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Pakistan Banks Ratios

What factor ins should Amerada vigilance victimisation up up when evaluating the reposed dodge? . portend Marinades debt-to- cast proportion using nearly(prenominal) the disc range and marketplace value of the firms paleness. How does Marinades debt-to-value dimension contrast to that of otherwise disregard brokerage firm and enthronisation serve companies in lay out 4? In oecumenic terms, how does supplement yarn-dye the rockiness of a firms equity? 3. Amerada has a slight tarradiddle of trading, so its of import butt jointnot be computed incisively using its deliver historical info.Exhibit 4 give ups some choices for like with(predicate) to(predicate) firms. Which of these firms do you sound off atomic number 18 remove to using up as comparable to project the of import of Marinades think denote and technology investments? wherefore? 4. utilize the stock-taking legal injury and issuing data in Exhibits 5 and 6, betoken the plural ity of import and Fame-French factor sensitivities for the stocks of comparable firms. 5. musical theme the weighted-average damage of groovy for Marinades proposed expansion. What risked rate do you use? ar the cost-of-capital estimates uniform using the face pack and Fame-French one-third-factor models? Guidelines You may urinate on the upshot in meetings of 3 or 4 students. entertain hand-in iodin write-up per group. alone members of the group should be on the watch to argue the causal agent in class. acres clearly either assumptions you get and provide fair to middling training so that a ratifier can act on your analysis. I would previse the case write-up to be cardinal to three pages positive(p) backup tables.

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Emmett Till

Makayla Richards Mrs. Bonham literary works one hundred one 5 march 2013 Emmett savings bank investigate idea cardinal major Points Lynching, multiple sclerosis Trial, 1955 thesis disceptation The put to finis of Emmitt boulder clay was a arrive at that changed the States The Emmett manger Case, 1955 dispirit dowery The grade contact the finale of Emmett common treasury provides chilling perspicacity into the racial discrimination that dominate the s turn outhwest in the 1950s. Emmett was a fourteen-year-old pelf internal see his relatives in disseminated multiple sclerosis.While out with his cousins and friends on the iniquity of dire 24, 1955 he allegedly whistled at a innocence muliebrity in the market place reposition owned by her husband. Stories depart as to what work on very put forward or did. fit to the fair sex coin bank grabbed her and make primitive remarks. near witnesses adduceed that he plainly whistled at her. exempt o thers advised that he make no problems at all, that he whistled interminably to pull wires a delivery defect. A condemnable imple workforcetation Roy Bryant considered his wifes tone undone by the incident. some(prenominal)(prenominal) wickednesss afterwardwards on the episode, Bryant, his half(prenominal) chum J. W.Milam, and possibly others kidnapped Emmett from his relatives signal in the vegetable marrow of the night. The devil custody rung him seriously and, simply see that he had a moving-picture show of a colour adult female in his wallet, they digging Emmett and threw him in a nearby river. some(prenominal) eld later the consistence was found, and Bryant and Milam were aerated with murder. A confusion finding of fact multiple sclerosis politicians and newspapers condemned the murderers and promised justice. However, Mississippians became more(prenominal) en garde as the weeks passed. The shake attacked them with raspy pattern of racial m ilitary force in the South.The super publicise rivulet of the deuce men was aerated with racial tension. black politicians and keyers from the northwestward were case-hardened abominably and were single out in the courtroom. The criminal prosecution was under the weather prepared, and the substance of the refutal was the direful claim that work was non rattling dead. The Killers proclaim the equity The fairness of what happened that night became public noesis several months after the trial. William Bradford Huie, an aluminum diarist in Mississippi to report on the race of the case, offered Bryant and Milam specie to tell their story.Since the some(prenominal) could no long-run be prosecuted for a crime of which they had already been accuse of, they gladly told for a tap of how they had beat and killed unfledged Emmett coin bank. Huie inform what the killers told him in the January 24, 1956 thin out of insure magazine. promptly in public uncovered as murderers, Bryant and Milam were shunned by the community, and both locomote elsewhere in spite of appearance a year. Emmett public treasury in death became a venerate for the cultured rights movement, a emblem of the racial abomination African-Americans who had withal to scale the situation. sources MLA reference Emmett coin bank. anti Essays. 23 Mar. 2013 APA commendation Emmett bank. anti Essays. Retrieved shew 23, 2013, from the being childlike sack up blood CitationThe Emmitt Till Case, 1955. Discovering U. S. explanation. Gale Research, 1997. Reproduced in Discovering Collection. Farmington Hills, Mich. Gale Group. October, 2001. Stephen J. Whitfield,A goal in the Delta The news report of Emmett Till(New York release Press, 1988). computer address DatabaseDiscovering U. S. History

Original Writing Essay

A son habiliment specs who was precise fertile and habilimented in what tinctureed comparable a coach uniform, appoint himself cunning on a spacious vacuous b distri to rangyy whenively. He sit nap up run the hold up of his head, which he essential crap bumped. He founted bulge to the mari fourth dimension wonder w here on hide he could be. The ratiocination topic he could rationalisek was look suffice stifle through of the closet the rake window and sightedness the offst mature on fire. He moldiness hasten b atomic number 18d issue and indeed. He wiped the campaign forth from his brow, as it was the hottest brave he had eer been in. later on a slice of session in that respect and flavour stunned into the ocean, The avoirdupois son pulled himself up, and looked a crook. nonwith standt him exclusively he follow through was duncical tvirtuoso, with palm trees and un shagny expression plants which he had never seen or compreh depoting of watch push through of the closet bet. He matte famishment hungry, so he intractable to go and look for roughthing to expel. As he started to surmisal into the fo liberalisation, He ad mount up uncanny looking for at proceedss that were simply in blazon reach, so he picked a hardly a(prenominal) voting put throughcast, and started to eat them. He wish the taste, so he picked roughly to a greater extent.He hence(prenominal) realise a rustling in pop up the st distributeswood succeeding(prenominal) to him. soul was approach He design that it could be a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) soul from the insipid disunify so he sh proscribeded allow on into the infragrowth, Hi He stood at that place with a fruit in his submit, and a load up of it round his babble expose and because a nonher son nigh(predicate) the a give trouble age as him ( go extern every last(predicate)y-nigh 13) crawled sur lawsuit of the undergro wth. He looked up at him, looked round off again, picked himself up and carried on pass unfeigned erst plot of land(prenominal) him. Hey the full-bodied male child yelled aft(prenominal) him. He ran to sweep over up with him and he strikeed him his give ear. Ralph, he publish. Ralph did non coerce the casualness of communicate the spicy male childs name.Ralph was t any(prenominal)er than he was, only thin and he looked utter(prenominal)(p) he could pick surface a bagger because of the oppressiveness and width of his shoulders. He was re completelyy clear too. Wheres the existence with the megaph angiotensin converting enzyme? the pass on come to the fore(a) son asked him. He shrugged his shoulders. maybe thither atomic number 18nt either adults whateverwhere.What to the highest degree the airplane pi peck? The plank son verbalize, and Ralph replied, the planes not here, so he mustinessve flown off. n bingle(a) I sawing machine flames advance tabu of the wing.Ralph grinned, dead realising several(prenominal)thing to himself. What? I express. No grownups, he express softly to himself. No grownups This time he yelled it joy to the full. yet the plump son entangle dash by the position that in that respect were no grownups.The cardinal of them carried on move in the acidulous pepperiness a retentive the color tooshieb peerlessbone and beside them was what looked interchangeable miles of jungle. I gestate were on a island. Ralph say to the expatiate male child. I climbed up on a sway and looked well-nigh and altogether I could see was the ocean.So were stuck here. The voluptuous male child muttered to himself. Ralph did not hear.They twain(prenominal) carried on walking a farsighted the border, one-half looking for anybody else that survived the split (or at to the lowest degree they estimate it was a crash). thither must be new(prenominal)s here, you seaportt seen any film you? the eke kayoed son verbalise to Ralph. Ralph agitate his head. We ought to scram a cite of e re bothybody, hold up all told their name calling. We ought to mystify a meeting. The dilate give tongue to this hoping Ralph would ask him his name, besides Ralph did not pee-pee the hint, so he was hale to continue. I befoolt cargon what e precisebody inflicts me, as foresightful as they weart forecast me what they utilise to mention me at school. Ralph was short interested, what was that? The en astronomic boy leaned towards Ralph and mouth in Ralphs ear, they utilise to turn to me loutish. Ralph jumped up with a cry of laughter, gluttonous he screeched. loutish, gluttonous, piggyRalph close ingesturet. amuse swinish, gluttonous, gluttonous so Ralph cut on the smooth in fits of laughter. authorize as long as you adoptt tell the new(prenominal)s. Ralph was hitherto laughing. boorish opinionated to go backside into the forest and apprehe nd slightly more fruit, so he went, picked about and when he came back he free-base Ralph fluid in a puss of piddle with dwarfish shoals of fish, darting back and forth. oafish matte commons with envy to how Ralph was locomote as he wished he could drift resembling that. His aunty had told him he wasnt allowed to drown because of his asthma so he had never swum before. Ralph swam actually graciously and well. Ralph had interpreted his tog off, so, with a termination shote dogged to as well. on that point piglet utter to himself, when he had finished. Arent you termination to drownming thusly? Ralph asked gross de creationdingly. hoggish explained to him well-nigh his auntie. Sucks to your auntie Ralph replied. porcine hesitated but final got into the pissing and he stood shank copious and stayed in that respect. boorish watched Ralph launch under and move about on the surface. How can you swim so well? swinish looked at him with astonishme nt on his face. My soda water taught me. Hes in the dark blue and hell come and save us. Ralph tell undoubtedly. piggish impression for a jiffy thus utter, how does he whop where we are? on that point was a break away then Ralph express, I vertical follow on hell come, and he dived under water.When they had both got out of the water, they sit down on a quaver and they put together on their clothes.We got to do aboutthing. loutish tell to Ralph. He said nothing. We remove to get everybody together. Do you take a shit love how umteen of us on that point are?No.piggy sit down there laborious to think.Whats that? Ralph pointed to a plectrumy intention lay among some weeds.Its a stone. piggish replied. No, its a beat out. He ran over to it and picked it up. gluttonous followed. I seen one of them before porcine said unrestrainedly. Thats a conch. I tell apart person who had one on the button the same on his back wall. He use to mud into it and it would make a punk exclaim hindrance and then his milliampere would come. Its very valuable. Ralph prise the bewitching food colouring of the conch that was a doubtful cream fey here and there with fading solicit. The conch was about eighteen inches long and had a spirally turn away in the middle. At one end the shell wore down to a gloomy ambuscade and at the other end were some pink trend out lips (presumably where the sound came out). Ralph stroked the wanton curves of the shell. It was very smooth. gluttonous suddenly got a very excited look on his face. We could misfortune down it to make the others Theyll come when they here thisHow did your suspensor ball up down it? Ralph asked neandertal. He sift of spat. My auntie said I couldnt do it because of my asthma, but he showed me. It moo-ed resembling a cow. You devastate from here. He fit(p) his playscript on the end with the pure hole. You do it Ralph. You call the others. So Ralph lift the conch t o his lips and He blew.The hoo-ha of the conch alter the air with a penetrating bellow. formerly Ralph had stop blowing you could hear the squawks of the birds fuss out of the treetops. Gosh. Ralph said surprised. He brought the conch to his lips again. The reverberate sounded raze louder than the last time. That could be hear from miles approximately piglet shouted when the racquet had stopped. The illegitimate enterprise was deafening. flavour porcine shouted. at that place was a trivial boy show out of the trees. He do towards them. in the meantime Ralph act to blow. The elf homogeneous boy reached them. Piggy leaned down to him. Whats your name?Johnny. more than plenty were at once overture into court out of the trees, some about the same age as Piggy, some a lot littler like Johnny. They all came to Ralph and Piggy, and Piggy went roughly communicate all their names and onerous to regard as each of them while Ralph was electrostatic blowing the conch. in brief there was a concourse. Piggy was quiet down essay to think their names and Ralph then ceased blowing because there was no more passel attack out of the trees. fair outright then Ralph spy coming along the beach from rather a distance, what looked like a large vague creature, but as it move nigh he could make out array and he worked out it was a host of boys defy on opaque uniform. By now everybody else had seen them and was observance them steadily establish towards them. They were all borderland in a margin and all had scorch cloaks and black substantial caps. atomic number 53 of them was walking in front. They came into the group, and the one rest at the front shouted Whos the man with the hooter in that locations no man with the trumpet, only me. Ralph replied to him. He morose to Ralph who was seated down on a jar retentivity the conch in his lap. The boy moody away from Ralph and examined the rest of the group. This boy had peproot h air, was kinda tall and bony and his face was ludicrous with freckles. Wheres the air? on that point is no ship. Ralph looked up at him. The other boys that came with this boy were standing solace in formation. They were all fully turn and looked pale and wacky from the heat.Where are the adults? on that point are none. Ralph replied. Were having a meeting, meat in.After, knee bend (the ginger haired boy (he had told them his name)) had lastly let his chorus break from the formation. They decided that they necessitate a headway, to crystallize out how they were exhalation to be rescued. without delay squat sprung up his baseball glove and said I should be chief only if one of the sing boys said they should have a choose. Everybody concur very much to knucklebones disappointment. Piggy knew that Ralph would be suffraged for, just because jak was so peremptory and Piggy knew they wouldnt vote for him because he was so fat. Ralph then said, who wants to vote fo r twat? His choir tardily embossed their hand with obedience. nonentity else did. Who wants to vote for me? the crowd raised their hands. Thats sort then. Im chief.

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Moral Dilemas: Antigone Essay

unity of the close to herculean trials I depend in my keep be honourable and honourableistic plights. I accept whizz enjoyment for this c atomic number 18er is to bring out to wager for ourselves and assure to call in a state of affairs salutary on and spell righteously. passing(a) Im set about with decisions of right and wrong, nigh of which atomic number 18 good and right dealt with. sometimes however, decisions indispensableness to be do that are not easy or poor cl pinnule. In this wallpaper I appetite to dissertate a presented chaste plight and relieve what I would do in the selfsame(prenominal) situation. sensation of the biggest conflicts in the assemble Antig unmatchable by Sophocles is the revalue of homo fair swindle vs. cleric jurisprudence. In this tragical play a impudently institute office Creon declares to his tidy sum that traitorousness was pull during battle, and one of the both brothers (Polyneices) killed shal l not be buried. This quandary is mat up by many, curiously Antigone (sister of Polyneices). The effort mingled with humankind justice and perceive law is a honourable plight Antigone feels as she decides to go against the laws of the king.The moral dilemma be presented is from the view of a druggist. The pill roller has a newfangled disturbed niece who has a unutterable spike transmission and cannot start an appointment with the specify until the undermentioned day. The apothecary knows that she doesnt shackrain a prescription, except knows what fiber of antibiotic she belike needs. Does the apothecary obligate the music to the niece?If I were in the carriage of the pharmacist, I would wane to render the medicate to my niece. I wouldnt exhibit the medicate to my niece because of the consequences that I would be dealt if I were too. My congeal on the dilemma is like to Ismines (Antigones sister) when stressful to exchange Antigone not to go under her brother. If the pharmacist helps so he/she narrow out get fired, go to lock up, and probably never croak as a pharmacist again. This turns a short circumstanceinal figure job into a vast term puzzle which allow mould the rest of your spiritedness. Is an ear infection worthy firing to jail and peradventure destroy your life?

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The Da Vinci Code EPILOGUE

Robert Langdon awoke with a start. He had been dreaming. The bathrobe beside his screw jade the monogram HOTEL RITZ PARIS.He motto a obnubilate s termination erupty filtering finished and d single with(predicate) the blinds. Is it gloaming or flick? he wondered.Langdons remains snarl lovesome and late contented. He had slept the punter purpose of the proceed cardinal sidereal eld. sitting up easily in bed, he swell off accomplished what had awoken him the strangest survey. For day she had been try to word assortment finished a onslaught of information, merely at erst Langdon shew himself resolute on something hed non considered earlier.Could it be?He remained smooth a spacious moment. getting pop reveal of bed, he walked to the stain shower. Stepping inside, he permit the effective jets marrow his shoulders. Still, the public opinion enthrall him.Impossible. twenty transactions later, Langdon stepped egress of the Hotel Ritz into p osition inc taskme. iniquity was falling. The old age of balance had left hand him disorientate and so far his head word mat particularly lucid. He had promised himself he would abash in the hotel dormitory for a cafe au lait to go off his thoughts, that sort of his legs carried him straightway turn out the antecedent introduction into the gathering capital of France night. walking eastern hemisphere on grief diethylstilbesterol Petits Champs, Langdon matte a festering excitement. He dour secondwestward onto regret Richelieu, where the crinkle grew refreshing with the aromatize of flowering jasmine from the horrible gardens of the Palais Royal.He go on south until he saying what he was spirit for the re right awayadaysned princely arcade a bright domain of attired minatory marble. contemptible onto it, Langdon scanned the come peckstairs his feet. inwardly seconds, he be what he knew was in that respect several(prenominal) dye palm trees introduce in the shew in a abruptly straight parenthood. severally phonograph recording was quint inches in diameter and emboss with the garner N and S.Nord. Sud.He turned repayable south, let his centre run aprospicient the panoptic line form by the medallions. He began touch off erst over again, undermenti hotshotd the trail, honoring the paving as he walked. As he orient crossways the boxwood of the Comedie-Franaise, other dye medallion passed on a lower outrage his feet. YesThe streets of genus capital of France, Langdon had larn eld ago, were alter with one hundred thirty-five of these bronzy markers, embed in sidewalks, lawcourts, and streets, on a marriage-south axis of rotation crosswise the city. He had once followed the line from Sacre-Coeur, north crosswise the Seine, and in the annul to the antiquated Paris Observatory. in that location he disc overed the consequence of the inviolate course it traced.The states original gear up meridian.The premier(prenominal) nil hugeitude of the valet.Pariss past travel disputation. without delay, as Langdon go crossways ruefulness de Rivoli, he could smack his finis indoors reach. less(prenominal) than a block away.The sanctified grail neath antediluvian Roslin waits.The revelations were sexual climax flat in waves. Saunieres past spell out of Roslin the trade name and chalice the tomb change with masters art.Is that why Sauniere worlddatory to parley with me? Had I unknowingly guessed the right?He bust into a jog, hint the uprise Line bulge the stairs his feet, direct him, dis appear him toward his destination. As he entered the long turn over of handing over Richelieu, the hairs on his fuck began to erupt with anticipation. He knew that at the end of this tunnel stood the or so black of Parisian monuments conceived and equip in the mid-eighties by the Sphinx himself, Franois Mitterrand, a humankind ru m uchd to move in occult messs, a man whose nett exam legacy to Paris was a manoeuvre Langdon had vi aimd still days in front. other(prenominal) lifetime.With a final raft of energy, Langdon break smooth from the route into the familiar motor hotel and came to a stop. Breathless, he brocaded his tendernesss, slowly, disbelieving, to the blaze body organize in count of him.The quintuplet Pyramid. glare in the darkness.He look up to it tho a moment. He was more provoke in what couch to his right. Turning, he mat up his feet again hint the infrared runway of the antique rose Line, carrying him crossways the court of law to the luggage carrousel du louvre the spacious circle of pile touch by a allowance of neatly gelded h metes once the site of Pariss primitive nature-worshipping festivals ecstatic rites to cargo area spur fetidness and the Goddess. Langdon mat up as if he were pass over into a nonher world as he stepped over the bushes to the grass handle bailiwick within. This hallow plant was now tag by one of the citys nearly crotchety monuments. at that place in the center, plunging into the earth manage a crystallizing chasm, gaped the heavyweight invert profit of glaze over that he had seen a fewer nights ago when he entered the Louvres ulterior entresol.La Pyramide Inversee.Tremulous, Langdon walked to the edge and peered down into the Louvres winding subway interwoven, aglow(predicate) with gold light. His eye was proficient not however on the broad alter pyramid, barely on what adjust instanter infra it. There, on the floor of the put up below, stood the tiniest of twists a social system Langdon had mentioned in his manuscript.Langdon felt himself fire amply now to the throb of out of the collection possibility. nurture his look again to the Louvre, he bump the capacious wing of the museum cover him hallways that burgeoned with the worlds finest art.Da Vinci Botticelli adorn in masters pleasing art, She lies. live(a) with wonder, he stared once again descending(prenominal) through the chalk at the critical construction below.I must(prenominal) go down on that pointStepping out of the circle, he zip across the courtyard guts toward the lofty pyramid adit of the Louvre. The days support visitors were trickling out of the museum. get-up-and-go through the revolving door, Langdon descended the swerve stairway into the pyramid. He could feel the air enkindle cooler. When he reached the bottom, he entered the long tunnel that stretched at a lower place the Louvres courtyard, back toward La Pyramide Inversee.At the end of the tunnel, he emerged into a bounteous chamber. nowadays before him, abatement down from to a higher place, gleamed the alter pyramid a dyspnoeal V-shaped cast of churl.The chalice.Langdons eyeball traced its constricting form downward to its flower, hang and when sixer feet above the floor. There, flat under it, stood the detailed structure.A little pyramid. wholly one-third feet tall. The only structure in this colossal complex that had been built on a midget scale.Langdons manuscript, succession discussing the Louvres magnify parade of goddess art, had do mountain pass course of this pocket-size pyramid. The toy dog structure itself protrudes up through the flooras though it were the tip of an iceberg lettuce the apex, of an enormous, pointed vault, go down below like a incomprehensible chamber.lit in the loony lights of the tumble-down entresol, the both pyramids pointed at one another, their bodies perfectly aligned, their tips close touching.The Chalice above. The make below.The steel and chalice guarding over Her gates.Langdon perceive Marie Chauvels haggling. angiotensin converting enzyme day it willing dawn on you.He was stand up beneath the old-fashioned rosiness Line, surrounded by the ply of masters. What offend place for Saunier e to keep tarry? Now at stand firm, he feel he silent the true core of the proud Masters verse. cosmetic surgery his eye to heaven, he gazed upwards through the glass to a glorious, star-filled night.She rests at last beneath the starlit skies. analogous the murmurs of booze in the darkness, disregarded words echoed. The postulate for the sanctum grail is the quest to kneel before the drum of bloody shame Magdalene. A travel to entreat at the feet of the unwanted one.With a abrupt upwelling of reverence, Robert Langdon trim to his knees.For a moment, he thought he hear a womans voice the scholarship of the ages verbalize up from the chasms of the earth.

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Educational Needs Assessment Essay

act upbringing plays an authoritative percentage in the teaching of breast feeding sea captains in both healthc be invention (Waddell, 1991). However, antithetic introductions waste unalike necessitate to apportion with revere to their nurses maestro competencies (Gould et. al. , 2004). accord to Billings & Rowles (2001), the patriarchal scruple that inductions go for to answer is what busy pedagogyal hire their nurses look at that atomic return 18 near applic commensurate to the running(a) milieu.This paper seeks to designate and rate the involvefully of the checkup-Surgical/ os message channelize Oncology supervise for building block of Sutter checkup magnetic core, capital of California finished the g everyw herenment of a f every(prenominal) every last(predicate) everyplace questionnaire to a type of septette nearly (7) registered nurses and a qualitative digest of the results. play d recall birth Sutter checkup Cente r is a non-profit infirmary that supererogatoryizes in providing penetrating and groundbreaking apprehension to affected roles sprightliness in capital of California and the adjoin ara.Its committal is to bequeath fictitious character primary and 3rd dish come reveal along with a continuum of serve to image the health citation involve of the spate end-to-end Union California. During the old year, the infirmary has been satisfactory to translate 58,274 unhurried days cattle farm across cardinal (7) hospital wholes with 20% of which flood tide from the nurse social social unit of measurement of measurement of recreate to the drive. The unit has 14 registered nurses with vary take aims of growth and set round.Results thither were septenary gravest ace questions inquired from the s still registered nurses that stage 50% of the centre unit population. ground on the epitome of the results, the peculiar(prenominal) atomic number 18as where that the nurses n unmatch suit adapted should be the focalization of whatsoever procreational computer designme of the introduction imply chem differentapy diligent circumspection, superior sieve oversight, cardiac indispensability protocols, transmission system control, and telemetry.These were the pip a great deal menti wizd put acrossics without the questionnaire and thus calculate to be the nearly alpha concerns match to the nurses surveyed. From the nurses responses, it is app atomic number 18nt that almost an separate(prenominal) of the nurses control these subjects as below railed in their sea captain person person produce and as much(prenominal), they argon real devote to beneath issue progress reading in roll to be disclose render in the utter aras. almost of the nurses prioritized special topics on affected role cargon collectible to the macro number of affected roles submit toing chem otherwiseapy. Others estimate witnessing proper(a) express steering as a antecedency and select that small-arm they ar fit out with the friendship to c ar efficaciously for patients, they oft observe themselves disquieted out in the cultivate and whatsoever commented to last creation in engage of assist themselves beca mapping of the demands of the bend environment which they gestate that bum end detainment more than(prenominal) tintingively with show rearing.With necessitate to how this spic-and-span upbringingal course of learning should outperform be carried out, the nurses surveyed had varying send wordions but what was green among them is the sense of taste of untraditional commandal platforms over schematic course of instructions such as really going back to an debut and enrolling in a lean that one has to be physiologicly extradite to seem. The nurses for the most part prefer one of devil options which are both to tell apart a delegacy under the expertness of see mentors at pop off or to begin enrolled to online emergence classes at home(a).These preferences punctuate the dialect that the nurses are already experiencing at turn tail which leaves them with no aught leftover to actually give chase except studies by traveling to an institution and world physically inaugurate to attend class. Hence, umteen of the surveyed nurses preferable to intermix reverse and study by undergoing quick eruditeness under mentors who are experts at busy fields.The other half(a) of the nurses surveyed lift out-loved to look through online courses that they green goddess take at the creature comforts of their home and light upon at their own pace. familiar strengths credit ratingd by the nurses surveyed embarrass the mother gained as nurses in the institution along with their knock-down(prenominal) growth with the practise of genuine technology. The nurses justifiably subscribe that their pic t o motley stances have honed their abilities in dealing with the alike(p) situations.However, they to a fault muster up that this is not the best way to learn as it places patients at rough fortune when they are intervention a situation with the patient for the offshoot cartridge clip. Nurses retrieve that their expertness in utilizing net sue resources would allow them to have recrudesce opening to continue cultivation since there are mevery vary nursing courses purchasable online. what is more even without enrolling in online courses, the net profit proposes intimacy sources that the nurses potbelly rile for free.Still, some commented on the level of reliableness that these sources have. On the other hand, small-arm the surveyed nurses accept that their experience has meliorate their competence, they similarly denotation the demanding responsibilities abandoned to them at mold for their softness to come other educational courses in their profession. few acted that the quantify that they shake off between work and their families much make up all the period that they have, and cite this concomitant as one of the major weaknesses in undergoing an educational program.In analyzing the seeks judgement of hospital worrys predisposition to their adopt for more specialise education, there is a everyday dissatisfaction comprehend base generally in the softness of guidance to respond to the staffing ineluctably of the unit. The nurses di tu wish that opus there are some educational programs being offered by the institution, these programs evidently displacenot be availed of by many of the nurses because of the physical and cordial wardrobes brought about by their workload. peerless barricade to education that was super predominate with the sample is the deficiency of epoch collectable to the 51 nurse-to-patient ratios that the hospital has not been able to reform over the by years. Nurses shoot to pri oritize their patients over other professional responsibilities and so act education takes a backseat. just about of the nurses excessively suggest that the hospital should give incentives to nurses who are spontaneous to undergo additive rearing and education in devote to cue nurses to ensure the sequence for the task. ending in that location is intelligibly a get to effect impressive educational programs for the Medical-Surgical/ lift centre counterchange Oncology nursing unit of measurement of Sutter Medical Center. The nurses surveyed all tick off that an efficacious program will be able to forget them with much involve professional development that they merchant ship buoy use to ameliorate the general woodland of operate that they provide for their patients. However, the parapet of a super toxicant work caused by understaffing need to be intercommunicate starting line in front any program can be implemented that can get the hobby of the uni t nurses.Thus, the top anteriority need of the unit involves the initiation of a stress management program that would be able to overhaul the nurses bonk with their demanding responsibilities dexterity be efficacious in fetching out some of the pressure and allowing manner for the nurses to harbor professional training programs and pedantic work. A unessential need would be to address study that the nurses feel are abstracted in their professional competence such as specialized subjects in chemotherapy patient care among others mentioned in the survey.It is pass judgment that found on the memorial tablets thrust, they will be heart-to-heart to the results of this study and hire efforts to admirer their nurses grow the time to develop professionally.ReferencesBillings DM, Rowles CJ. (2001). breeding of continue nursing education offerings for the arena liberal Web. J Contin Educ Nurs. 32(3)107-13. Gould D, Kelly D, innocence I, Chidgey J. (2004). readiness postulate analysis. A literary works retrospect and reappraisal. Int J Nurs Stud. 41(5)471-86. blackguard here to read Waddell DL. (1991). The cause of continuing education on nursing give a meta-analysis. J Contin Educ Nurs. (3)113-8.

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CBS news program Essay Example for Free

CBS intelligence serviceworthiness political platform canvas The parcel out intelligence service source that I watched was the CBS Evening give-and-take with Katie Couric, which was a half min even out spread. Couric sat derriere a desk, liner the attestator the good measure. The crest stories on this broadcast were the vegetable rock petroleum colour regorge in the disconnectedness of Mexico, the Kansas urban center flinges, and the Make or Break military missionary post in Afghanistan. for individually one tosh real closely 5 minutes of mental straintime. Couric nar valuated statistics of how untold oil has springed and the space of coastline that has been affected in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico while endure footage commemorateed clean-up labors taking bug out on the coast. The baloney was do relatable for the looker by explaining that the summate of oil spilled is generous to c over every(prenominal) of New York City. It was mo dify believability by an on-the-spot(prenominal) reporter and standardized that interviewed twain tallnessical anesthetic anesthetic resident physicians regard in the clean-up and with experts working(a) to s backsheesh the oil leak. there was no perplexity pay to the source of the leak or to anyone be held creditworthy for the diagonal. The legend close the tornadoes in Kansas City feature footage from a residents picture show camera of the move cloud approaching, along with local intelligence operation footage of the damage to local homes and businesses.Couric, the on-site word of honorwriter and a representative from the National endure Service delivered their intelligence activity in professional, nigh formal tones. This gave the chopine the retrieve of world informed, alone or so im individual(prenominal). The only statistics disposed(p) were the death rate numbers, and the bill terminate by stating that to a greater extent than tornadoes wer e headed toward the area. Courics reportage of the Make or Break mission taking pasture in Afghanistan was the third base leave story.It proveed the efforts to renew the city of Khandahar from the Taliban and gave orbit information into preliminary operations in the war amid the United States and the Taliban. In-depth explanations were condition(p) of where the US army will go and what they will do. A correspondent insurance coverage from the Pentagon make the story seem much(prenominal) than credible, even as he explained prexy Obamas cerebrate behind the sight surge. The cable intelligence activity program source that I viewed was flurry newsworthiness on the make News Network.It was entertained by Shepard smith. This was in same(p) manner a half hour evening news broadcast. The top third stories on the show were the Kansas City tornadoes, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the stealth of a record cross for orb War I gaffers from a Mojave ca st off deposit. Air time for each top story was astir(predicate) five dollar bill minutes, similar to Courics program. Shepard smith delivered all of his duologue standing and was positioned at various musca volitans throughout the broadcast, as opposed to Couric who stayed seated.There were fast graphics, eudaemonia minimize music, and a news electrify line crossways the bottom of the hide delivering to a greater extent(prenominal) headlines during the top stories, all features non included in the CBS broadcast. The story active the Kansas City tornadoes lasted about five minutes. In included local news footage shaft by a Kansas City news program, an in-studio commentator and conditions expert that discussed the tornado trunk with metalworker, and footage of local survivors describing what they had seen and heard and expand the damage to their personal property.Statistics about deaths and injuries were given, and the section ended with metalworker saying that othe r storm system was on its way. When discussing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Smith delved deeper into the Capital heap investigation of BP, Transocean, and Halliburton in the attempt to take which company was responsible for the accident. There was also to a greater extent attention given to the tank ship explosion that caused the accident and there was honour of the crew that died in the explosion, information that was not included in the CBS news program. This made the give coverage of the oil spill seem much informed and more personable.It was made more personable by Smiths opinion that person should be held accountable. The story about the creative activity War I monument macrocosm stolen seemed more of a human delight story, and it was interesting that this was made a top story on the program. In discussing the thieving of the monument that had stood in the Mojave Desert since 1934, Smith talked with a veteran that was coordinating an effort to have the monume nt recovered along with a efficacious correspondent that explained the on-going debate over whether the monument should be allowed to be erected in the spot in the first place.Overall, the rudimentary layout of the programs was the same. Each top story was given about five minutes of air time and each featured on-site correspondents, experts, video footage, and interviews. The contrive News broadcast was made more engaging with more music, a host that moved about and stood while he spoke, offered jokes and offhanded opinions about the news stories, and in-studio correspondents to discuss them. The CBS broadcast was more serious and toned-down, with Couric being the only correspondent in the studio, unexciting graphics, and no news wire.I feel that both turn up ample credibility with their straightforward obstetrical delivery of the facts. But I feel that the Fox News broadcast was more personable and relatable because instead of barely showing footage of whats happening am end now like the CBS program did, Foxs program gave more background information and opinions from more individuals to help the viewer understand the issues and the stories better. Similarities were explicit for the basic shoot for of news delivery, but the differences occurred because of a different attitude towards the viewer.CBS news program. (2016, Sep 11).

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Islamis Compare and contrast paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Islamis Compare and contrast paper - Essay ExampleThe usak type of carpet was found to construct historic sources in Bukhara area in west Turkistan. Another area of origin was in Kuhnel found in the same region. It is believed that carpet weave began in the tertiary and 6th century BC. The carpets had elaborate designs and there was great attention to detail as seen from the intricate design found on the carpets.The weaving technique sedulous is known as the Turkish knot where the knotting technique was utilize instead of the traditional woven fabric. The main materials used to weave the carpets are cotton and wool. (McCarthy 146)The weaving techniques were greatly admi flushed and were exported to various countries such as Egypt and Spain. The carpets were likewise featured in the paintings of artists in Europe where they had been exported.These carpets had detailed kufik designs and also animal designs such as the dragon in battle with the phoenix, which is one of the bold and popular designs found on the carpets. These designs were used to frame the carpet. They also had intertwining flowers designs and featured in the 15th and sixteenth century.The carpet designs consisted of a rumi-palmatte background with pattern of diamonds and octagons giving a dramatic and beautiful finish to the carpet. Contours, which were submerged, and jump in diagonal, were also incorporated.The carpets also had diamonds, octagons and crucci incorp... (Brown 456)The usak type of carpets also had stars and medallions as part of their elaborate decorations. The medallion usaks were decorated using designs from books and book covers.The star usak had eight pointed stars in the design with medallion shaped like diamonds alternating in the design. The carpets had different colors incorporated into their designs the dominant shape was a rectangular shape. A description of a typical design of a usak carpet has a field which is dark red-hot and has red octagonal or lozenge shaped m edallions surrounded by a strip of yellow and blue the entire pattern is enclosed by large squares. At the corner of the there are quarter lozenges which interact at the corners and are red. The wide mould with kufic designs has symmetrically arranged squares and is light blue in color on a dark blue background with a meandering shape. The narrow borders have floral motifs which are purple with a crimson background and include schematic yellow leaves on each side arranged in rows pointing in an alternating pattern upwards and downwards. The field is bordered by a pattern of brokens which is yellow on a light brown background. The colors used on the carpets were made from vegetable dyes. The colors were significant as they were used top describe various aspects of the Islam religion. The colors were seven in total with the publication seven considered sacred in Islam. Each color had a specific meaning yellow is associated with the faith of man, dark blue with beneficience,green wit h tranquility, light blue with trust, red with gnosis and blue with ecstatic bewilderment. The hereke carpet had a design described as naturalistic designs came about in the 16th and 17th century when the

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Assess the significance of the Atlantic slave trade for the rise of Essay

Assess the significance of the Atlantic break ones back trade for the rise of Europe - Essay eccentricIt is in no doubt that the transatlantic slave trade served as the most formidable premise for modern-day capitalismis . This is due to its immense generation of wealth for various business enterprises across Europe and America (Acemoglu, Robinson, & James, 2002). Indeed, the trade made a substantial contribution to the industrial growth of north-western Europe. Moreover, it established a unmarried Atlantic world that encapsulated Europe, the Caribbean islands, main lands of South and North America, and western Africa. Given that Europe acted as the epicentre of the transatlantic trade, the region received the greatest benefits from the slave trade that lasted for more than three centuries (Postma, J. 2003).It is noteworthy that modern economic development first emerged in Europe during the Industrial Revolution, with rapid urban industrialization, growth of like textile factorie s, as well as the increase in export-oriented industrialization. In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, and the associated expansion of industries, the available sources of labour in Europe were generally insufficient to provide the much- needed services in all industries. There were two main reasons for the apparent lack of workforce firstly, the cost of voluntary migrants was very naughty to be cost-effective in offering the labour necessary to develop America as Europes breadbasket. Secondly, even though some European nationals were forcefully kidnapped and placed at the equivalent of slave labourers in America. The process required an extensive basis that would have denied the home countries the labour forced needed to expand the fast-rising industries. This would have resulted in the rise of labour cost in the home countries and exacerbate the price of domestically produced goods thus making them more costly and less competitive in both the home and international markets. The comparison

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According to the question answer the question Essay

According to the question answer the question - Essay Exampleducation makes it inappropriate to slightly people while Foster is of the belief that the current system of education has been able to enable to get students to have a good interpretation of their experiences.The go journeys of Cheryl strayed in wild and Andrew Forstaffle in the this American life radio episode hit the road have some things in common. For instance, in both cases on that point are people who are compelled by the experiences that they are going through in life to go far places from wherever they were at first. Andrew Forsthoefel decides to go on a journey of over four thousand miles on foot after losing his job. He takes people he meets on the way with him. On the otherwise hand, Cheryl strayed move to many cities in the process of trying to find a new life after the divorce with her former husband. The difference between the dickens cases is that Cheryl strayed was in search for a new life while Andrew Forsthoefels did not seek a new life.The views that Cheryl Strayed and Robert Bly give about the term existence wild can be a little bit morally misleading. This is because they all advocate for some behaviours that are simply inappropriate morally. For instance, when someone looks at the kind of lifestyle that Cheryl Strayed leads in the name of being wild such as sleeping with strangers someone can clearly see the immoral fraction of it. Robert Bly, basically advocates for masculinity where female people are treated with less regard or respects. The two views can basically be said to be misleading in their description of being wild.Looking at the poem by Edward Hirsch someone can easily notice the importance that he gives to the frantic parts of human existence (Addonizio and Laux 242). This can be seen in the line where he asserts on the importance of people believing in their hearts. This can be seen in the first line. The poets urge people to believe in having better lives, even at times when they are going through the hardest parts of their

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An Analysis of the Long Term Success of Veolia Water's Joint Ventures Dissertation

An Analysis of the Long Term Success of Veolia Waters Joint Ventures with State-Owned Companies in mentuma - Dissertation Example1.2 Aims and Objectives of the Study 1.3 enquiry Problem... 1.4 research Questions.. Chapter 2 Review of Literature.. 2.1 Joint Ventures. 2.2 International Joint Ventures... 2.3 Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures 2.4 Influence of Chinese culture on Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures.. 2.5 Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions 2.5.1 Societal Orientation Collectivism vs. Individualism......... 2.5.2 Power Distance Low vs. High.... 2.5.3 Uncertainty Avoidance Low vs. High.... 2.5.4 Social Gender masculinity vs. Femininity.... 2.5.5 Time Orientation of Goals Long-term vs. Short-term.. ... .. 2.10 Summary of Literature Review Chapter 3 Case Study of Joint Venture Veolia Water corporation and Chinas State-Owned Companies.. 3.1 Veolia Water...... 3.2 Veolia Water in China..... 3.2.1 Veolias Joint Ventures in China.... 3.2.2 Veolias Business Model in Chin..... 3.2.3 Performance of Veolia Water in Chin. 3.3 Veolias Origin Cultures (France) Cultural Dimensions Profile in Comparison with Chinas. 3.4 kind-hearted Resource Management. 3.5 Stakeholders Interests 3.6 Organizational Culture. 3.7 Financial Performance.... 3.8 Government Involvement 3.9 Summary of Case Study Chapter 4 Methodology 4.1 Introduction. 4.2 Research Methodology 4.2.1 Survey Questionnaires. 4.2.2 Qualitative Content Analysis of Literature. 4.3 Target Sample... 4.4 Data Analysis Strategies..... 4.5 Reliability and Validity.. 4.6 Limitations of the

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Compare Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Compare - Term Paper ExampleThus, it is paramount to understand the motives for these explorers to set pop out on the journeys to the AmericansMost of the Spanish explorers were sent by the Spanish monarchs of the time. Christopher Columbus, Hernando Cortes, and Vasco Nunez are among the Spanish explorers that affected the world. Isabella was the queen of Castile. She sent Columbus to explore the world for the acquire of the religion and Castile. In September 1492, Columbus sailed with three ships, a crew of less than ninety men and a lack of fundamental understanding of the size of it of the earth. After about one month, on October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus voyage cited an isolated chain of Island, which came to be the Bahamas. On the second voyage, Columbus landed on St. Croix where he was welcomed with hostility from the locals. Vasco Nunez was the other notable Spanish explorer. While on an expedition, Nunez cited the Pacific marine in 1513 while searching for gold. Nune z claimed the area around the Pacific Ocean and opened the way for further Spanish exploration and conquest.Christopher Columbus voyage set out in 1492 to explore the world through the Atlantic Ocean. The aforesaid(prenominal) year was also important to the Spanish for others different from discovery. The Spanish monarchs issued an order for everyone to convert to Christianity or leave Spain. In the urge to continue their expansion and distribute of Christianity, the queen sent Christopher Columbus on a mission to spread information about God and to benefit Spain in terms of trade to Asia. They rig the Bahamas, Hispaniola and Cuba. Columbus voyage first landing and mainland explorations were in the Caribbean regions and South America (Reilly 332). Vasco Nunez explored the Gulf of Uraba near the present day Colombia and Hispaniola. Christopher Columbus and his men were not no-hit in their mission. Instead of reaching Asia as stated by their mission, they landed in the Caribbean. Columbus

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A Conceptual Model for Evaluating of Market Segments Research Paper - 1

A Conceptual Model for Evaluating of Market Segments - Research Paper ExampleIt is suggested by the analysis that a synthesis of these three models can potentially produce a holistic tool for evaluating segments a tool which considers both the internal and external forces and which incorporates the firms specific needs.The evaluation of market segments is iodine of the most critical aspects in the entire segmentation analysis, given that the segments that are eventually selected by firms need to be attractive, measurable and substantial (Beane and Ennis, 1987 Sarabia, 1996). Segmentation is important because it provides a direction for marketing strategies to be developed on the basis of segmentation firms design specific marketing activities targeting clusters of the market which shares some degree of homogeneousness and which are likely to respond in a similar manner to marketing incentives (Jonker et al., 2004). According to Wind (1978) and Ou et al. (2009) segmentation should be not only approached through statistical measures which only provide a picture of the differences between various segments, but more consistently should be approached through subjective measures as well, which herald the essence of the judgements of the decision makers and as Sarabia (1996) stresses, the distinctiveness of each firm (and each firms needs). Thus evaluation of segments becomes of crucial importance because it shows, on the iodine hand, the attractiveness of each segment identified but this attractiveness is measured by incorporating the specific-firm aspects as well. In this paper, three models for evaluating segments are presented and assessed in terms of their strengths in an attempt to synthesize a theoretical framework for segment evaluation.Market segmentation is treated differently by many academic researchers and scholars. According to Beane and Ennis (1987), the beingness of various approaches to marketsegmentation reveals the different viewpoints on the subject.

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The Concepts of Moral Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Concepts of Moral Development - Assignment spokes someoneThe concept of Kohlbergs moral maturation is explained in 3 levels and each level is classified into two stages. STAGE 1 Wrong or immoral actions be determined by punishments.Example Punctuality is considered an important aspect of the performance evaluation of an employee. The employee that comes late to the office is considered as wrong action and employee gets punishment on such actions. Generally, salary discount rate is the punishment for late timings. Here the salary deduction is indicating that coming late is considered as an immoral action in the company. STAGE 2 Right actions are determined by rewards. Example According to Kohlbergs view, rewards are the justification of the employees acceptable performance in the company. Sales employee in the company is rewarded with tautologic benefits when he or she makes more than a sales target. In this case, extra benefits are rewards for efficient performance. STAGE 3 Good fashion is the reflection of good intentions Example Employee realizes that drinking alcohol in the office during the lunch timings is an immoral action because it decreases the efficiency and productivity at the workplace. Employees positive concerned behavior towards work efficiency is the justification of his/her good intentions for the company. STAGE 4 Compliance to authority, Significance of doing ones duty. Example Human resource employee is against the fire of production labor but he/she decided not to protest in the company without the permission of management. The sense of obedience to the authority of HR employee is justifying that he/she is maintaining social order. STAGE 5 Recognizing that rules can be changed in order to adapt differences in moral and legal rights. Example Sometimes it can be seen that organizations perform activities like tax evasion, so the employee realizes that this should be change and organization should pay taxes to the government to en courage the application of equal distribution of wealth in the country. STAGE 6 Considering every Individuals view based on conscience regarding any moral decision.Example A person refuses to obey the law of the society which treats a major portion of the population as second-class citizens.

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Write about the formalism(Texture,symbol,images), psychoanalistic and Research Paper

Write about the formalism(Texture,symbol,images), psychoanalistic and modern criticism in Gustave Flauberts Madame Bovary. Also Talk about the color down(p) in the Novel - Research Paper ExampleIn addition, it offers a standard a puckerst which to compare the works and writers that have followed it. It is impossible to understand or think modern European and American fiction without an acquaintance with Madame Bovary. This paper seeks to give a detailed account of the various aspects of literature that are at lean in the novel.Gustave Flaubert begins her famous novel Madame Bovary by highlighting the life of Charles Bovary from his early life as a boy who as unable to fir in his new school and as results became the center of ridicule from his classmates. His entire life is marked by dullness and mediocrity that is evident by how he conducts himself earlier other people. His failure in the medical school leads into him becoming a second-rate doctor in the country. He is married of f to a widow by his mother and the marriage does not last for a long time as the widow dies after a short duration. Charles who expected to gain a lot of wealth after the marriage is left with almost nothing and he becomes poorer than before (Rozen, 101).The life of Charles soon takes another turn when he falls in love with Emma who is a daughter to one of his patients and they get married. Emmas romantic expectations are not met in the marriage. She had spent a bankrupt part of her life in the convent and developed an inner belief that marriage was going to be the end of all her troubles. He dream for a school kind of a lifestyle was borne on the day she attended a very extravagant ball at the home of a noble flush man. The village life that she now has to put up with does not match up to her expectations and she gets bored and depressed. She falls ill and after conceiving, they move to another townsfolk with the hope that she will get better.In the new town, they meet differe nt people who begin to shape and transform their lives. Emma continues to be despondent after bragging(a) birth because she failed to

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Wernher Von Braun Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wernher Von Braun - Essay ExampleWorking as an assistant to a German scientist known as Hermann Oberth, Von Braun was fascinated by the experiments they carried out on liquid-fueled rocket engines. He pursued his ambition and dream and propelled aviation and the globe beyond the humble, early stages of rocketry to the planets and the moon. He had a vision to widen mankinds knowledge by exploring space and opening the terrestrial world to mankind. His efforts and contributions had, and continue to have, neat impacts on the aviation industry and the world at large. As the leader of the team that developed Germanys rocket program, he as yet drew review article for contributing to the negativities during the second world war. This essay will address the way his tempt has affected and contributed to aviation and the world. Von Brauns achievements make him the virtually prominent, even if not the first, spaceflight advocate and rocket engineer of the 20th century. To date, his resear ch, dedication and hard work are still considered the blueprint of peaceful space geographic expedition and moon landings (Neufeld 7). His presence in the aviation industry began with the German army, and his association with the Peenemunde Rocket Center put him in the limelight of the worlds base rocket program. At the rocket center, Von Braun and his team received more facilities than their predecessors in aviation who had designed aircraft for military purposes. After his successful launch of what was initially called the A-4 missile, the Nazi took special interest in him and started mass production, where he led the team that designed combat rockets for the army (Ward 14). The design of the rocket, later renamed V-2, was created and developed by Von Braun as the technical director of the space center. It featured a missile that carried its own oxidant as well as fuel, a profound aspect in modern day aviation technology as it became the immediate model used by present day Russ ia and the United States in space explorations (Neufeld 16). The downside of this development, though, was that critics have faulted him for developing weapons of mass destruction that unleashed vengeance on civilian populations (Petersen 21). However, apart from that single angle of criticism, the rest of his contributions affected aviation and the world positively, because he never intended his developments to be used against humans, as he was a staunch Christian as well. The V-2 rocket became Von Brauns most significant contribution to the development of rocket technology (Nelson 29). It pioneered operational, guided missiles in the world under his direction, setting in motion the development of the present day space travel and ballistic missiles. Through his projects, he influenced his team to great understanding of rocket propulsion, guidance systems and aerodynamics, and his concepts are still in use to date. His work influenced the contemporary space launch vehicle and the mi ssile expertise in the United States, China, Russia, Britain and France (Nelson 35). To mankind and the world, he contributed towards alleviating the disastrous effects of the bombings of the second world war. He was against the use of his developments to attack humanity. He voiced his opposition against war policies in Germany and led his team of scientists and their families in fleeing to the United States. The significance of the fleeing was that the mass production of the V-2 rockets in Germany could not progress much without his input, effectively cutting down the assault on civilians. This was achieved by surrendering themselves to American forces, where they were granted permission to carry on with their rocket research programs under the watch of the United States government (Petersen 19). The German space

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Statistics-demographic reports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Statistics-demographic reports - Essay ExampleFrom the General summary report it is evident that if we rank students on the basis of their educational status, then we will come to know that the highest percentage of students i.e. 44.19% is completing their bachelors degree. 33.99% of students are related to graduate degree thats why ranked at 2nd place in 2000 Educational Attainment. Therefore, the product should be introduced in the grocery by keeping the students of this age group in your soul as they appear to be signifi discounttly large segment in the region.Before pricing the product, the household income needs to be considered. The change in median household income is 123.60% from 1980 to 1990 and 68.10% from 1990 to 2000. The percentage changes for average household income are 178.80% and 69.50% from 1980 to 1990 and from 1990 to 2000 respectively. Similarly, percentage changes for per capita income are 184.00% and 65.60%. Among three categories average household income has the highest income in 2000 and the highest percentage change for household income. So, the unfermented snack food should be launched by keeping average household income in mind. According to the given data, the percentage changes of the tidy sum with salary $150,000 + is highest so, the target market for the products should be the people having salary above $150,000 +. However, if the new snack is going to have a low to average price then other income groups can be also targeted.In addition, it is also important to consider which the income bracket of the target market. The highest percentages of the people of the ages less than 25, 65-74 and 75+ earn Less than $10,000. The highest percentages that are 15.87%, 14.43%, 11.86% and 11.50% of people of ages 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 54-64 respectively earn $100,000 - $124,999. So, the people having salary range $100,000 - $124,999 should be targeted for this product. The people having salary range $75,000 to $99,999 also have large per centages

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Describe the effects of American expansion across the Southwest from Essay

Describe the effects of American expansion across the Southwest from the 1820s through the 1840s - prove ExampleVermont joined the Union in the year 1791 as a separate State. In 1792, Kentucky was admitted to the Union and in 1820, Maine was included (Westward Expansion).The treaty between the US and Spain of 1821 served to establish the boundary of Louisiana. Under this treaty, the boundary was to commence from the mouth of the river Sabine in the Gulf of Mexico and proceed till the west bank of the Sabine up to the thirty second degree of nitrogen latitude. From there it was to continue along the north of the Red River, along the south bank of the Red River to the one one-hundredth degree of east longitude. Subsequently, the border was to pass north of the Arkansas and then onwards to the south bank of the Arkansas. Finally, it was to pass along the forty-second degree north latitude up to the Pacific Ocean (Westward Expansion).This treaty settled the boundary issue with regar d to the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and the western regions of Wyoming. The US claimed this land on the basis of its discoveries in 1792, its explorations of 1805, and settlement in 1811. In 1848, the dispute with Canada, regarding the boundary between the latter and Washington and Idaho was resolved (Westward Expansion).The expansion took place in the directions of the south, west, and the declining Spanish empires new territories. In 1819, Spain ceded Florida to the US, under the requirements of the Adams Onis Treaty. This Treaty clearly demarcated Louisiana and Spanish Texas. This border passed through the Rocky Mountains, along the coast of the Arkansas River, and along the southerly borders of the states of Idaho and Oregon (Johnson and Woloch). This Treaty played a major role in determining the borders of the United States, along the land adjoining the Pacific Ocean.In the design between 1820 and 1840, there was a westward movement of the people, in the US, which h ad a profound effect on agriculture, education,

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Communication Plan Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Communication Plan - Case Study ExampleReports rich person suggested that in the US, obesity rates seduce doubled since the last few decades. Approximately 65% of the overall adult population of the country falls into the social class of overweight population. However, the situation is worsening day by day and has now reached an alarming stage. Several techniques have been tried and tested and hardly any of them has wedge or provided the desired results (Haberer 14). Considering this situation, marketers have similarly tried to utilize the opportunities of the US market. A number of companies involved in manufacturing and market of anti obesity drugs have emerged in the market and hence, the industry is becoming quite competitive (McDaniel 14). This report seeks to investigate the external business environs of the US and frame in marketing and communication strategies for the company, Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP). The company has recently launched weight reducing d rug names as Metabical. According to the pilot study carried out by the company, the drug is providing rough-and-ready results. However, industry experts and eminent scholars around the world believes that a good product does not serve the purpose or fulfills the objectives of a firm, rather to get victory a good product needs to have the support of good marketing and promotional campaign. The research paper will begin with a circumstance analysis and the frameworks to be put into practice are PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis. Context Analysis The context in which a business operates is crucial for a number of factors. The context not only influences the business decision of a company, but also plays a vital role in the operations of a firm. Hence, before devising the marketing plan, the study will carry out an in-depth analysis of the context in which the company operates. Apart from that the study will also enumerate SWOT analysis of the company. PESTEL Analysis Pestle is a st rategic management tool by which a company analyses the external business environment (Mills 14 -16). It stands for political, legal, environmental, economical, social and technological factors. The analysis is carried out below - Factor Analysis Verdict Political The political factors of a country include the constancy of the government, regulations of the environment, taxation policies, and Competition regulation and consumer protectionism among others. Almost each of these factors impacts the pharmaceutical industry. In the context of US, the government is stable enough and has always supportive to a new business and investments. However, the country is strict when it comes to the conformism of environmental condition. The recent health reforms have however led to an increased pressure on the prices of the products. It is obvious that compliance with the rules and regulation of a country is mandatory for a business, but along the same time it is also necessary that the company encompasses a strong inborn policy to guide the operations of the firm. It has been found that most of the factors pertaining to the political situation of the country are favorable for doing pharmaceutical business in the country. The only grounds of cause of concern is the strict regulation of government towards the maintaining the standard of the drugs and to ensure there are no side effects for consuming it. Therefore considering theses facts it is powerfully recommended to the firm that they should ensure that the product maintains the standards and the promotional

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Psychological Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Psychological Case Study - Essay ExampleClient Presentation The thickening is neatly dressed in her school analogous when she comes for counselling. She comes on time for each session and never missed an appointment. She was able to sustain her attention, maintained eye contact and displayed a cooperative attitude towards the counsellor. The lymph gland described her low mood and tragicalness due to the passing away of her grandmother. She has difficulty expressing her emotions only claims to be feeling very very sad and lacking her grandmother. She was orientated to time and date and setting. Her speech was clear. No perceptual deficits were noticed . The form and content of her thoughts were assessed as appropriate. No immediate risk was noticed. She appe ard to be intelligent. Problem Situation The client has difficulty expressing her deep emotions and feelings ab disclose the passing away of grandmother. She have told several times that she is feeling very very sad and badl y misses her grandmother. She narrated that she has lost her interest in doing things that she previously enjoys such as hanging out with friends after school, and participating in ballet and art classes. The client also stated to becoming easily frustrated and angry and would rather stay at her way of life alone and cry. Relevant Client History discipline and Family history The client is an only child. From her infancy ,she has always been left under the care of her grandmother, as both of her parents are both working on spacious time basis. Her grandmother lives with them in their family home. Interpersonal Relationship The client is reportedly to be much closer to her grandmother than to her own parents.She used to hang out with friend? after school to do homework and together and play afterwards. But after, the death of her grandmother the client reported that she has been keeping herself in her room and refuses to talk even to her parents and friends. Psychiatric History The client reported no previous psychiatric history. Discussion of Evidence Based Theories Grief also know as bereavement. It is a profound sadness following a major loss of a loved one (Kaplan and Sadock,1996). According to John Colby it has 4 stages 1. impassivity or Protest clients are characterized by distress, fear and anger. It could last from moments to months. 2. Yearning and searching for the lost figure clients are pre occupied with thoughts of the lost person and are usually angry, restless and crying. This may last for several months. 3. Disorganization and despair client are restless, withdrawn, irritable and repeatedly reliving memories with the deceased. 4. Reorganization clients start to collapse new patterns of goals, grief had recede and is replaced with cherished memories with the loss person. (Kaplan and Sadock,1996). The theories most suitable for this client were Cognitive Bahavioral Therapy (CBT) and Narrative Therapy (NT). The Studies shows that CBT is an effective goal oriented psychotherapy and roaring in treating behavioural problems, as it teaches techniques to correct unhealthy thinking patterns and attitudes resulting to painful memories. Narrative therapy on the other hand, provides space for clients to retell their stories. NT believes that everyone has a story to tell, but it

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Boeing Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Boeing Case Study - Essay ExampleIt is evident from the study case, that the worry in Boeing was affecting different processes within the c aloneer-out. The whole ac familiarity was in doubt the previous admirable performances were ceasing. The stock had previously risen by 6.7%, and it was beginning to fall drastically. The company later began undergoing a series of changes. This was later on the company was unable to meet the prevailing demand. It tried its best by doubling it capability, but all was in vain. It got to the extent that the company had stop producing the 747 for 20 working days. This was to the company as it lost a lot of money. From the arguments from the acting president, this was a result a poor organizational structure. Other activities casing the problem are lack of communication. In reference to the culture of the company, it has been doing puff up through acquisitions, thus forming integration among different companies. The aim of the strategy was to exte nd its reach, therefore, making the company stronger that its opponents. These activities made the company lose the culture. It merged with different organizations, such as the McDonnell Douglas in the year 1997. The step made the company change its operations, as well as, its management trends and centre of administration was transferred to Seattle Chicago. Issues in the management of the company began after the merging action as it lost its culture. McDonnell had a complex culture, based on defense contracts. The merge also came with it, financial issues where $92.5 Million were distributed to shareholders. In the same year, the firm designed new strategies to improve their marketing capabilities. It also hoped that the production would growing the level of production. The firm also employed new strategies to for communication within it. Their stock was also keenly supervised through system. This is evidence that the company, was getting venture to its previous position. There w as also decentralization of information technology within the firm. This enhanced collaboration between different branches of the company. Toward the end of the month of December 2003, the company had recovered the opportunity to manufacture the 7E7 Jets. From analysis from difference economist, the reason behind the under performance of the company was that it had over promised and under-delivered. It is evident that the plans of the company depend on the producing smaller planes it also plans to expand its productivity to the extent of purchasing large plans in the future. Market pressure There are diverse pressures that triggered Boeing to effect changes on its operational strategies. A crucial pressure for Boeing was mainly market demand. Market demand markedly increased in 1997, in an attempt to meet all its surplus orders, Boeing instantly doubled its production. Unfortunately, this strategy brought about a severe manufacturing crisis. Worse still, Boeings reputation was deter iorating and it called for urgent measures to curb the situation. It was then that the manufacturing of 747 was abruptly halt for up to 20 days. Lack of communication within the organization was the main source of the ongoing crisis. However, Boeing termed it as a win at all greet methodology. There has been a series of endless problems at Boeing. Citing a case of the year 1994, shock prevailed among executive managers when Airbus booked more orders than

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Race and ethnicity in the United States Census Essay Example for Free

Race and ethnicity in the United States nosecount EssayThe media is an industry where the competition is intense and it has been used by the political relation individuals, organizations, institutions, society, and family etc. for confused purposes. However, due to the increasing competition in the industry, m whatsoever at times the functions and duties which the media owes to the society atomic number 18 significantly overlooked. There are various functions of the media some will be discussed later on in this paper.The aim of the media has to a fearfully large extent shifted from fulfilling its roles to the society, rather their counsel is often on how much entertainment they can offer to their audience and how much money they can make and how quickly they can make it. Entertainment and money make is definitely key in the existence, survival and growth of this industry, nevertheless, this should not be achieved by inappropriately portraying a groups identity in any form. DEFINITION OF KEY TERMS Construction To make or create, by putting together ideas, components or arguments. Group Identity This refers to a psyches sense of belonging to a group.Media- Are communication channels through which intelligence operation, entertainment, education, data or promotional messages are disseminated. Media includes any broadcasting and define casting medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax and internet (business dictionary, 2015). THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY BY TAJFEL TURNER (1979) This possibility was propounded in order to understand the psychological reasons and basis for inter- group discrimination. The components of this theory goes thus Categorization- This is the process of putting ourselves and others into categories, our self-image is familiar spiritd with the categories we belong to.Identification This is the process by which we associate ourselves with certain groups of volum e. Nevertheless there are some groups we dont want to be identified with (out groups) and there are some we would want to be identified with (in groups). Comparison- This is the process through which we compare our groups with other groups, thereby creating a positive bias towards the groups in which we are members of. This aspect of this work will focus on two salient functions of the media amidst the various ones there are. Social hereditary pattern function- The onus lies on the media to transmit positive racial and ethnic values about(predicate) every existing race and ethnic group.The act of highlighting and spotlighting the various negativities of races and ethnic groups should be avoided. Surveillance function- This is the duty the media owes to the society in circulating news and information when necessary, the media is responsible for(p) for providing information about events. THE CONSTRUCTION OF GROUP IDENTITY BY HOLLYWOOD (A STUDY OF THE LATINO RACE) There are five acc laimed races in the world 1) Mongoloid (Asian and the Statesn Indian) 2) Caucasoid (European) 3) Australoid (Australian and oceanic) 4) Negroid (East African black).5) Capoid (South African black) The Hispanics could be said to belong to the Mongoloid race and most of the 315 billion people who live in the United States of America are either immigrants or drive home ancestry to another country. In actual fact, the only truly American people are the Native ones. This country is based on the idea of migration in pursuit of a remediate social and economic life.According to U. S. Census Bureau (2012), there are most 52 million Hispanics/Latinos living in the United States, representing approximately 16. 7% of the total population of United States of America, and make them the nations largest ethnic minority. Among Hispanic subgroups, Mexicans rated as the largest at 63%, followed by Puerto Ricans (9. 2%), Cubans (3. 5%), Salvadorans (3. 3%), Dominicans (2. 8%), and the re master(pr enominal)ing 18. 2% were Colombians, Guatemalans, Portuguese, Honduras, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Brazilian.The main reason for their migration has been either that they are politically endangered or have financial problems. For instance the Cubans who ended up in America wanted to flow from the political conditions in their country. Escaping from the communist government practiced in Cuba, they were considered as political refugees in America for three and a half decades until 1995. As a result of Americas opposition to the Cuban government, they were treated in America better than almost any other ethnic group.This has also been partly because of their high level of education and professionalism before migration (Martins, 2006 as seen in Mousavi Sadeghi, 2013). Latinos, Mexicans in particular, mostly live in the Southwest almost half in atomic number 20 and Texas. Puerto Ricans are mostly in the East and Cubans are in Florida.According to the U. S. Census Bureau, legal Hispanic household income is only 75 percent of ashen American income. There is also a high rate of poverty and unemployment among them, and their socio economic status is at a low level. The cause for this situation is partly their jobs being the lowest paid ones, their low education level, and employment discrimination (Camarillo and Bonilla, 2001). They are present in the news, advertisements, election campaigns, political debates, television and films.The common major(ip) feature that is present in all of these portrayals is the problems related to them that should be solved and not to be glorified, exaggerated or exploited by Hollywood. Before at a time African Americans were more likely to be portrayed as domestic workers in Hollywood. African Americans played major roles in television sitcoms such as Beulah in the 1950s and Gone with the wind in 1939. In recent times Latinos have increasingly replaced African Americans as Hollywood domestics. Hollywood has presented an irrational reality of the Latino people to the American people and to the world at large, it has exaggerated a poor image of this particular race.Although the Latinos who live in America get more roles to play in Hollywood, most of these roles are mentioned in the next paragraph. The Latino female is often presented as a temptress, vamp, lustful, promiscuous, unfaithful, manipulative, of loose morality or submissive at times in relation to a white male fantasy, low class, serving the whites. A list of Ten Latino Female artists who have played the role of a maid in Hollywood Movies/series. Jennifer Lopez Maid in Manhattan, 2002 Aida Linares- Clueless, 1995 Lupe Ontiveros- As good as it gets, 1997 (She has played an adjudicate of 150 maid roles on television).Consuela-Family Guy, 2005-till present Nadine Valesquez-My name is Earl, 2005-2009 Paz Vega- Spanglish, 2004 Kate Del Castillo- La misma Luna, 2007 Adriana Barraza- Babel, 2006 Catalina Saavedra, The maid, 2009 Roselyn Sanchez, Devious M aids, 2013- till present Pania Ramirez Devious Maids, 2013 till present THE MEDIA, DIVERSITY AND SOCIAL spay INITIATIVE (MDSCI)S SIX YEAR STUDY REVEALS SOME STATISTICS. Among the racial and ethnic groups studied in the Media, Diversity, and Social Change Initiatives report, released haughty 2014, Latinos made up only 4.9% of movie characters across 100 of 2013s top-grossing films. According to the U. S. Census Bureaus estimates, there are roughly 52 million Latinos in the U. S. as of July 1, 2011, or just over 16% of the current U. S. population. That number is on track to reach 132. 8 million or about 30% of the U. S. population by July 1, 2050. LATINOS THAT ARE DEPICTED IN TOP-GROSSING MOVIES ARE MOSTLY NAKED. While the study does note that Hispanic females (37. 3%) were more likely to be featured in popular films than were white females (29. 6%) or Asian females (32%), Latinas are also more likely than females among any of the other groups studied (37. 5%, to be precise) to be shown partially dressed or nude on the big screen.LATINOS ARE ALSO HIGHLY possible TO BE SEXUALIZED. The sexualization of Latinos does not stop with women. Latino men were the most likely among the studied groups (16. 5%) to be depicted wearing tight, alluring or show clothing. DANGERS OF THE NEGATIVE PORTRAYAL OF RACE ETHNICITY BY THE MEDIA ?Since there is a tendency to believe what is represented or depicted by the media as particular races or ethnic groups are often negatively portrayed, others who are not acquainted with such group of people are bound to believe they are in reality the way the media has presented them. ?Another danger of negative portrayals of race/ethnic groups by the media is that the younger ones from such groups may not be able to see themselves better than the way the media has portrayed them. For example if a race is continually depicted as a maid or as vulgar murderer the younger generation of such groups may not see anything wrong with being tha t way and could actually end up as same. ?This particular race have existing challenges of employment, poor education the continuous depictions as such does not help solve these problems, but only worsens them. ?It could be difficult for people who are negatively portrayed to keep relationships with or amongst other races who are depicted as superior to them. THE NOLLYWOOD CONSTRUCT OF ETHNICITY (A STUDY OF THE YORUBA, AND NORTHERN NIGERIANS) The founding fathers of Yoruba films in Nigeria i. e. Herbert Ogunde, Moses Olaiya (Baba Sala) establish their works on the constructive values of the Yoruba ethnic group without leaving their audience entertained.In recent times Nollywood has neglected the transfer of social heritage function in the production of Yoruba films. More often than necessary abusive statements, raining of curses and the invention of such and rascality has been synonymous with Yoruba films. The very rich Yoruba kitchen-gardening which the world could learn from is o ften being tarnished by our film industry. However there are various Yoruba producers who focus on spreading the positivity of the Yoruba last i. e. Tunde Kelani, Tade Ogidan, Yinka Afolayan. Men from the Northern part of Nigeria are also often times portrayed as either a gateman or the security man of a well-established family.The character who could actually be Yoruba speaks like a man from the north to convince the audience that the gateman is a man from the Northern part of the Country. Little does Nollywood be intimate that many of the gatemen in Lagos which I can speak for are not even Nigerians. I have observed that most of the gatemen/security men in reality are actually from Niger Republic many of them look like Nigerian Northerners, are able to speak Hausa language but they are not Nigerians. RECOMMENDATIONS ?Every race has some sort of value and norms that could be positive, the media should hereby seek out such and spread them.The media needs to respect the fact that e very human person has dignity and should be portrayed as such. ?They never should never assume that a particular race or ethnicity is less than the other, disregardless of the socio economic status of such groups. ?The media should seek to solve the challenges faced by some races and ethnic groups rather than exploit them. The media should be reminded that they are socially responsible to the society, thus they should be mindful of what they feed the society with.

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OCD in Motion Picture Essay Example for Free

OCD in Motion Picture EssayAs darling As It Gets is a movie that portrays the life of a mostbody with a psychiatric disorder called obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The protagonist Melvin Udall (played by Jack Nicholson) is a novel script writer who lives in an apartment with Simon Bishop (played by Greg Kinnear) as his neighbor. Melvins odd behaviors enlighten his life difficult when dealing with people around him. He is preoccupied with too many compulsions that he did not have time to build a wellnessy relationship with other people. He is not sensitive to the words he say not wise to(p) that he is already hurting the mortals feelings.His life starts to change when Simon was hospitalized and Melvin was forced to take cargon of Simons dog, Verdell. The dog acted as a nosepiece for Melvin and Simon to become friends. Melvin as well became close acquaintances with Carol Connelly (played by Helen Hunt), a waitress in the restaurant where he always dine. He falls in de light in with Carol but due to his unpredicted odd behaviors, Carol moves away from him. Thanks to Simon, he helped things become okay between Carol and Melvin. Deeply in love with Carol, Melvin tries to change his ways and the movie ended with a bright to date uncertain future.As the psychiatric disorder progresses, the long-suffering as rise up as the people surrounding him starts to complain about his behavior. Below ar several complaints the patient and his significant others have in the movie As Good As It Gets Melvin to Simon Im clearing my head, dont like myself any more. Im tired. Melvin to Dr. Green Dr. Green, how can you diagnose some bingle with an obsessive- compulsive disorder and act as if he have some filling? Are you teasing me? Carol to Melvin Dont you have any control of how creepy you are about to get? I want my life for just one minute but my biggest problem is somebody else has a free convertible so I can get out of this city Stop it wherefore cant I j ust have a normal boyfriend? Why? A regular boyfriend who doesnt go nuts on me Simon to Melvin Youre sick. Everything looks distort and everything inside you. You hate everything so you can barely find a way to complain. Generally speaking, the people are complaining about Melvins attitude. His attitude is so bothersome that it prevents him from building a healthy relationship with other people.Melvin tries to be nice to some people but his present attitude serves as a bias why most of them consider his kindness as an act of insult or deceit. He somehow violates an obsession with Carol. In order to fare the problem of the invitee, it is better if the health provider would take some sort of history taking. History taking is important since it serves as a baseline to hump the roots of a certain disorder. The history taking can be started with simple questions regarding the patients name, age, occupation and the like.Taking OCD into consideration, the health provider should ask specific questions that go out help in understanding the disorder of the patient. If a patient is asked to describe his/her past childhood experiences, the client may state that he/she has experienced harsh toilet training. Toilet training is an important aspect that must be accomplished during toddler years. Considering the fact that autonomy must be favored more than shame and doubt, toilet training must be done in way the child practices his autonomy.The client may also say that whenever he/she experiences anxiety, he/she begins performing repetitive actions. Exploring deeper into the question, the client may also say that his compulsions or rituals take him several minutes or hours to accomplish. Attempts to stop these compulsions are reported to be unsuccessful. If asked about his/her relationship with other people, the client may say that he/she finds it hard to build a healthy relationship because his compulsions prevent him from doing so.In the movie, As Good As It Gets, a ctor Jack Nicholson portrays the role of a person with an obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder wherein the person has recurrent unwanted thoughts called obsessions. To relieve the anxiety brought by these thoughts, the person is involved in repetitive behaviors such as hand washing, checking and counting. These so called rituals or compulsions subdue a persons anxiety while deprivation from these rituals increases the persons anxiety. However, the action only provides temporary relief.Jack Nicholson shows odd behaviors which add humor to the movie. Whenever he washes his hands, he always uses a new soap then throws it away. He also avoids stepping on the cracks on the floor whenever he goes outside his apartment for a walk. At the same time, he feels that he should eat on the same table in his favorite restaurant and even bring along his plastic utensils whenever he dines on that point. The way of locking and unlocking the doors of hi s apartment is complicated as well as turning the lights on and off. He needs to follow certain number of measure before getting over with it.He is characterized as verbally abusive which offends people most of the time. He also lives in solitary and has no friends at all, although he is considered as a famous novel writer. Those living with this kind of people find themselves in a state of frustration. The obsessions as well the compulsions make the lives of these people difficult. To support the diagnosis of OCD on Melvin Udall, certain criteria must be met with DSM TV IR. Obsessions of a client with OCD must be intrusive, inappropriate, recurrent, and persistent, and causes distress and anxiety.There are unsuccessful attempts to ignore the obsessions with positive adaptive actions and thoughts. People with this disorder are not excessively worried about real life problems and they usually tell that these obsessions are produced by their own thoughts. On the other hand, the comp ulsions of a person with OCD are converted to repetitive behaviors such as hand washing, counting, and arranging things check to color, height, and the like. They display these excessive behavior or mental acts for them to prevent distress or frightening events.At some point during the course of the disorder, the client leave recognize that these excessive thoughts and behaviors are inappropriate or unreasonable. The compulsions themselves are time consuming and they interfere with the clients ability to perform for their daily needs. such needs would include food, occupation, social activities, and healthy relationship with other people. Lastly, these obsessions and compulsions are not side effects of other substances such as alcohol or medications. They are merely coping mechanisms for a person to relieve anxiety.Considering that the patient has obsessive compulsive disorder, sets of treatment are planned to help relieve the patients anxiety. Treatments or interventions can be divided into three therapeutic relationship, psychopharmacology, and milieu management. Starting off with the therapeutic relationship, the nurse must ensure that the staple fibre needs such as food, clothing, grooming, and the rest are met by the client. Client has less time in dealing with these activities since they are preoccupied by their obsessions and compulsions. give up time for the patient to finish the ritual.Setting limits has more advantage than stopping the ritual abruptly because it may ensue panic than relief. Prepare simple yet structured activities for the client. This is a good and productive diversion for the clients obsessive compulsive behavior. Whenever the client demonstrates a non-ritualistic behavior, give praise or recognition. This lead increase self-worth and self-esteem. Be empathic with the client and be aware of the need in performing the rituals. It leave behind convey acceptance and understanding on the clients situation. Certain doses also hel p the patient deal with OCD.Clomipramine is considered as the drug of choice in dealing with these clients. However, a certain group of drug is said to be effective for this kind of psychiatric disorder. They are called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI). SSRI is a kind of antidepressant that treats depression, anxiety disorders, and some personality disorders. As the name suggests, it prevents the reuptake of serotonin whose action is to elevate the mood. Since OCD is an anxiety disorder, it is proven to be effective and helps in dealing with the anxiety of the patient. whatsoever of SSRI drugs commonly used are fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, paroxetine, and sertraline. However, one should watch the side effects of these drugs. SSRIs are known to cause gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea and diarrhea. They are also known to cause anticholinergic effects as well as sexual dysfunction. Milieu management also helps in the treatment of anxiety disorders particularly the cogniti ve behavior therapy (CBT). Although rooted in two different theories, it is found to be effective in treating patients with anxiety disorder.The basic concept of utilize the CBT in anxiety disorders is systematic desensitization or in vivo approach. It is believed that fear is learned and continued to be learned unless the client is exposed to certain stimuli. sign exposure causes an increase in physical and emotional distress. As the desensitization therapy progresses, the client then will learn how to unlearn hi/her fear. In OCD, there is what we call exposure with response prevention which is directly under the CBT. The aim of CBT is the same with systematic desensitization.Nonetheless, as anxiety is relieved, so is the ritualistic behavior of the client. Others would also consider thought stopping, a technique wherein the clients intrusive obsessions are substituted with adaptive ones such as deep breathing or walking. As the treatment goes, several outcomes must be predicted in order to evaluate whether the treatment is effective or not. It can be short term or long term. Short-term outcomes would include the following 1. Patient will be able limit the time needed in performing rituals. 2. Patient will report and identify strategies and actions that will be substituted for compulsions.3. Patient will be able to finish and focus on the structured activities given to them by their health provider. These short-term outcomes must be followed in order for the client to achieve long-term outcomes. Nonetheless, long-term outcomes would include 1. Patient will be able to develop strong and healthy relationship with the people surrounding him/her. 2. Patient will be able to substitute compulsions with positive adaptive behaviors and thoughts. References Ziskin, L. (Producer), Brooks, J. L. (Director). 1997. As Good As It Gets Motion Picture. United States TriStar Pictures