ventures in, with some companies focusing on conservative apparel while others focus on guiding apparel. On the other hand, the pricing of the products that competitors in the industry offer determines the market offering shabby products for the lower class. For Missoni, the company primarily offers products that were conservative and sonsy in nature with these products being every in the fashion industry or in the hotel industry.... These products include the services offered in their hotels and the products popular in the fashion industry. As a luxury brand, Missoni competes with various brands for high-end markets in both the fashion and hotel industries (see Fig. 2). Figure 2 Brand Conceptual Map of Missoni Brand Positioning In order to position itself competitively in the luxurious fashion industry, Missoni has taken a number of measures to ensure that it remains at a favourable position among its competitors. In the fashion industry, the key determinants of brand positioning are the pricing and the direction of the brand (Manlow 156). In line with this, the direction of the brand is the target market that the company ventures in, with some companies focusing on conservative apparel while others focus on directional apparel (see Fig. 1). On the other hand, the pricing of the products that competitors in the industry offer determines the market offering cheap products for the lower class (Carroll). For Missoni, the company primarily offers products that were conservative and luxurious in nature with these products being either in the fashion industry or in the hotel industry. However, to set itself apart, the company has carried out a number of measures that have ensured that the brand positioning was for unique and luxurious products in the competitive fashion industry. Brand specialism Missonis success has been a result of the differentiat ed products that it has continually offered to its clients. In this regard, brand differentiation focuses on creating products that cannot be easily counterfeited due to the unique nature of the products (Manlow 156). By creating a concept that is characteristic of

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Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Germany - Essay ExampleThere is jam of historical evidence that points to why the United States entered the war. The Germans sank the Lusitania in 1915, which was enough to halt the United States angry at them. Even though they promised to stop using submarines, they did not, and more American lives were lost. Though Mr. Freedman was right when he said that the United States entered the war on the side of Eng down to help our allies and friends, the reasons are completely wrong. We did not enter the war because Jews of both countries got together, had a party, and said, Lets enter the war today we call for nothing else to do And the idea of entering a war to give a piece of land to another religion or party of people is just that an idea. America had strong reasons to enter the war, from the situation that the Germans once again began their submarine use to the fact that Germany, if England was overrun, could just as easily begin doing the said(prenominal) to America. As for the Jews uniting to stop buying German goods, they were right to do what they needed to do to get the message across to Hitler. It was not, as Mr. Freedman suggests, because the Jews caused their own problems.

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Does China really want to establish itself in a position of Essay

Does chinaware really loss to establish itself in a position of unquestioned prevalence in the region and seeks to displace the joined States as the dominant player in East Asia - Essay Example china was weak and endangered during the Century of Humiliation. This adds urgency to its pursuit of power and its desire for regional preeminence. China has been riven by rebellions causing black lotion of millions of people throughout the 19th century. The imperial governments compliance with the foreign demands and resistance to the the exploitation presence of foreigners frequently fanned these uprisings. The Century of Humiliation has left deep scars in the memory of China as a nation. A prime occasion behind Chinas eagerness to start powerful is to deter such conditions from happening in the future. Drive for annexation of Taiwan to the mainland For China, the situation regarding the ocean is of much significance as compared to that regarding the land. The West also challenged Ja pan like China, but the rulers of Japan were more adept at reestablishing their legions and political system as compared to Chinas. Japans military defeated Chinas military in the mid-1890s and took control of different portions of Manchuria and Taiwan. Japans onslaught into the Chinese territory increased further in the first half of the 20th century. So in order to establish itself as a country of unquestioned preponderance in East Asia, it is arrogant that China makes a strategy to annex Taiwan with it, drive America out of the way, and also, be stronger than Japan. There cover several vesitges of the Century of Humiliation that, in the minds of many Chinese, must be rectified before Chinas recovery will be considered complete. The most important of these and the only one that is non-negotiable is the return of Taiwan to the mainland (Kaufman 1). This is plausibly to result in... China has shown rapid growth of economy since the second half of the 20th century. The US cur rently sees China as a threat because of a lot of reasons. One of the key issues in the defence force planning of the US is to sort out the way to respond to the military modernization effort do by China. According to the Department of Defense (DOD), Chinas rise as a major(ip) international actor is likely to stand out as a defining feature of the strategical landscape of the early 21st Century and Chinas military is now venturing into the global maritime domain, a sphere long dominated by the U.S. Navy I have moved from being shady to being genuinely concerned about the military programs of China (Mullen cited in ORouke). Another major reason because of which China is evolving as a potential threat to the US is its growing economic power. China is a major exporter of goods and products all over the world. Even the US imports a large share of both fond and manufactured goods from China. Most of the motivation China has for growth comes from its commitment to be self-sufficient and strong copious to deter such a time in the future from occurrence. Since the late 20th century, government of China has introduced some radical changes that have helped the economy of China flourish. China is strengthening its military and access to the Arabian Sea. In spite of all these measures, China does not want to enter into a war with the US. plot of ground this is an established fact that China really wants to establish itself in a position of unquestioned preponderance in the region, yet it cannot be said with utmost surety that China seeks to displace the US as the dominant player in East Asia.

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

A great Way Gone by shipwreck survivor Beah - Assignment ExampleHe narrates his ordeal passionately, giving completely the finer details that leave your mouth agape and wondering in awe. Ishmael wrote this book to suck up the plight of pip-squeak soldiers and the kind of trials and tribulations that they undergo. This was a protest letter of some sort to the various authorities, especially in countries where there be rampant cases of very young boys being forced into the army to advertize enemies. In the book, Ishmael covered death as a theme and indeed it stands out because people are being killed Ishmael only survives by a freak of chance. Ishmael, together with the other child soldiers, experiences nothing scarce unforgivingity he faces problems which almost necessitate his death. For instance, if not for the timely intervention of UNICEF to save Ishmael and youths alike after three years of fighting in the army against uncivilized rebels, he would have been nothing bu t dead meat. With further assistance of Laura Simms, Ishmael travels to the United States of America, to New York City, where he proceeded to finish high school and graduate from college. Ishmael becomes an advocate and gets involved in a mo of international organizations that deal with aiding children who are forced to be soldiers in their respective countries. He wrote this book to battle array the whole world how him and the other young boys, while in Sierra Leone, lead extremely brutal lives full of adversity. This is clearly brought out when at some point, as they see a fascinating yellowish pink of the ocean, they are forced to get through a torture of walking on hot sand that burns their feet, a scene that reminds one of the simple truth pain is sometimes so be quiet to pleasure. They initially are taken care of by a Good Samaritan, a fisherman, and make a day of it. But it doesnt take long before they get captured by some fierce villagers who are so scared of them that , in fact, threaten to kill them. Fortunately, they get saved by cassette tapes. Ishmael really wanted to show people how dangerously a child soldier lives and how seeing tomorrow to such children happens normally by sheer luck he demonstrates that point when he recounts the incident when he was so scared of death every time that eventually it makes him wonder out loud how some(prenominal) more times do we have to come to terms with death before we find safety? (Beah, 2008). At some point, the story becomes sad when Ishmael elicitt get sleep, there are constant noises around, dogs are howling and running from one place to the other and all he can think about is how something bad is going to happen. The noises wake up one of his comrades, Alhaji, he suspects that something is wrong but ignores that feeling and goes back to sleep. When morning comes, Ishmael and Alhaji start to wake up the other friends. Unfortunately, Saidu doesnt oppose when they talk to him. They try to check i f theres something wrong with him and realize that he is dead. The two rise his physical structure ready for burial because in that village, its an abomination to let a dead body to stay unburied overnight. Another important theme that Ishmael intended to cover and successfully managed to do was enmity. He wanted to bring to the fore the fact that as a child soldier, one is heart-to-heart to real and even at

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Social Computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 2

cordial Computing - Essay ExampleDirecting the customers from these pages to the actual scholarly articles.This will increase the readership of the Educated mess Society website. It will help them gain various sponsors to run the website and fund actions cogitate to environmental activities and scientific research.Checking the level of awareness created through the social media tools by conducting a questionnaire survey among them and involving in the qualifying youngsters in projects related to their interests.Creating an environmental awareness is the main objective. Be it a laptop the youngsters use or a leather jacket, they should be educated regarding the way it is created, the core technology and the various political and economical facts associated with it. This association is important to make them valuable citizens in future.A youngster who changes his mobile once in family will stick to one smart phone for years if they realize how much e-waste they are creating. A per son who knows how the plastic covers thrown around affects the environment will never use them again.Providing such cultivation in an interesting format is the main objective of the social media tools used. The aim of the social media campaign is to promulgate about the same by entering their territory.It is hard to make youngsters visit a science related site or lecture them about environment. But, taking the site to tools like Blogger and Twitter where they use will make them peek at it automatically.The blog and Twitter page explains about the animals and the photography site in Nat Geo. The technology blog related dwells with various subjects shown as documentaries in NatGeo, WWF and Green Peace websites. So youngsters with versatile interests will be directed towards these sites from their favourite pastime areas in the internet.The info presented will be for the most part in the format of quizzes, puzzles and

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Bodhi-Dharma Definition Essay Example for Free

Bodhi-Dharma Definition Essay historical BackgroundBodhi-Dharma () was an Indian Buddhist monk who came to China from India in the first quarter of the sixth century. He brought Mahayana Buddhism to China. Coming to China, he catch matchlesss breathed nine years at the Shao-lin Temple (), located in He-nan Province (). Bodhi-Dharma is k without delayn in connection to a story expressed by the phrase Wall Contemplation lodge Years (). From the philosophy and practice represented by this phrase, the Chinese Zen Buddhism originated and developed in turn out generations. The Bodhi-Dharma is respected as the First Zu (First patriarch) of Chinese Zen Buddhism. It is said that he was born as the third base prince of a state of south India. Name of the major powerdom is expressed with two Chinese characters . Late in his life, he left India. It was the year 520 CE (or 527 CE) when he arrived at Guang-zhou of south China by victorious a sea route. It is not con military positio nrablyl known which course he took on the way. This article proposes a probationary account that the route he took was the Sea Silk-Road. Chinese historical literature describes what took go in at the cadence when he left India.He met the King and told him of his wish to go to China. The King tried to persuade him to stay in his home land, exclusively Bodhi-Dharma was determined to go. There was no longer anything for the King to do but to prepare a large boat with necessary items for a safe voyage. His hope was for the future revert of Bodhi-Dharma (preferably with the same boat). On the day of departure, the King accompanied Bodhi-Dharma up to the harbor, together with the families of his relatives and vassals. At this moment, there were none who were not in tears.After a lead-year voyage, the ship of Bodhi-Dharma arrived at Guang-zhou of south 1China. There, the local governor came to greet him. It was phratry of the year 520. It was the sentence of Emperor Wu of Liang Dy nasty (, ) was informed of this event. HeKnowing it, the emperor invited Bodhi-Dharma to the corking Jian-kang (now Nan-jing). During his stay at the slap-up, it is said that there was the following dialogue between the Emperor Wu and Bodhi-Dharma. The Emperorasked I go through constructed many templesfor Buddhists and used to serve for transcribing a number of Buddhism sutras. What karmic merit is promised? Bodhi-Dharma replied No merit (). The kingdom where Bodhi-Dharma was born is booked as in Chinese literatures. At the time of Tang dynasty (618 907) established a speed of light years later from the time of Bodhi-Dharma, it is likely that is pronounced as Kang-zhi. This is close to Kanchi (-puram), an old capital town in the state Tamil-Nadu of south India (the part puram means a town or a state in the sense of earlier times). It was a capital of Pallava Dynasty at the time when Bodhi-Dharma was living. The Pallava Dynasty is get downed as an oceanic state, trading with Mediterranean countries to the west and with China, Siam, Fiji and others to the east. It is conjectured that Bodhi-Dharma departed from Kanchipuram to the nearest port Mamallapuram and embarked from there.On the other hand, from the time of Former Han Dynasty (, established in 206BC) more than two thousands years ago, China also traded by sea with south-east Asia, India, Middle-east and Mediterranean countries by using large oceanic boats. It is said that return voyage took quartet years or so between China and Middle-east. In China at the time of tertiary century, oceanic boats were called Konron-chuan. Konron () meant the area of south-east Asia in general. A picture shows that an early-time trading boat is equipped with woody arms on its both sides ( mantic, for stability). It is noteworthy that there are be described as China-Pagoda in a trading harbor-town (Nakapattinam) of south India near Sri-Lanka island.This was built by the order of a Chinese king for the sake of Ch inese Buddhists who came to India from China for trade or for pilgrimage (perhaps in the 8th century). Kanchipuram is famous now in India as a town of quality silk cloths. Even Indian Buddhist monks used silk goods. This is indite in the hold out degrade 2 by Yi Jing (, 635 713). Original silks were likely imported from China, although mulberry trees (for silkworms) were planted in south India too. Some sources record that Yi Jing wrote a letter during his stay in Java (691) and sent it to the governance of Tang Dynasty (at the time of Wu Zetian ), in which he asked to construct a China Pagoda in India. This corresponds to the above record in India.Sea Route of Fa-Xian (Buddhist monk, 335 -423)A number of Buddhist monks visited India from China and vice versa. A record of most famous belong is that of Xuan-Zang (629-645), who took the land route both ways to and from India. In an earlier travel by Fa-Xian (399 412), he took a land (mountain) route on his way to India and retu rned back by a sea route. Why Fa-Xian took the sea route on his return is not written in his travel record. It is conjectured that he wanted to avoid steep and dangerous mountain routes because his age had advanced to over 70 at the time. Beginning his way back to China, he stayed at a town at the peach of the Ganges river and waited for two years to take a large commercial ship. During his stay, he has transcribed Buddhism texts (and perchance looked for a person or a merchant who would assist him on his return journey).By taking advantage of seasonal (monsoon) enclose in the beginning of winter, his ship arrived at the island of Simhala (now Sri-Lanka) after fourteen years. It is well known that there is a seasonal wind from the north-east along the east coast of India in the Bengal Bay. After he had stayed for two years in Sri-Lanka too, he took a large ship (possibly helped by another merchant). The number of passengers on board was more than two hundreds. They embarked fo r the east.In the beginning there was affable seasonal wind, but from the third day a storm occurred. After thirteen days, they arrived at an island. It is speculated that it was one of Nicobal islands. Tending to repairs due to flooding of the ship, they resumed their journey. After nine or ten days (or ninety days by another reading) by passing through the Strait of Malacca, they arrived at a harbor in Sumatra or Java islands. Fa-Xian stayed there for five months. His trip route is shown by the thick solid twist in the figure (Reference 3).Route of Fa-Xian (thick solid line) and a speculated route of Bodhi Dharma (dotted line)Helped by another merchant, he took a large ship bound for China where two hundred passengers were on board. Guessing the size of the ship, it could be one corresponding to two carriage cars of a modern electric train connectedside by side and one underneath them. A relief of a big ship dust in Borobudurs Buddhist structures (below) on the Java Island, whi ch suggests such a ship as Fa-Xian took. ship relief in Borobudur.They embarked with food on board of fifty days, but they encountered a storm on the way and drifted on the East China Sea. Eighty days after their departure, they arrived at a place on the south coast of Shan-dong Peninsula of China.This was a voyage that occurred at a time a hundred years before Bodhi Dharma. At his time, it appears that voyages across the Indian Ocean by using the monsoon seasonal wind are well-known. It is likely that such a sea route would have been recommended to Fa-Xian. According to modern info of observation, there is Monsoon wind in the Indian Ocean from Indian side to Malay Peninsula from May to September every year.Sea Route of Bodhi DharmaBodhi Dharmas ship departed Mamallapuram, a main port approximate to Kanchipuram, and headed for Sri-Lanka. This is just a conjecture. It is likely that they stayed there a couple of months waiting for favorable monsoon wind, preparing for the great jou rney crossing the Indian Ocean. It might take another couple of months to get to a port in Sumatra or Java island. It may have taken a half or more of a year (depending on circumstances) since he departed his home country Kanchipuram. It is likely that he may have been invited by a royal family at the place he was staying, or that he stayed at a temple for rain retreat in summer time according to the Buddhist custum, or that he spent half a year by preparing his next journey, waiting for a favorable wind, or trading. Once everything was ready, they finally embarked for Guang-Zhou, China. It may have taken two months or so to get to their destination. two years should have been sufficient time for the whole journey.The three years written in the record may imply that it was the third year since he departed his home country, rather than that it took full three years. Bodhi Dharma accordingto old records was born in Kanchipuram of south India., and his final place of rest was at the B ear-Ear push-down stack of He-Nan Province of China, where there is a temple Kong-Xing Si to commemorate Bodhi-Dharma. However, in the ancient town Kanchipuram where Bodhi-Dharma is supposed to have grown up, there is nothing to remind us of him. It is considerd that there were many Buddhist structures in Kanchipuram, but most of them were destroyed by the ravages of time and by the opponents of Buddhism. At the present time, it is a saintly town of Hinduism. Historical remains related to Buddhism found in that region are very bound in number, although one can come across a large number of Buddhist remains in the Hindu temples of this antique city.Devotees and interested individuals from different countries may wish to be informed and dumbfound some sense of this great person Bodhi-Dharma in Kanchipuram. Currently, a project is being planned by those who intend to build a memorial structure at the land (in Kanchipuram) owned by the land of Asian Studies (Chennai, India). This a rticle is written with the hope and confidence in worldwide spiritual support for this endeavor.

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The Malaysian Culture Essay Example for Free

The Malaysian Culture EssayBeing a Muslim country, Malaysians atomic number 18 generally much conservative. Therefore, it is important that travellers take note of the various factors. (Do note that there are more factors but I felt that the ones below are more applicable to the business context for the Australian members.)1. Dress appropriately Ensure that your body is covered especially your chest, arms and legs to avoid unwanted assist and as a form of respect2. Meeting and greeting Dont offer to plump up hands unless you know the opposite party is fairly westernized. Even so, let them offer the hand turn on first. Never shake hands with a woman unless they offer to do so first.3. It is not recommended to stage public displays of affection as it is considered inappropriate behaviour, especially with someone of the opposite sex.4. Always use the in force(p) hand to pass or accept anything as the left is traditionally dirty because of its washroom connections.5. As a f orm of respect, avoid alcohol and pork. Ensure that food items are Halal (meaning permissible for Muslims). It is acceptable to feed in with your fingers (right hand only)6. It is important that you respect your elders. In order to show a sign of respect when momentary by an older person, younger people are expected to bow their heads.

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Learning & process Essay Example for Free

Learning process try onLearning is a never ending process. When a someone graduates from primary or tertiary education, he or she should never be contented with the k at one timeledge that he or she has acquired. Instead, there should always be a sense of longing, thriving, and enthusiasm for more knowledge. An grownup is just equally capable as a person in his prime years to learn and acquire knowledge. One should non consider his mature as an obstacle to nurture and nourish his brain with more information that are yet to be acquired. A person should never be contented with whatever little knowledge he has. An adult who enters graduate school has more advantages than disadvantages. An adult would have more experiences in life and in aliment compared with others, and this would enable the former to connect his experiences with his education. In other words, there would be a more practical approach to learning. Often, people who enter graduate school with little experience from their jobs would tend to be more idealistic with their views almost the theories presented in class.The decision of an adult to enter into graduate school to obtain a masters degree falls in between the life stages of Transcending and Life Calling. These stages talks about a persons journey in life wherein he has already mastered his slyness and already knows his strengths and weaknesses. As such, he would now use this knowledge to achieve his goal in life. Thereafter, this person may now realize his purpose and this is associated with his life calling.The reason for living of the person becomes clear, and he is now ready to make radical steps for the realization of his goal. The decision to enter into graduate school is not easy. But, a person who has a clear idea of what he wants in life would not reckon twice about making this decision. The person would view graduate school as a means, a tool to enable him to achieve his goal to make him successful.Resources Manifest You r Potential. 2004-2005. The Eight Stages of Life. Retrieved from http//www. manifestyourpotential. com/en/lifeskills/lifestages/eight_stages. htm

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A Biography of Shirley Temple Essay Example for Free

A history of Shirley synagogue EssayShirley temple OCCUPATION Film Actress (1932-1950) TV actress/entertainer (19581965) Public servant and Diplomat (19691992) giving birth DATE April 23, 1928 (Age 85) PLACE OF BIRTH Santa Monica, California EDUCATION Tutors Westlake School for Girls ResidenceWoodside, California AKA Shirley Jane Temple Shirley Temple disconsolate Nickname small-minded run Miracle ZODIAC SIGN Taurus Party Affiliation Re familiaran Nationality United States of the States Details SHIRLEY TEMPLE Shirley Jane Temple was born on April 23, 1928, in Santa Monica, California.She is the daughter of Gertrude Amelia Temple (nee Krieger), a lady of the house and George Francis Temple, a bank employee. The family was of English, German and Dutch ancestry. She had two brothers, George Francis, Jr. and John Stanley. Mrs. Temple once had shew business aspirations and frequently played the phonograph and attended dance recitals while she was pregnant. Eight months after she was born, youth Shirley was regularly swaying to music in her crib and Mrs. Temple encour long timed her infant daughters singing, dancing and acting ta adds. In folk 1931 she enrolled her in Meglins Dance School in Los Angeles, California.She was discovered a few months later, when executives from a inexpensive flick company came by the dance studio. When Shirley was 3 years old, her father signed a begin on her behalf with Educational Pictures. Shirley began appearing in deflower Burlesques, short films which spoofed popular movies by remaking them with children. In her earliest films, Shirley performed remarkable impressions of such stars as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. While the cameras rolled, Shirley Temples mother would be on the sidelines, encouraging her to spark To underwrite production costs at Educational Pictures, Shirley and her child co-stars modeled for breakfast cereals and other products. She was lent to Tower Productions for a small role in her gr aduation exercise feature film Red-Haired Alibi in 1932 and in 1933, to Universal, Paramount and Warner Brothers for various bit parts. Her family was protective and her father became her agent and financial adviser. The exposure from Baby Burlesques led her to a contract with the mix up Film Corporation. At age 5, in April 1934, she attained fame with a featured role in Stand Up and Cheer, star Warner Baxter.This became Shirleys breakthrough film. Her charm was evident to Fox heads and she was promoted well before the films release. Within months, she became the symbol of wholesome American family entertainment. Her salary was raised to $1,250 a week, and her mothers to $ one hundred fifty as coach and hairdresser. Shirley starred in several more(prenominal) films the same year, including teeny Miss marking and Baby Take A Bow. On December 28, 1934, Bright eyeball was released. It was the first feature film crafted specifically for Shirleys talents and the first in which her n ame appeared above the title.Her signature song On the Good delight Lollipop was introduced in the film and sold 500,000 sheet music copies. The film demonstrated Shirleys ability to impersonate a multi-dimensional character and established a formula for her future roles as a lovable, parentless street child whose charm and sweetness mellow gruff older men. The next year, she broke racial barriers (at the time) by tap-dancing with the real Mr. Bojangles, Bill Robinson, in The Little Colonel. The young actress, singer and dancer with the 56 bouncing golden gyrate curls and infectious optimism proved an overnight sensation and a top earner for the studio.In February 1935, Shirley Temple became the first child star to be honored with a special Academy distribute and miniature new-fashioned Oscar for Outstanding Personality of 1934 She added her foot and hand prints to the forecourt at Graumans Chinese Theatre in February that year. Shirley Temple was the closely famous child ac tor in history. From 1936-38, Shirley earned more than any other Hollywood star, starring in films that offered an hour and a half of optimism at the height of the Depression.To make her seem even more precocious, her mother subtracted a year from Shirleys age and until she was 13 Shirley thought she had been born in 1929. By 1940, Shirley Temple had 43 films under her belt. United States President at the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt called Shirley Temple Little Miss Miracle for natural elevation the publics morale during times of economic hardship and was noted for saying that, as long as our inelegant has Shirley Temple, we will be all right. When off the set, Shirley had private tutors and also attended the Westlake School for Girls from 1940-45.When Shirley began to mature, her popularity with audiences waned. As an adolescent, she appeared in The Blue Bird (1940) which performed poorly at the box office. At 19, she co-starred in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer. Although t he film standard critical praise, audiences struggled to accept that their Little Miss Miracle was growing up. In 1943, 15-year-old Shirley met John George Agar, an Army Air corps sergeant. On September 19, 1945, when Shirley was 17 years old, they were married before 500 guests at Wilshire Methodist Church. On January 30, 1948, Shirley gave birth to their daughter, Linda Susan.Agar became a professional actor and the couple made two films together gird Apache (1948) and Adventure in Baltimore (1949). Following her 1948 and 1949 films, Shirley found it increasingly difficult to land major acting roles. During the mid-fifties and early 1960s, she made scattered appearances on the small screen but her career as a popular film star had ended at an earlier age than most entertainers had begun. Shirleys labor union became troubled and she divorced Agar on December 5, 1949. She received custody of their daughter and the restoration of her foremost name.The divorce was finalized on Dec ember 5, 1950. In January 1950, Shirley had met Charles Alden Black, a World War 2 United States naval forces intelligence officer who was awarded the Silver Star and reputedly one of the richest young men in California. Temple and Black were married on December 16, 1950. The family relocated to Washington, D. C. when Black was recalled to the Navy at the outbreak of the Korean War. Shirley gave birth to their son, Charles Alden Black, Jr. , in Washington, D. C. on April 28, 1952. Following the wars end and Blacks discharge from the Navy, the family returned to California in whitethorn 1953.Black managed television station KABC-TV in Los Angeles, and Shirley became a homemaker. Their daughter Lori was born on April 9, 1954. In September 1954, Black became director of business operations for the Stanford Research Institute and the family moved to Atherton, California. The couple remained married for 54 years until his death on August 4, 2005. In her film career spanning 1931-1961 sh e starred in 14 short films, 43 feature films and over 25 storybook movies. As Shirley Temple Blacks entertainment work petered out, she refocused her efforts on a career in public service.She briefly returned to acting in 1958, as host and sometimes performer of Shirley Temples Storybook, an anthology series that ran on NBC and ABC from 1959-62. She began her second career in public life at about the same time, becoming involved in the fight against multiple sclerosis after the illness ravaged her brother George, Jr. She co-founded the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies. In 1967 at the age of 39 she ran for United States Congress but lost. From 1969 to 1970 she served as U. S. ambassador to the United Nations.Shirley Temple Black was appoint ambassador to Ghana in 1974. Two years later, she became the chief of protocol of the United States, retaining the position until 1977. In 1988 Shirley Temple Black became the only person thus far to achieve the rank of honorary inappropriate Service officer of the United States. From 1989 to 1992 under US President George H. W. Bush she served yet another public service role, as ambassador to Czechoslovakia. In December of 1998, Shirley Temple Blacks lifetime accomplishments were celebrated in the Kennedy heart observes at Washington, D. C. s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In 2005 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild. Today, Shirley Temple continues to reside in California. Shirley Temples Accomplishments FILMOGRAPHY AS ACTOR A snog for Corliss (1949) The Story of Seabiscuit (11-Nov-1949) Adventure in Baltimore (19-Apr-1949) Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949) Fort Apache (9-Mar-1948) That Hagen Girl (24-Oct-1947) The Bachelor and Bobby-Soxer (1947) Honeymoon (17-May-1947) Kiss and sort out (4-Oct-1945) Ill Be Seeing You (5-Jan-1945) Since You Went Away (20-Jul-1944)Miss Annie Rooney (29-May-1942) Kathleen (18-Dec-1941) Young People (30-Aug-1940) Th e Blue Bird (19-Jan-1940) Susannah of the Mounties (13-Jun-1939) The Little Princess (10-Mar-1939) Just Around the Corner (11-Nov-1938) Little Miss Broadway (16-Sep-1938) Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938) Heidi (15-Oct-1937) Wee Willie Winkie (30-Jul-1937) Stowaway (25-Dec-1936) Dimples (9-Oct-1936) Captain January (11-Sep-1936) Poor Little Rich Girl (24-Jul-1936) The Littlest Rebel (22-Nov-1935) Curly Top (2-Aug-1935) Our Little Girl (7-Jun-1935) The Little Colonel (22-Feb-1935) Bright Eyes (11-Dec-1934)Now and Forever (31-Aug-1934) Baby, Take a Bow (30-Jun-1934) Now Ill Tell (8-Jun-1934) Little Miss Marker (18-May-1934) Change of Heart (10-May-1934) Stand Up and Cheer (19-Apr-1934) PUBLIC SERVICE US ambassador to Czechoslovakia (1989-92) US Chief of Protocol (1976-77) US Ambassador to Ghana (1974-76) American Academy of Diplomacy engross Member Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training Board of Directors Association for Intelligence Officers Honorary Board of Directors Coun cil of American Ambassadors Council on Foreign Relations George W. Bush for PresidentPacific Council on International Policy specious Marshal of the Tournament of Roses 1939 Grand Marshal of the Tournament of Roses 1989 Grand Marshal of the Tournament of Roses 1999 (shared) Kennedy Center Honor 1998 Hollywood Walk of Fame 1500 Vine St. Visited Disneyland (Oct-1970) BIBLIOGRAPHY World Book Encyclopedia http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Shirley_Temple http//www. nndb. com/people/089/000023020/ http//www. biography. com/people/shirley-temple-9503798? page=2 http//www. shirleytemple. com/bio. hypertext markup language http//www. youtube. com/watch? v=bb8FmimEqPE http//eltonzeng. blog. hexun. com/80714265_d. html

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Investment Companies Essay Example for Free

Investment Companies EssayInvestors need to consider a lot of factors before investing their money in any firm. Company stability and ability to kick in profits is the main attraction for any investor. avow of America and Apple Inc are some of the nearly stable companies in their respective fields. Besides these are some of the amplyest paying industries in the world today. Bank of America Bank of America is the largest brokerage house and consumer banking concerning franchise in the United States (Lewis, 2010, p1) during the financial crisis, bank of America posted huge losses coupled by the untimely purchase of Merrill Lynch. However in April 2010 bank of America reported a $3. 2 billion first quarter profit signifying an thr feedening complete turnaround for the company. Interestingly, most of the profits were generated from the trading at Merrill Lynch. The gamble to buy Merrill Lynch had paid off. With the worst of the financial crisis over, bank of America is poised to make bigger profits and reclaim its bank bill that it lost to JP Chase and Goldman Sachs. Though it is unlikely to continue with the acquisitions that characterized most of its growth phase, the bank no head exit be a big player in wealth management in the US. spacious term investment in bank of America therefore will be a wise(p) decision by an investor who is looking to capitalize to a rising stock price and dividend per component revenue. Besides, the regulations that the administration will introduce will ensure profitability and stability of the banking sector. However, given that the financial markets have not fully recovered, coupled with the impending WallStreet reform by the administration, there is likelihood that resulting volatility may eat into the companys profits and share price.Besides, the company, like many other banks is still repaying government bailout money, a move that will affect its profits and effectively its investors. Apple Inc Dynamism describes the world of engineering science today. reinvigorated information gadgets are introduced to the market every year. Apple is on of the companies that has emerged as a market attraction challenging established giants like Microsoft and easily cutting a niche for its itself in the market. Apple prides itself with successes much(prenominal) as the i-Pod, the i-Tunes Store, MacBook sales, and excellent Mac OS X.Innovation to meet the ever demanding market is the main driver of apple and with its cutting edge products like the i- knell, i-pod and recently the i-pad, investing in Apple inc will be a good decision because certainly these are not the last of their products. The company has one of the highest share prices in the New York Stock exchange which stood at $140 pr share as of 2008 (Tyson, 2008, p 11). Every time people buy Apple products, it increases the company sales and profits which in pass drive up the stock price (Tyson, 2008, p 11).With the continued good performance, an investor is guaranteed of good returns in the big run. While some computer and software companies saw their profits plunge during the recession, Apples soused position ensures continued movement of their products, a clear indicator that the company can whether big scotch fluctuations and guarantees an investors returns for their money. Apple Inc. has concentrated on developing mobile gadgets but the same effort is needed in developing products like the Mac desktop.Competition from other computer and software manufacturers is stiff and an information technology company that cannot sustain the innovation trends is likely to post less sales, profits and stock price. Competitors like Microsoft and phone manufacturers like Motorola are likely to come up with gadgets that will target the entertainment industry, enterprise and high performance computing, none of which apple is well prepared for (Martellaro, 2006, p1). Expanding their niche therefore to include more products will sec ure the future of the company and ensure long-term stability.

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Continuous Professional development Essay Example for Free

Continuous Professional growing EssayContinuous master copy education (CPD) is a fashion model of eruditeness and development that ensures a professionals competency, effectiveness, k instanterledge, skills and practise be continually kept up to while through lifelong learning strategies and activities. There is not a fixed CPD standard or structure and a one size fits all process would not melt down for all professions and item-by-items who work for companies with diverse objectives and working practices.The various approaches whitethorn have common themes and goals such(prenominal) as setting objectives for development and charting progress towards them, or asking questions such as where I requisite to be, and how I plan to masturbate there. Reflection is excessively a key element of the process. Just as important is the motivation and tariff of professionals for deeming their own skills and knowledge up to date. An early definition of CPD was developed in 1986 by the structure Industry Council (UK). However, Friedman et al. (2000) found that it was still the most commonly cited definition of CPD among UK professional bodies in 1999.The systematic maintenance, advancement and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for execution of professional and technical duties throughout the individuals working life. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggest the following elements of a good and broad CPD structure. be a documented process be self-directed driven by you, not your employer focus on learning from experience, reflective learning and survey function you set development goals and objectives include both formal and folksy learning.CIPD further suggest the benefits to CPD practitioners provides an overview of your professional development to date reminds you of your achievements and how removed youve progressed directs your public life and attentions you keep yo ur eye on your goals uncovers gaps in your skills and capabilities Opens up further development inevitably provides examples and scenarios for a CV or question demonstrates your professional standing to clients and employers helps you with your career development or a likely career change. CPD can involve any relevant learning activity, whether formal and structured or informal and self-directed.Good CPD practice will include a variety of learning models that help professionals remain fit and up to date. Whatever the model or structure the process should highlight the needs of the speculate, strengths and weaknesses of learners and their future goals so learning gaps can be addressed. Listed below are examples and a short explanation of types of CPD learning and practice. The fosterage model untold delivered by an expert in a classroom type environment. The award-bearing model organisation achieved via a standard or qualification. The deficit model weak procedure highli ghted and measures taken to improve it.The rain shower model one learner cascading their learning down to other colleagues. The standards-based model meeting standards, often highlighted in observations. The coaching/mentoring model on the job gentility that includes shadowing. The community of practice model secondment or interagency instruction initiatives. The transformative model flexible approach involving many of the above models. My own development is based very much on the transformative model of CPD that involves a range of both formal and informal learning, this provides me with the up to date knowledge and skills I need to do my job competently.Schunk describes learning as, Learning is an enduring change in behaviour or in the capacity to behave in a given fashion which results from practice or other forms of experience. Schunk, Learning theories, 5th ed, 2008 Formal learning through training or qualification is often related to slightlything specific, like a s kill or competence. Formal training may include on-line and CD-ROM based courses or full or part time think leading to qualifications. Development on the other hand can be more informal and has a broader outlook on learning and may include private study such as reading, observe and reflection.Structured continual learning is important in any profession because new research and practices may require new knowledge and skills. For example the QCF Level 6 Diploma in Career counselor-at- fairness and Development is one example of formal learning that I have considered and want to undertake. This is for both professional and financial reasons. Professionally it proves a level of academic ability, knowledge and credibility. It is the standard that many career companies now expect from professionals delivering career guidance in schools.Gaining the qualification should also help me remain competitive when applying for a job and hopefully keep me within a reasonable pay scale. Conferenc es, workshops and seminars also help keep professionals up to date with changes to practice and can be a vehicle for networks to be built up and experiences shared. On the job training such staff training, shadowing, secondment, coaching and mentoring all provide excellent render for professionals to learn new skills and build up work based knowledge. Professionals may also learn by taking part in working multitudes or involvement in research projects.Babcock recognises the benefit of CPD and is connected to broadening and developing all employees knowledge and skills in the pursuit of excellence. They understand the process helps promote career development and ensure legislation and contractual agreements are met. The company handbook CPD at Babcock Education and information Guidance for Staff, describes the process of CPD as, any activity which increases the knowledge, skills and understanding of staff, improves job satisfaction and raises company achievement.The policy stro ngly advocates that practitioners should be accountable for their own personal growth and not solely commit on the company for training and development. It also requires professionals to maintain competent levels of learning as directed by their own professional bodies. If professionals are to be committed to their own CPD practice then there needs to be a certain level of self-motivation. Career Advisers as with all professionals need to remain competent to practice, regardless of whether they qualified yesterday, demise year or twenty-five years ago.(Golding Gray, 2006) agree and suggest that the last day of professional training signals the beginning of lifelong learning. According to Maslow (1943) hierarchy of needs that suggests people are motivated by a range of wants such as basic needs from food and cherish right up to the final stage of self-actualization and fulfillment. Herzberg (1959) showed that to motivate an employee a business needs to create conditions that arr est them feel fulfilled in the workplace. He suggested motivators such as achievement, recognition, work itself, responsibility and advancement will motivate the worker to want to succeed and do hale.Both models recognise that when conditions are right workers want to do a good job and find satisfaction in their work. I would argue that professionals such as career advisers go further by recognising their duty of care to clients and desire to serve them well by providing the best service achievable. This is only achieved by having up to date skills and a positive outlook on personal learning and development. CPD clearly benefits professionals, employers, customers and users. For it to be best utilised practitioners may need some form of CPD training.Learning how to learn is a skill in itself, Joyce and Showers (2001) suggest that a positive adjoin on performance is more likely if training is provided on it. Cunningham (2001) agrees and says It cannot be caught people must be trai ned in the process A full understanding of the CPD process gives the practitioner a methodical and structured approach to their learning that can be flexible and involve a number of learning styles that best suits the learners needs. My own CPD practice and planning is assisted through various policies and templates implemented by Babcock.Supervision meetings with line-managers take place every 6-8 weeks where performance against SMART targets (objectives broken down to specific, measurable, achievable, lifelike and timely goals) are discussed and feedback given. Before annual revaluations take place a pre-review template is filled in by the member of staff. This process alone demands employees to take time to reflect on their past performance and draw attention to skill gaps and future training needs. Another template used during the annual review guides both practitioner and line-manager through the process.This tool asks questions that demands a certain level of thought and ref lection. Questions are asked around time spent on an activity, why it was done, what was learned and can it be shared with others. The pre-review template and review process agree much with guided reflective theory developed by Johns (1995) where he suggests a series of questions can challenge the motivation and rationale for actions. These questions from a third party can help guide learners through the reflective process.Johns suggested reflective diaries and sharing experience with others can lead to a greater understanding than reflections done alone. Though I do not keep a written daybook of reflection I do reflect constantly and can relate to Schons reflection in action and reflection on practice. I also incorporate much of Rolfe (2000) Driscolls (2000) thinking by asking what, so what and now what into my practice. Another simple strategy I endorse and find profitable is SWOT analysis, a technique accredited to Albert Humphrey in the 1950s that asks practitioners to scruti nize their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.Practitioners can also be unaware of issues in their own practice, this is suggested by the Jo Harari window, developed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955 it proposes that others see things nigh us to which we may be blind. New objectives and action plans can then be agreed and formalised. Feedback from lapse and annual review meetings help to evaluate work and clarify agreed targets and future development tasks. The meetings also offer a platform to formally raise concerns or requests for training.A training request was make after I became aware of a number of young people in school who seemed to be unmotivated, withdrawn or depressed. I had no knowledge of kind health issues and felt out of my reconditeness to offer solutions and wanted to be able to offer better front-line support. I approached my line-manager and it was suggested I investigate possible training options. I later attended three one day courses on adolescent mental health that were free of charge and run by Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH).The training was around spotting mental health disorders, early intervention and ideas for support in school. Networking is also a valuable source of gathering information and developing support channels. It was through a network that I learned of the free training delivered by CAMHS. Another effective learning tool is observation. Feedback from formal interview observations and those from colleagues, teachers, pupils, parents and others has benefited my overall reflections and development by highlighting levels of performance.Critical thinking allows me to analyse different qualities, talents, views and opinions of others. I often ask myself whether I would have handled a situation differently to a colleague and would my actions have do the situation better or worse? Writing regular case studies has been useful when reflecting on my work. They help me focus on what went well and what hasnt gone so well. The discipline of writing down events and analysing them requires much deeper thought processes.Attending regular training events and seminars ensures I remain up to date with new practice, law and policy changes. Training has broadened my knowledge around specialist areas such as homelessness and sex education. Some training programmes are also compulsory requirements of Babcock and include child protection training or online courses like par and diversity. Attendance at staff meetings keep me up to date with events in the careers industry and practice at a local level. Often meetings include training workshops, group discussions and presentations from guest speakers.As a group member of the Career Development Institute I receive regular updates, advice and information on local subjects through journals and annual conferences. In summary CPD is an investment that gives professionals a methodical structure to directly fall in learning with practice. It r ecords learning undertaken and helps plot any future training. Confidence and professional credibility can be boosted and it may accelerate career advancement. Through creative thinking and tackling new challenges personal interest and job satisfaction can also be increased.

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Independent Basis Service Set or IBSS Essay Example for Free

Independent footing Service even out or IBSS EssayIndependent Basis Service Set or IBSS is the most raw material wireless local bea mesh topology topology. Sometimes IBSS is also called an Ad Hoc Network. The IBSS is a form of WLAN engagement topology wherein the set of order are being recognized by each of the stations. They are connected by the use of a wireless media in a fashion of peer-to-peer. In an Independent Basis Service Set topology, there is a direct communion between the officious stations. There is a limitation in the dialogue between a industrious station to the each and other mobile stations because of the limitations in range. Relay authoritys are not posture in an IBSS topology, so all the mobile stations that are connected should be within the range to be able to communicate justly (FallsConnect. com, 2007). Another tuner LAN topology is the Infrastructure Basic Service Set. The comp angiotensin-converting enzyment of the IBSS is termed as an advance point (AP). The role of the portal point in the Infrastructure BSS is to supply relay functions for the entire basic service set. Communication in the entire BSS is already d unmatchable in the local points and direct colloquy is longer occurring.Relay of frames are done by the access points between the mobile stations. The relay function of the access point is effective and efficient in doubling the rage of the Infrastructure Basic waiter Set. The access point of the Infrastructure Basic Service Set is also able to offer a bond or a connection that get out be linked to the oral communication dust. The distribution ashes is also considered as the strength of character of the wireless local area network. The distribution system is the one which provides communication in an access point with other access points.The communication goals are to replace frames for the stations in their basic master of ceremonies set, to promote frames to pursue mobile stations as they move from one basic server set to another basic server set. Swapping over of frames to with a wired network is also a goal of the communication in the distribution system (FallsConnect. com, 2007). IEEE 802. 11 gave distribution system a definition that it may either be wired network similar to the 803. 2 or a special point box wherein interconnection of the access points and supply of required distribution operate is given.There is a creation of an extension of the mobility range to an arbitrary range. And this is made possible by the 802. 11 by using the Extended Service Set. Extended Service Set is a set of communication for the basic server set. This is where the access points are able to communicate within themselves. Facilitation of movement from a station to the other station of the basic server set is the goal of the access points communication with other access points (US Robotics, 2007). The determination of a traffic done that was forwarded to the basic server set is being i dentified by the distribution system.The determination and evaluation of the traffic if it should be communicated back to the destination where it came from or if the traffic should be promoted to other access points are some of the roles of the distribution system. Access points have been able to transmit communication to the mobile station. This communication was made possible by the use of distribution system. The communication transmitted will be received immediately by the mobile station. The single MAC Layer is composed of the increase set server.Another composition of the MAC layer network are the mobile stations right(prenominal) the broad server set. In the single MAC Layer network, all of the work stations are immobile. Network equipments outside the extended server set is not allowed to have mobility unless they are inside the extended server set. These kinds of indirection equipped with the 182. 11 architecture permits other network protocol outside the extended serve r set to operate properly in the wireless local area network where mobility is available and present (US Robotics, 2007).The data link layer of the Ethernet Local Area Network system was derived from the Medium Access reassure protocol. The Media Access Control protocol is the one which summarizes a SDU. Carrier-Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance is the overlap wireless media. This is where the MAC Layer offers controlled access. It is commonly like the impact detection access method of the 802. 3 Ethernet Local Area Network. The summary is started with the addition of a 14 byte brain before the data and later on the data there will also be an addition of a 4 byte (32 bit).The 14 byte header is the Protocol Control Information while the 4 byte is the Cyclic Redundancy Check. Reliable data delivery for the upper layers is being provided by the IEEE 182. 11 MAC Layer. 802. 11 MAC Layer provides security and secretiveness services to the delivery of the data. Services like authentications offer security together Wireless Equivalent Privacy. The Wireless Equivalent Privacy is the data delivery encryption service for the wireless local area network.

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Baxter Manufacturing Essay Example for Free

Baxter Manufacturing EssayBaxter Manufacturing Company (BMC) is a metal stampings company. Its study customers include, Ford, General Motors, Honda of America, General Electric and Whirlpool. The company is made up of two divisions it makes brackets and other components that go into the destroyed product, they too make motor casings. BMC employees about 420 non-union employees and has been steadily growing for the last 6 years. They have been approached to constitute a factory in Mexico, and settled on building in Queretaro, which is about a 3-hour rag north of Mexico City. Don Collins, who is the MIS manager, felt that since a new do was being built with top of the source equipment and computing machine systems that they might be able to implement a system upgrade for the entire company. virtuoso of the problems was that BMC wanted the new system implemented by the end of the year. Given the quick deadline they decided to contract on countenance for the Mexico plant, a felt that the following approaches1. Connect the Mexican plant to BMCs alive systems through a high-speed communications line 2.Contract through an application service provider (ASP) to provide systems support to the Mexican plant. 3. Employ a piecemeal solution where they would acquire a fleck of software packages that could run on the networked PCs in Mexico that would serve the basic needs of the Mexican plant. (MIS) The task force team ran into difficulties with wrangle and cultural differences, the mindset of the employees and Mexico and the long distances between them.They met with resistance and egotism pride from the Mexican employees and were unable to communicate effectively with them. Target As a result of the overlook of communication and the language differences the task force decided to go with option 3. They were working on military position vendors to provide support and with basic language software to help the employees stateside. The main issues that they ar e having are support for the systems and training for the equipment. By outsourcing some or all of ts IT work to a company that is familiar with the language and culture it could help expedite the time of getting the plant operational. In addition developing a training course of instruction that could be taught companywide could help benefit the entire company. Proposal One of the main issues that BMC is facial expression for is international support. They are been unable to work directly with its own employees due to the language barrier that it faces. By using a company like Unisys, they could provide the infrastructure support, business service support and more other features.They offer support in English and Spanish and could help ease the burden of the local anaesthetic IT department. Unisys could also implement a Cloud, in which the entire company could use to help transfer education to and from different locations. Business forces have caused IT to try to figure out how t o provide flexible services faster, but, without large, up front investments. Unisys has a number of cloud solutions for providing the necessary flexibility and responsiveness needed to achieve probatory business value. (Unisys)A great deal of time has gone into the development of this plant, but an equal or greater part must be present in training of the employees. In order for the plant to be fully operational at the level that is required by MBC, a training program must be designed. They would benefit greatly by having management train with how BMC currently runs its operation. By also setting up a video conferencing line they could help problem solve over the computer and or phone lines helping eliminate the distance between the two plants.

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Mongols Conquest Essay Example for Free

Mongols Conquest EssayThe Mongols achievement in the regions of china and the Middle east had significant similarities and differences in their political and economic aspects. In mainland China the Mongols rule was called Yuan Dynasty and in the Middle East it was called the Ilkhanate of Persia. There are many similarities and differences between China and the Middle East under the ruling of the Mongols, politically and economically. Politically some differences are how the Mongols inhabited apiece of the plains as well as how they went about with religious rights. Economically some similarities are that they encouraged recollective distance trade, they improved roads, as well as they spread the disease throughout all these regions.Politically the differences are how they inhabited each area. One of the main differences is that the Mongols would normally invade those in areas in which were remaining under native rule except for China. In the 13th century around 1211-1214 the Mongols invaded China. They put restrictions on their rules that tried to keep the culture as traditional going as much as possible. But they did make a clear path from Europe to China known as the Silk Road. In The Middle east in that respect ruler of the realm of Persia went to war with the Caliphs 1255, by 1258 the capture Baghdad and Iraq and killed everyone there instead of building up there empire among the people like in china the alone took out a most of the population.Along with the regulations they put on china came the difference of morality in China they convert to Islam, Oman Catholicism, but many other religions were tolerated in china and also Buddhism was one religion that survived all through the Mongol rule. But in the Middle East unlike China they were control under Ilkhanate of Persia and ran under the religion of Hulegu. Economically, there were many similarities between the Middle East and China. Both area encouraged long distance trade. This boosted t he economy, since the Mongols were Nomadic they cannot attach money very well so they imperialized to increase their wealth.In China raw goods, technology, ideas, and of course gun powder were all key trade items for the Mongols. pulverization is what put the Mongols more on top. Another Similarity is that they fixing irrigation and plumbing as well as improving roads the irrigation and plumbing were for cleanliness but improving roads as well as for major communications throughout the world. Another Major thing is that the Mongols spread the plague and other diseases throughout both(prenominal) regions because the trade routes were filthy the disease spread through rat bites they came in with the flees as well but wiping out the Mongols was the lead poising which wiped them all out.There are many similarities and differences between China and the Middle East under Mongol rulings, politically and economically. Politically some differences are how the Mongols inhabited these area s as well as how they dealt with religious rights. Economically, some similarities are that they encouraged, long distance trade, they improved roads, as well as bed cover disease throughout both these areas. This shows that different people living under the same ruler are always ruled a little differently but disease wiped everyone out in the end.

Security Assessment and Recommendations Essay Example for Free

certification Assessment and Recommendations EssayCompany OverviewAircraft Solutions (AS) is a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of component ingatherings and services for companies in the electronics, commercial, defense, and aerospace industry. Located in Southern California, AS has a dedicated, trained workforce and maintains a large capacity plant and extensive equipment to meet customer requirements. oftentimes of the equipment is automated to increase production while reducing costs. The companys workforce has a large skill bow design engineers, programmers, machinists, and assembly personnel to work its highly-automated production bodys. The agency of AS is to provide customer triumph through machined products and think services, and to meet cost, quality, and schedule requirements. The company strategy is to offer low-cost design and computer-aided simulation packages to customers to reduce their increase expenses. AS will help the customer through tout ensemble phases of new product deployment, from initial prototypes through final large-volume production and assembly. By involving itself in all phases of customer product development, AS hopes to establish long-term relationships and secure repeated follow-on dividing line with its customers. In addition, AS continues to invest hard in workforce education and culture, so as to improve capability to serve its customers.Company Geographic LayoutAircraft Solutions military headquarters is in San Diego, California. The Commercial Division (CD) is 40 miles east in San Diego County. The Defense Division (DD) is located in Orange County in the city of Santa Ana, California. These geographic locations atomic number 18 close to intermodal transport hubs that have global reach. Products sight be easily shipped anywhere in the world by combined truck, rail, ship, and air transportation methods.The ashes administrators are members of an information technology (IT) group withi n the organization. They are responsible for selecting and installing hardware, computer software and related upgrades, implementing information security measures, and maintaining support to ensure the manufacturing execution system is working properly. They alike are heavily involved in training the workforce to usance and interact with the information systems.Their duties include planning for and responding to soupcon events such as power outages, attempts at cyber-attack, and natural disasters. The users at AS are employees, customers, suppliers, and contractors who need to entry the company network. System access by users at different levels of the network is set strictly on a need-to-know basis. Controls are in place to secure confidential and proprietary information from unauthorized access. Users are responsible for entering and processing entropy and information, such as generating reports to be used for decision-making. melody passageAS uses Business Process Manageme nt (BPM) to handle end-to-end processes that span triune systems and organizations. The BPM system is designed to connect customers, vendors, and suppliers to share information and maintain a timely tune dialogue. BPM also aligns internal business operations with IT support to maintain production in support of customer requirements. Business process effectiveness begins with the IT organization. Customer data such as project information, computer-aided design and development models are sorted and stored in designated servers. The Design Engineering department is responsible for reviewing the electronic models, interacting with the customer and making requirement modifications with customer approval, so placing them in an Engineering Release (ER) directory for programming.As soon as these electronic models are released, programmers use them to create production programs. All final programs must be thoroughly verified for trueness before releasing to the Proof For Production (PFP) directory for manufacturing to make the production first article. From the production floor, machinists download PFP programs right away to their DCNC (Direct Computer Numerical Control) machines for execution.After any further processing, completed products are inspected for verification to customer requirements, then they are moved to the Shipping department for delivery. A continuous improvement and feedback loop system is in used to correct any deficiencies in the production process. The BPM system is capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously across every department of the company. BPM is set up to manage all aspects of business operations, including accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, and compliance activities concurrently.Current IT ArchitectureThe figures shown below depict the current IT architecture and put network infrastructure of Aircraft Solutions.Security Controls in PlaceThe current security controls include in enumerateent anti-virus softw are on every workstation and server, host-based intrusion detection systems on the servers in the corporate office. Security policy requires that all firewalls and router rule sets are evaluated every two years and that all local servers are backed up to network attached storage devices maintained at the server location.Scenario TwoCompany OverviewQuality entanglement Design (QWD) is an organization that specializes in tissue site and Web content design for all types of businesses. QWDs mission is to provide top quality Web design that will increase consumer generated revenue to QWDs customer Web sites. QWDs database contains over 250,000 proprietary images and graphical designs that will enhance most Web sites appeal to a bell ringer demographic.Business ProcessesQuality Web Design has several mission critical business processes. First is the use of the repository of Web site templates, custom written scripts and/or custom applications. This repository is stored in a Microsoft V isual Studio Team Foundation Service (TFS) server. This application is used to monitor the project development lifecycle of custom Visual Studio applications from inception to deployment, including the quality assurance testing phase. Other critical business processes are QWDs accounting, payroll and Marketing operations all of which are supported by IT assets. There are strict technology-based access controls associated with each of these systems to ensure that only authorized personnel can access them.Security ControlsThere is a published corporate security manual that covers the following security practices. Username standard including having a separate account for any elevated privileges. Password length, complexity, rotation and history requirements. Data classification levels depend upon what type of data each system contains and security group accounts control access to each data classification level. Security training is also describe and required communications quarterly an d annual training classes.