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A Timeless Art Essay

The Black-Figure Neck Amphora was attributed to the Affecter in Athens, Greece about 530 B. C. , made of terracotta, with dimension of 5 ? x 10 1/8 inches (The Getty, On-line) This amphora, which used to hold wine and water in ancient times, was found in a Southern Italy grave site but because of its distinctive figures and style, it was regarded as one of Athenian masterpieces. Like most artists, the real name of Affecter is unknown but he left a style of his own. In those years, he worked as potter and vase painter and may have learned his craft from the Amasis Painter, but deviate his approach in the conventional way of potting and painting. During the times when Athenian vase-painters emphasized on the narrative content of their work, the Affecter focused on purely decorative aspects that suit the Etruscan artistic taste. (The Getty On-line). The amphora was molded on a pottery wheel and dried. The maker painted on a glaze and carved designs on its surface and used the red-figure painting method, wherein, after it was fired in a wood furnace, the glaze turned to black and covered the amphora in glaze then erasing parts of it to create finer details. (St. Petersburg Times, On-line) The portrayal of the vase is bizarre but remarkable for Athenian potter of that time. Like any others Athenian masterpieces, this vase is made of attic clay with distinguished red and black color. For years, historians never decipher the narrative story behind its illustrated body but this suits the style of the Affecter who concentrated on ornamental look rather than history behind its times. The vase, though, shows Herakles, now known as Hercules, waving his club, pursuing a centaur, a mythological half horse half human figure. At the back of the vase, Theseus combats with Minotaur. The Affecter also used the old fashioned neck amphora form wherein the neck is highly defined as Protoattic and ovoid in shape (The Beazley Archive On-line). The Affecter modified the vessel, separating the neck and the body by raised rings. Ancient and old fashioned as it is, the Black Figure Neck Amphora is extraordinary with timeless beauty. Its exquisiteness lies on its color and creativity. It is a major consideration that out of clay, two colors will distinguish amphora like this, red and black. And with poise and commitment, the Affecter gave justice to its craft. Using both old fashioned style in creating amphora and adding touch of its modern days, evidenced by adding rings on it, the Affecter is not confined with the conventional way but used his imaginations and skills to enhance its designs. The maker, giving emphasis with Herkales and Theseus greatness rather than detailed information of their winnings over battles with barbarians, is a magnificent touch of this artistic craft. It only shows patriotism more than one time glory. It depicts the maker’s love to its civilization and commemorates it with his trade. It is the prime reason why this kind of amphora is timeless. Presently, it cannot be used as water or wine pot, instead an ornament that would house the beauty of Athens, its rich civilizations, its artistic splendor and its two distinguished heroes. REFERENCES â€Å"The Getty†. The J. Paul Getty Trust. 21 August 2008 http://www. getty. edu â€Å"Tampabay. com†. St. Petersburg Times. 21 August 2008 http://www. tampabay. com â€Å"The Beazly Archive Classical Art Research Center â€Å". 28 February 2008. University of Oxford. 21 August 2008 http://www. beazley. ox. ac. uk/index. htm

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Confidentiality Notes

Ethical theories and principles that are related to confidentiality are- confidentiality is one of the most basic principles in health care practice and it is the most long-standing ethical dictum in health care codes of ethics. It is the practice of keeping harmful, shameful, or embarrassing patient information within proper bounds. The right to privacy gives legal standing to this ethical principle. ). a reliable test for who among team members should be given certain types of information is need to know basis.It is necessary for one to adequately perform ones specific job responsibilities- meaning that by giving the information does it provide the adequate caring response that is required for the patient) Immediate aims of confidentiality are to: 1. Facilitate the sharing of sensitive information with the goal of helping the patient 2. Exclude unauthorized people from such information 3. Discern need to know information from mere interest when deciding what to share.Confidentialit y serves as one cornerstone for the solid foundation of a trusting health professional-patient relationship that should be built AMA principles of medical ethics states that:- a physician shall respect the rights of patients, of colleagues and of other health professionals and shall safeguard patient confidences within the constrains of the law. This provides a conflict when a physician knows that some secret may be harmful for the patient and yet are bound to keep it.Breaking Confidence- Legal exceptions to the standard of practice that confidences must be kept, except with the patient’s consent or at the patient’s request to break it include * An emergency in which keeping the confidence will harm the patient * Patient is incompetent or incapacitated and a third party needs to be informed for decision making for the patient * Third parties are at a risk for harm (eg. Sexually transmitted diseases, child or other abuses) * Request for commitment or hospitalization of a psychiatrically ill patient * A serious risk that any others may be harmed (a terrorist threat) Eventually breaking of confidence always enlists at least one harm and for health professionals it is to minimize the harm 6 step process in confidentiality situations 1. Step 1- Gather relevant information- 2. Step 2 &3- identify the type of ethical problem and the ethics approach to analyze it 3. Step 4- Explore the practical alternatives 4. Step5- Complete the action 5. Step 6- Evaluate the process and outcomeEthical principles or elements that support confidentiality are * Beneficence * Nonmaleficence or fidelity * Right to autonomy Key character trait is trustworthiness kindness, compassion, and courage to help with the challenging situations. Patient care information systems (PCIS)- is a computerized systems of record of patients that are permanently kept in an electronic form Health information managers- (also known as the gatekeepers of medical records) are key members of the he alth care team.Their primary role is the responsibility for designing and maintaining the system that facilitates the collection, use and dissemination of health and medical information. They ensure that the medical records are correct and kept in privacy and are only given to the health professionals that have the right to see them. They ensure that the records are not abused or released to unauthorized persons. Medical record is an extremely useful document for the health professionals * Can be found both in paper and electronic form They are systematic accounts of a patient’s encounter with a health provider * They serve as a repository of information * Generated by and contributed to by many providers in various health delivery settings * EHR- Electronic health record is an electronic record of patient health information, they often include patient demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, relevant social history, medical history, vital signs, laboratory data a nd diagnostic reports guidelines that are applicable when recording patient information 1. Questionable information should be clearly labeled as questionable 2. True information that is not relevant to should not be recorded 3. All information should be handled among health professionals with regard for the privacy and dignity of patients Confidentiality finally comes down to each professional being vigilant about the flow of patient information, guided by the goal of using information to help the patient.Patient privacy- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 * This act imposed considerable new constraints on the use and disclosure of a patient’s personal clinical information * Major goal of HIPAA is to ensure that an individual’s health information is properly protected while allowing the glow of information needed to promote high-quality care * This set of regulations are called the New Federal Medical Privacy Rule- basic intent is to co ntrol the use or disclosure of â€Å"protected health information† * One area that this rule strongly affects is the handling of information for purposes of research.It has also been interpreted to mean that information about patients (including family members) cannot be released * A â€Å"covered entity† is defined as a health plan, data processing company, health care professional, or hospital The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act- * Parts of this act expanded and strengthened the privacy laws that protect patient health information originally outlined under HIPAA. Provides additional provisions regarding privacy and security breaches, reporting of breaches, accounting of disclosures, restrictions of disclosures for sales and marketing purposes, and monetary penalties associates with HIPAA violations.

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Case against death penalty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Case against death penalty - Essay Example Some people view that the death penalty is barbaric, expensive, and executed in an arbitrary way. Some people also cite death penalty as a cause of psychological burden to the executers, prone to errors, and a mark of death and not life. Death penalty also causes sorrow to the families of victims, create unfairness, and fails as deterrence. With better ways of punishing capital offenders, there are many reasons justice systems should stop practicing death penalty, but employ other humane alternatives. Death penalty is a barbaric act of punishing capital offenders as compared to other options like life imprisonment (Banner 169). The practice of the death penalty is a cruel form of ending the life of capital offenders, because justice systems take their life with no thought about it. Today, it is true that the death penalty has evolved from severe brutality to more decent forms of taking the life of those sentenced to death. However, that notion that justice systems can end the life of a capital offender makes the practice brutal and barbaric. Some decades ago, this practice was a key attraction for all people in society, particular those who were interested in seeing others being shot or hanged. Despite the public attention to such events, the practice still displays the brutality that offenders receive when justice systems subjects them to this practice. With the society embracing a peaceful society where brutality is outdated, there are many reasons why justice systems should abo lish the death penalty.

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HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT - Assignment Example The activists are people who are open minded and are passionate towards their work as they gain their learning from the practical understanding. On the contrary, the attitude to take risk of the activists might not be suitable for the establishment in few scenarios (Huang and Busby 92-100). Theorists are the people who acquire their knowledge and learning with the assistance of the relevant theories. The people following the theorists’ perspective get their assistance from the varied theoretical underpinning when they are trained systematically. Thus, it can be stated that the training and development must be associated with the theoretical approach to get a better understanding. However, the key issue faced by the theorists is that they might be hesitant towards gaining the practical knowledge as learning (Huang and Busby 92-100). Pragmatists are the people who seek their learning from the theoretical as well as the practical activities in order to develop their skills. It is observed that these people are innovative and use their theoretical knowledge and understanding when conducting practical tasks. These people are more efficient and hence the companies provide learning opportunities to them at large. However, these people require continuous training and development for better understanding (Huang and Busby 92-100). Reflectors are the people who acquire their leanings by observing various activities of themselves along with others. Employees favouring this learning style will be more considerate and cautious while obtaining proper learning of skills and abilities. Correspondingly, businesses might face issues while offering training to these individuals as they are seemed to be a bit time-taking in their learning approach. However, their considerate nature will ensure that they improve themselves in a comprehensive manner overall. These groups of people are supposed to be less participative in comparison

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Socrates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Socrates - Essay Example It is however not well known how Socrates supported himself. Whereas some contemporaries point out that he got paid for teaching philosophy, others like Plato points out Socrates did not accept any payment, citing his poor status as a proof of lack of payment. During his late adulthood, Socrates married a young woman Xanthippe and together had three sons Lamprocles, Sophroniscus and Menexenus. Socrates however had little to do with the upbringing of his sons and more with the intellectual and philosophical development of the Athens youth. He also served as an Athenian soldier and participated in three military campaigns one in which he personally saved the life of a popular Athenian general (Cohen, 30). Socrates’ philosophy was greatly preoccupied with the notion of the good and evil of the society. His aim was to bring about an ethical society that depended on the inner need to live ethically rather than being guided by theological or other perspectives (Abel, 430). Socrates work therefore founded a basis for the development of theories of ethics and republic that were coined by later philosophers. First, Socrates believed that the true value of life is in the pursuit of true knowledge. From his perspective, â€Å"the unexamined life is not worth living† (Cohen, 46). To stress on ethics as a concept to die for, he does not accept exile when convicted and chooses to remain in Athens and face death in an environment where he could cross-examine people as he wished. Although he feels that he is the one wronged by the state and those who brought him to trial ( Abel, 11). In the light of the ethics, he proposed, Socrates explained further the notion of soul and the body. The soul and the body exist separately. â€Å"An orderly soul will, therefore, be able to rule over bodily desires†¦Ã¢â‚¬  and lead the thoughts towards what is ethical and true (Cohen, 46). After the accusations and ultimate conviction,

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Regulatory Interventions in the 2008 US Post-Economic Crisis Assignment

Regulatory Interventions in the 2008 US Post-Economic Crisis - Assignment Example However, there is a need to generate productivity following the series of Stimulus Funds in order to multiply the capital infused in trillions of dollars. Or the economic recovery will be transient and may return to perform another economic recession, right after funds are consumed. Regulations spearheaded by the Dodd-Frank Act are meant to make the financial institutions and big corporations more careful in their risk management. Such regulations were found to be critical after deregulation was given a chance to work for over 30 years and yet failed with its grandstanding recession. The question remaining is how funds can be effectively channelled to entrepreneurs given the past experiences wherein a greater part of the Stimulus Funds never reached the Small Business Entrepreneurs (SBEs) who can use capital to generate more productivity, hire people, and earn profits. Most of the Stimulus Funds went to social welfare and large corporation bail outs. Further study is required to eval uate the possibility of reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act for the purpose of further regulating the banks to focus on diligently supplying funds to SBEs and supporting those SBEs with sufficient guidance in order to earn successfully. This can logically stop the banks’ vested interests on Investment Portfolios since they will not be allowed to engage in other investment activities except to lend entrepreneurs what they will need in order to progress. I. Introduction Right after the economic recession declared by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) to have lasted December 2007 all the way to June 2009, the phenomenon was described as not only â€Å"the longest and deepest recession of the post-World War II era† but also the â€Å"largest decline in output, consumption, and investment, and the largest increase in unemployment, of any post-war recession† (Labonte, M. 2010, p.2). Stimulus funds from the Federal Reserve worth more than a Trillion Dollars along with the monetary policy of maintaining almost zero interest rate, facilitated the recovery. $700 billion, which was later reduced to $ 470 billion infused into the financial system was done via a program called Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) in October 2008. The US Government purchased real estate properties that lost their values as a result of the recession, for the purpose of adding some liquidity to the banks. As of mid-2012, most programs under the TARP were reported closed. Major beneficiaries rescued were Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AIG, Citigroup, and Lehman Brothers of the financing sector, and later included General Motors and Chrysler of the automobile sector. Saving the giant enterprises reduced the need to retrench and lay-off employees. However, there were economic

Computer Ethics-Cyberbullying Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Computer Ethics-Cyberbullying - Thesis Example It is defined as â€Å"the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others† (Owens, 2010). Cyber bullying involves using technology, such as cell phones and the Internet, to harass another person. Cyberbullying is more dangerous than traditional bullying for the following reasons: (1) it is location independent; (2) it offers the ability to bully without a face-to-face confrontation (Meech, 2007); (3) it is difficult to trace or discover because of problems in identification; (4) it can be rapidly scaled to a large audience in a short time; and (5) there are neither codes of conduct nor procedures currently in place to deal with it (Owens, 2010). Cyberbullying is more unethical because as the world evolves, technology has become pervasive and a key component of our continued existence as a cohesive society. It is difficult to envision lives being lived without cyber-interaction especially among the youth. It is therefore vital for people to practice respect of each other in the virtual community just as much as in the physical world. Cyberbullying breaks this communal respect that is being nurtured online. Today’s youth need to be taught that even when no one can see what they are doing online, their actions affect other people. Furthermore, even if they can’t see those results, they need to know that the consequences are not only present and real but can also be catastrophic. A good example of cyber-bullying is the Amanda Marcuson case (Harmon, 2004). Amanda, a new eighth-grade student, reported her classmates for stealing her pencil case. But at the end of the day when she went home, the girls that she had reported begun sending her insulting instant messages on her home computer. Amanda’s mother took her away from the computer to watch a basketball game with the rest of

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Review Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Review - Research Paper Example dality of IMRI with CT and ultrasound to identify that IMRI presents no limitations when it comes to neurological imaging, the report does not lag behind in discussing the primarily important applications of IMRI. It is claimed by the report that with advancements made in IMRI systems over time, not only the scan time is reduced resulting in minimum patient exposure but the image quality in terms of contrast and resolutions has also dramatically enhanced. Starting with the GE Double Donut system which was the first ever IMRI system introduced, a question can definitely be raised about the advantages mentioned in the report about this system like if superior access to the patient and no patient movement required during the imaging procedure happen to be the reasons enough for the level of popularity this system amassed? Not enough credible facts related to imaging time and contrast quality are mentioned in the advantages of any of the systems talked about in the report, which leaves the readers doubtful to some extent about the advantages associated with IMRI systems available currently in terms of time and quality. Though there is much detail contained in the report about the core technicalities associated with IMRI systems like low field and high field systems, one would definitely like to get more information about the pulse sequences running in these systems. Also, some questions concerning the benefits of IMRI related to breast e xaminations and how it can be preferred over mammography for breast cancer detection remain unanswered. One of the most effective improvements which can be made to this report would be going into less detail about the IMRI magnets and hardcore physics of the low field and high field IMRI systems, while relying more on introducing the benefits in terms of image quality, exposure time, and how capable a certain IMRI system is of imaging a totally disabled person who cannot cooperate with the physician in any way possible. Another

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Central bank interventions and foreign exchange rate volatility 01291 Essay

Central bank interventions and foreign exchange rate volatility 01291 - Essay Example Some researchers are on the opinion that such intervention policies are ineffective and may lead to increase the degree of foreign exchange volatility whereas other academic intellectuals sighted that central bank volatility can become the potential reason behind reducing exchange rate volatility. Another consensus views central bank intervention as ineffective and a waste of taxpayers’ money. In this paper the effect of central bank intervention, exchange rate regimes and currency risk hedging decisions will be analysed in order to evaluate whether the central bank intervention impacts positively on the level of volatility of foreign exchange rate or not. Central bank intervention has always been a controversial policy among all researchers across world. According to a report from Wall Street Journal, central bank intervention is not only futile to manage exchange rate but also perilous as it may increase volatility of exchange rate. However, it is also evident that in some cases such intervention has a positive or limited effect of such volatility as well (Suranovic, 2004). During the period of Bretton Woods Exchange Rate System, central bank intervention had become necessary each time the exchange rates surpasses their parity bands. In 1973, after the dissolution of this exchange rate system, the intervention policy became country specific. In 1977, International Monetary Fund (IMF) formulated three distinct guidelines for its member countries to bring uniformity in the intervention practices. First, countries were not authorized to manipulate exchange rate for adjusting their Balance of Payment (BOP) or for gaining any discriminat ory competitive advantages. Secondly, countries were legitimated to intervene only for countering the disorderly market conditions and finally, countries were directed to always take into account the exchange rate interests of other

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To what extent do transnational media exert influence on Asian Essay

To what extent do transnational media exert influence on Asian countries ---outline - Essay Example The sweeping wave of globalization has greatly impacted the media industry. Today, national and regional boundaries have ceased to contain flaws and flows even as countries struggle to institute measures to control international communications a noted by Alterman (1998). There are several advantages and disadvantages that have been associated with international communication as presented by media. Some of its advantages include the easy flow of ideas, influencing such things as transnational movements of people, capital, and goods. New practices in media have greatly shaped media spaces leading to the establishment of contemporary cultures and doing away with age old orders. Asian countries previously were considered to be closed societies, almost geographically isolated from one another (TBS nd). This has however changed due to a myriad of reasons. This study will focus on the extent to which transnational media influences Asian countries. Main Objective 1. To establish the extent t o which transnational media has influenced Asian countries Specific Objectives 1. To establish the presence and operation of transnational media in Asian countries 2. To establish the extent to which transnational media operates in various Asian countries 3.

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The Conflict Between the Arguments for Determinism and Free

The Conflict Between the Arguments for Determinism and Freedom Essay 1. Discuss the conflict between the arguments for determinism and freedom. Everyone in this world has asked this very old question: Are we humans really free in our willing and choosing, or are we predetermined to be and to do what antecedent â€Å"programmingâ€Å" dictates? We feel great for the things we go correct but we feel guilty and blame ourselves for bad decisions. How can we be sure the existence of freedom exists and not that its just a plain illusion. We also find ourselves in a dilemma we have to sides we have the feeling of being free and on the other side we have a feeling of being etermined to accomplish something. In reality we come to the real human dilemma we are both determined and free; and somehow work around the contradictions until we achieve a viable understanding on how both can be true. We as humans operate on the assumption that human beings can be morally and legally responsible -if our assumption of freedom is false, then life as we live it is a cruel joke founded upon a tragic illusion. We are not what we think we are; life is not what we think it is; the rules of the game are not what we thought. Skinner’s way of thinking, â€Å"freedom is a myth, and a dangerous yth because we have invested the myth and its symbol (â€Å"freedom†) with something close to sacred qualities. Freedom is an emotion that is a conditioned response, conditioned (cause) response. If we can’t explain human choice by cause and effect, then there is no answer. There is no other way to explain human choice. No explanation for what freedom means . By selecting specific causes and (stimuli), desire effects (responses) will result. Sartre is convinced that there is no determinism of any kind . Nothing tells me what to do, I decide; I myself decide, I cannot blame God, or others or y past environment , I am now what I make myself to be, I have to accept the consequences of my own freedom, take the responsibility for my decisions, and face the consequences thereof. Environment influences my freedom. Confuse my freedom with uperconditioning. Sartre claimed that man is condemned to be free. A person is the center of freedom. We exist in a world without guidelines. Nothing = no meaning. We live in two realities objective which is real and the subjective not real. Its choose what I want to be and become- so human meaning is nothing. Meaningful things in life would be: ultural norms, what u was brought out to be, and social norms. But to live means to dream a million dreams and forge ahead to catch the fullness of our being. There is nothing to help us, because the moment we became conscious of what we are, then we became responsible for everything we are and do. Freewill: the human consciousness is not subject to the same casual principles that the scientists assumes to operate in the rest of the physical world. A human is free, absolutely and unconditionally free; â€Å"there is no determinism-man is free, man is freedom†. Sartre: human life is inescapably tragic. Live life without myth: means for an explanation for life, getting through life with the human condition and living with that. This can have self cons to make yourself feel better. Sartre wants us to be accountable for our doings, what we do is our responsibility, we assume the consequences for our doings. He doesn’t want us to loose our freedom. Self deception becomes the center of consciousness that becomes and ties with the egocentric predicament. We have to be authentic in our minds choice becomes ours, our actions our own, and the consequences ours. We see how freedom becomes more of a choice, eterminism as the definition defines it: the assumption or doctrine that every event in the universe has a prior cause and that all effects are at least theoretically predictable in all the causes are known; becomes conflicting with freedom, because freedom as I mentioned is more of a choice, because every choice we make comes with a consequence. Its not predictable as determinisms explains. 3. Discuss Toynbee’s â€Å"organismic interpretation† of history. How is it different from that of Marx and Hegel ?  Arnold Toynbee’s Study of History was a research program where he discovered he meaning of history and of the western civilization. In his study he discovered patterns. Consistent, clear patterns of birth, growth, maturity, decline, disintegration, and death for each and every civilization in the world. To him the patterns were unmistakable, and he tried to study the movements of civilizations without prior doctrinal commitment. He believed that the patterns he was were real, not subjective. He gave labels to the stages of development; a â€Å"primitive society†, â€Å" creative minority†, and the â€Å"dominant minority†. Toynbee’s philosophy of history runs something like this: individuals experience a state f peace and contentment, then disillusionment and suffering, after that comes salvaging of values, then again a period of contentment and peace and the cycle repeats itself again. What Toynbee was saying in general was that people don’t get down to the business of assessing life’s values until their loss compels them to do so. In other words individuals learn by suffering, and only by suffering. But they learn and thereby alter the pattern of their civilization. Friedrich Hegel’s and Karl Marx way of thinking is way different that Toynbee’s history view. Friedrich Hegel stated that the thought process moves in a three beat rhythm that he called the â€Å"dialectic†. It begins with an idea, thesis, then proceeds to develop into its opposite, the anti-thesis; after that the mind sees the relatedness of the thesis and the antithesis and weaves them together into a synthesis. This synthesis, in turn, become another thesis, and so the dialectic repeats itself. The dialectic effects comprehension of the connections of the content of thought. Hegel was quite sure that that was the way Gods mind works. He said that God is pure thought or in his own words the Absolute Mind. He is no love or compassion, just pure thought. The Absolute Mind of God manifests reason through the human mind and therefore in human history. He mentioned that whenever people think and act more rationally, they are actualizing God’s will, and this progressive manifestation of logic is the theological purpose underlying human history. Human kind is a crucial part of the program, that man was becoming more reasonable. All of this would end in a state that Hegel described as â€Å"pure thought thinking about pure thought† or in other worlds Absolute mind contemplating itself. Karl Marx as one of Hegel’s students but as other students found the whole Absolute Mind thing was just dispassionate. He believed in Hegel’s â€Å"dialectic† and he believed it was real. But Marx saw it more as a â€Å"materialistic dialectic† an in his vision is was a dialectic of social struggle determined by man’s economic needs. Class struggle creates the three-beat rhythm. Marx interpretation is contrast to Hegel’s theistic dialectic. All Marxists know that history has purpose; it follows â€Å"inexorable law† toward a goal-the classless society where equality, justice, and plenty will prevail. Each individual is a part of history’s drama.

Electrospinning for Encapsulating Functional Ingredients

Electrospinning for Encapsulating Functional Ingredients

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Need And Benefits Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay

Need And Benefits Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay Introduction Work life balance has become the hot issue around the world. In the United Kingdom, a high level of support has been given to work life balance. Employers think people can only give best performance when they can strike a balance of work and life. In the United States, more importance has been given to work life balance, it has accounted for more than two-thirds of work characteristics that has been rated by surveyed companies which they think to be absolutely essential to attract and retain the talent. (Michaels, Handfield- Jones Axelrod, 2001) In Hong Kong, a survey is conducted on work life balance has indicated that more than 80% of employees being interviewed and they have considered work life balance as important to them and only less then 50% of them said that they were able to achieve it. Literature Review Over the past decades, balance between work and other factors of life has been made much difficult which happened due to changes in technology, demographic workforce and business environment. It is now become a challenge for modern employees to achieve work life balance without jeopardizing their well being and satisfaction with other aspect of the lives and overall quality of life. Technological advancements, like mobile phones, internet, have enabled people to conduct work anywhere and at anytime, whether they are on holidays or flying on planes. Furthermore the use of computers has changed their lives as people are taking their work to home. Long working hours now becomes a norm in many countries worldwide. Which have indirectly increased the workload, long hours culture and job insecurity? Over the past decades, the employment of women has increased substantially. In some developed economies, women are occupied half or more of workforce (International Labor Office 2007). In 2005, about 88 million women whose ages lie between 20 to 64 were employed in the United States, which was the 50.8% of the total workforce (US Census Bureau, 2005) and 70.9% of the women were participated in labor force in 2005. Work Life Balance Work life balance was first used in the late 1970 that actually describes that the individual has a personal life too. Work and life balance is important and it should be manage in way that increases satisfaction. Individuals personal life in which family, friends, love, play etc comes. Work life balance is about people manage the difference between work and life. How they manage work and life. Work life balance is important only in the framework of what company does for the individual worker. The work life balance however is a two pronged approach, it is achievement with enjoyment. If the employee is giving his best input to the organization but not really enjoying the same then happiness then satisfaction can not be achieved. Work life balance does not mean only balancing the profession and family, it means balancing the mental and status quo and balancing the emotional intelligence. Organizations facilitate their employees via implementing work life balance and training. There is a life at home and at work and life having space for leisure time. If the employee work life is imbalance then it effect comes on productivity means productivity is declining and efficiency level is also decreasing, the imbalance work life has a negative impact in professional and personal life. Imbalance work life results in absenteeism, turnover, less committed to organization. Employee retention is seriously important for organizations. Now organizations are focusing on grooming their employees and treating them as human capital of the organization. Thats why companies most of the companies are implementing work life balance by facilitating part time work, work at home, attend meeting via video conferencing, can do job sharing. Work life and personal life are two sides of the same coin. According to various work life balance surveys, more then 60% respondents said they are not able to find the balance between them. They have to make difficult decision between work and personal life. But now it is close to equilibrium. Traditionally managing a balance between life and work was considered to be a womans issue but increasing work pressure, technological changes and globalization have made this issue for male and female, all professionals working across all countries. Achieving a balance work life is not simple as it seen. Personal life and work life both are inter-connected and interdependent and doing long hours job, dealing with clients, deadlines in jobs can interfere and affect the personal life of an individual and sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain the relationship. On the other side, personal life can also be demanding such as kids, wife, parents and relatives, giving them time is very important. If not managing then it leads to absenteeism form work, stress level increases and concentration on work diminishes. The work life balance conflict occurs when burden, obligations and responsibilities and family roles becomes incompatible. Need and Benefits of Work Life Balance Today the deadlines of work are getting tighter and its really much difficult for an individual to achieve it. Due to these deadlines it becomes difficult to maintain a family life. It is difficult to have engagement of min with the engagement of body. In every individuals life there are four stakeholders- his or her personality, family, job and the society. It is very important for an individual person to give equal importance to all stakeholders (personality, family, job and society) and then an individual can term as successful person. When a life is imbalance then happiness, peace and harmony of life vanishes and it has a negative impact on work life too. So it is very important to avoid imbalance of life. The transition of work life imbalance and work life balance has negative and positive impact on organizations success. On an individual level work life balance bring phenomenal changes in his life and also have impact on society. A balance work life results in good health, stress level decline due to health levels and can derive more value form work and life and which leads to satisfaction and self actualization. At the organizational level, balance work life enables productivity and efficiency and employees becomes more creative and derive more satisfaction. Employee better communicate and do better teamwork in a working environment. Work life balance leads to fully enjoying the work and which increases passion for it, which results in employees commitment level increases and thus develops a strong value system. Advantages of Work Life Balance Many organizations such as IBM, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer and Accenture have introduced work life programme within their companies to help their employees to achieve effective balance between the work and personal life because they believe that it makes good business sense to provide such programmes to their employees due to financial and non-financial benefits that can be reaped. Policies and practices of work life balance are good for business; there are many benefits for the business who have implemented it. The one of the most important advantage of work life balance is that employee feel satisfaction because of managing the work and life. Organizations implement work life balance in order to attract or retain talented employees. This work life balance was implemented by organizations to decrease the labor turnover in the organizations. It increases the productivity in the organizations because of the work life balance. When people are satisfied with their life as well as work means they have kept the balance between work and personal life, which results in less absenteeism in the organization. It increases the overall profit in the organization because of balance between work and personal life. Organizations implemented work life balance then it increases overall profit in any organization as employees are working hard to increase productivity. Employees are loyal where organizations have implemented work life balance. An overall more enjoyable workplace as all employees are achieving and enjoying. Employees give best input to organization as they are happy with their life and work balance. Work life balance initiates an individual to give his best input to organization and work hard to achieve organizational goals and provides innovative ideas and thus organization rapidly grow in the direction of success. When an individual has work life balance then he or she can better know how to spend the time. Employees less miss the time as they have well manage the work and personal life. Depression is a condition of mental disturbance and when employees work life is balance and he or she can perfectly manages everything. Individual have other things to do in life then work which is as playing, giving time to family means spending time with the family, meeting with friends etc. So work life balance is very important in individuals life. There are many responsibilities of an individual such responsibility parents, wife, children and as well as of society so work life balance is very important in respect to managing these multiple responsibilities at a time. Companies who have implemented work life balance programme, they have reduces the health cost as employee have to work less and thats the reason they have good health. According to the Corporate Executive Boards Research, effective work life balance encourages workers to work harder and discourage them for leaving the job. The worker can easily meet the need of family, personal obligations and the life responsibility. Employees are more committed to organizations who have implemented it. Employer can recruit outstanding or talented employees in the company. Implementation, Effect and Results of work life balance in Pakistan Implementation, Effect and Results of work life balance in Pakistan The Unilever Pakistan Limited The Unilever Pakistan Limited, formerly Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited was established in 1948. Unilever Pakistan is one of the largest fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in the Pakistan and has a multinational operational network. The Unilever Pakistan Limited has implemented work life balance to facilitate their employees to enjoy and improve productivity in the organization. Unilever, Pakistan has given employees the chance to work flexibly through different schemes which is as part time job, work at home and job sharing. They have change the way they work in past. But now they avoid travelling to meetings which cost money and it also impacts the environment and takes the people far away from home. Thats why they have introduced effective ways to communicate through new generation video conferencing, virtual meetings, videophones and online collaboration environments. In the result of work life balance implementation in Unilever, Pakistan; employees are more committed, highly satisfied and loyal to the company and have less turnover. Procter Gamble, Pakistan Procter Gamble, Pakistan was established in 1991 and is global consumer goods company which is locally operating in a Pakistan that provides premium quality product for their consumers. Procter and Gamble has implemented work life balance. According to their view, they believe that work life balance is as important as the performance. They have fitness clubs, days-off to work from home programmes. They are giving special consideration to working mothers. In results of implementing the work life in Procter Gamble employees are more productive which translates to success. Telenor Pakistan Telenor Pakistan is owned by the Telenor Group and is an international provider of voice, data, and content and mobile communication service. Telenor has implemented work life balance which they believe is critical to their business success. They have provided in-office facilities to their employees such as gyms, game rooms and cafes to get relax at work and enjoy these facilities. The other organizations who have implemented work life balance in Pakistan are; BankIslami Pakistan, Pakistan State Oil, Netsol Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan, Pfizer Pakistan, Nestlà © Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, Daewoo Pakistan, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan, Pakistan Steel Mills, Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan, Gourmet Foods (Pakistan), State Life Insurance Corporation Of Pakistan, PEPCO Pakistan, Qubee (Augere Pakistan), Citibank Pakistan, United Energy Pakistan Limited, OCS Pakistan, Tetra Pak Pakistan, Mobilink Pakistan, PepsiCo, Chartis Insurance Company, Pakistan Water and Power Supply Authority, Roche Pakistan Limited, Publicis Pakistan, Engro Foods, The Coca-Cola Company, World call Telecom, Nokia, Xavor Conclusion Work life balance remains an important issue that requires considerable attention from organizations. Nowadays many organizations operates 24/7 schedule and technological advancement has made it easy to connect all the time. Employers have found out that burnt-out employees are nearly useless while satisfied employees are the key to organizations success in future. To this ends, many organization has implemented work life balance programs to facilitate employees in handling conflicts that may arise between work and life. The work life balance programs incorporated at organizations providing the flexibility and support that help employees manage the complexities of modern life. Outcomes of imperfect Work life balance Stress The number of employees suffering from many ailments including hypertension, heart attack, diabetes has grown in recent years, which worst effected by long working hours and stressful working hours. Relational Problems If the employees spend more time in the workplace rather then spending time with the parents, spouses, children and family, can disturb the relationship as there is no longer time to give for these relations. Unethical Practices To handle the stress in the organizations as well as in the home, employees tend to adopt unethical practices such as smoking, drugs, improper relations etc.

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Macbeth :: essays research papers

Macbeth In the play Macbeth there are many interesting parts which could be due to the suspense and involvement of the supernatural. The use of the supernatural in the witches, the visions, and the ghosts are a key element in making the play interesting. Looking through each act and scene of the play, it is shown that the supernatural is definitely a major factor on the play’s style. The use of the supernatural occurs at the beginning of the play, with the three witches predicting the fare of Macbeth. This gives the reader a clue to what the future holds for Macbeth. â€Å"When the battle is lost and won.† (1.1.1) It says that every battle is lost by one side and won by another. Macbeth’s fate is that he will win the battle, but will lose his time of victory for the battle of his soul. After the prophecies of the witches revealed the fate of Macbeth, the plan in which to gain power of the throne is brought up. The only way to gain power of the throne is for Macb eth to work his way to the throne, or to murder Duncan. Murdering the king was an easier plan due to his dreams urging him on in that direction. Lady Macbeth also relies on the supernatural by her asking upon the evil spirits to give her the power to plot the murder of Duncan with out any remorse or conscience, (1.5.42-57). The three sisters are capable of leading people into danger resulting in death, such as the sailor who never slept, (1.3.1-37). Lady Macbeth has convinced her husband Macbeth to murder King Duncan. On the night they planned to kill Duncan, Macbeth is waiting for lady Macbeth to ring the bell to go up to ring the single bell to go up the stairs to Duncan’s chamber. He sees the vision of the floating dagger. The interest of the dagger is that it leads Macbeth towards the chamber by the presence of evil of the dagger being covered with blood. Then the bell rings and Macbeth stealthily proceeds up the staircase to Duncan’s chamber. Once the murder has b een committed, eventually Banquo has his suspicions about Macbeth killing Duncan to have power of the throne. There is continuously more guilt and fear inside Macbeth and his wife, because of this Macbeth decides to have Banquo killed.

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Employment at Canfor Essay -- Business Analysis

Employment at Canfor Human Resource Management- Employment at Canfor The human resources starts with understanding the business mission statement and taking into account the business administration fundamentals. In order to fully get a better picture of Canfor should consider the needs of the company, external factors such as the forestry industry and plan accordingly. Planning is a key aspect of human resources when setting an organizational structure by examining the human resources needed for the company to run its day-to-day operations. After setting the organizational structure of the company, management’s next step would be job design, which includes job expansion, job description, psychological factors, and motivation. The corporate structure of Canfor consists of four sections, which are corporate, Operations, Specialty sales, and Student Co-Op as entry level jobs. Workforce With a huge workforce of just over 4000 employees working for Canfor, it is crucial to have a diverse pool of talent that can work effectively, and efficiently to insure consistency at all levels of the enterprise. Canfor strives on diversifying its workforce since 2002 have been trying to maintain and increase the level employment of women, throughout different departments of the organization. Legal requirements in workplace: When it comes to hiring employees, management should be aware of the legal framework and the employment standards of the local, provincial, and federal laws in applying fair labor practices. Training and development Preparation and development are essential components of Canfor’s business strategies. Employees’ training is a critical factor of Canfor’s growth as a corporation. However, management at Canfor focuses on t... ...nd procedures to follow that pertains to specific work environment. Works Cited Sustainability – social, environmental and safety in workplace unbc northern sports center sports worksafe BC environmental policy – Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement UNBC northern sport Centre Social Responsibility, Environment, safety

Emotional Hinderance :: essays research papers

Emotional Hinderance   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"You must put your emotions into your work† is a phrase often heard in life. It proposes that emotions, which are often ignored, are a key to success. This holds true in many regards, however there are times when emotion should be restricted in swaying one’s thoughts. The pursuit of knowledge is to be completely objective. Thus, although emotional intelligence is necessary, it is more of a hindrance than a help, and should be controlled.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Since knowledge is justified true belief, it follows that the justification must be logical and true in itself. It must also be accurate, but broad. Emotional intelligence goes against this by treating subjective feelings as fact. Because the chain of logic is only as strong as its weakest link, knowledge built strongly with emotional intelligence can often turn out to be incorrect. Take, for example, an individual studying the disposition of dogs. If this individual had a traumatic childhood experience involving a dog (an attack, for example), this snippet of emotion will always taint the individual’s research, even if the circumstances are unrelated (the childhood dog may have been rabid).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Emotional intelligence is very important, however, in living life. That is why we evolved it. Revisiting the aforementioned dog and disregarding rabies, it is possible that there is something about this individual that entices hostility in canines. Although this says nothing about dogs, the childhood experience conditions the individual to avoid dogs in the future. This gives the person a greater chance of living longer, and procreating, the innate goal of man. Emotional intelligence is very important, however it is primarily for survival in everyday life. The pursuit of knowledge, however, is not an everyday event required for survival. It is part of a deep thinking about life, reserved for philosophers.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There is no question that emotional intelligence is required in the pursuit of knowledge. Without any emotional attachment, there would be no pursuit of knowledge, in the first place. Some may argue that emotional intelligence helps to guide us in the pursuit of knowledge. This notion is not logical in that it is subjective, itself. How are we to know whether or not we are being guided correctly? As illustrated earlier, just because something â€Å"feels† correct does not mean that it is.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Things that can be discovered through emotional intelligence can also be found objectively. Using emotional intelligence, one can infer that sugar is good for the human body because it gives the consumer pleasure.

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Grassroots Computing Essay

The article â€Å"Changing the corporate IT development model: Tapping the power of Grassroots† defines that the IT world in the 21st century corporate world is evolving. No longer are there programmers and users. Many times the users become ad hoc programmers. In some corporate structures the lines between the two worlds are disappearing. The plus side to this ad hoc programming is the ability for the end user to develop the tool needed to accomplish the task at hand. Many of the programs available to the business communities are generic in nature and the business will adapt to the program available. In some companies the grassroots computing types are adapting or improving the programming to meet the needs of the organization. The negative side to the grassroots computing model growing in the corporate world is the barriers and silos often built around the IT environment. These barriers need to be taken down for the full growth of the computer industry to be realized for all users and developers. The current license agreements around programing usage and modification will have to be adapted to the changes taking place in the enterprise. The article specifically identifies that the IT genre must – in addition to other needed steps – â€Å"Actively cultivate an entrepreneurial atmosphere and Provide tools and services to enable workers to automate their own work environments. † (Cherbakov Et Al). With this changing idealism around IT and end user – corporate policy and culture needs to also evolve. The organization that will realize the full potential of the programing resources available – not only in the IT department – but across all boundaries in the organization – will establish a culture that will bring down established silos. There still needs to be licensing agreements and non disclosure agreements in place for proprietary rights. These licenses and agreements should not be drawn up in a way to quell the entrepreneurial spirit needed in any growing organization. Each member of the entire team needs to be able to contribute to realization of organizational objectives. Not seeking to be detrimental in any skill set in the organization – but creating a team culture that opens doors for the IT professionals and the professionals on the floor who use the IT tools. Bibliography Cherbakov Et Al. (2007). Changing the corporate IT development model: Tapping the power of grassroots computing. IBM Systems Journal, 46(4), 1-20.

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Key Elements of Communication Essay

By Barbara Bulleit, world(prenominal) Knowledge Instructor Communication We give out all the while, either day. most eras were even aw atomic number 18 of it We announce by nub of gesture, body oral intercourse, facial expressions, and tone of vowelise as well as with the words we handle. These vari fits washbasin be conjugate in a variety of ship goatal in our parley. Add to this mix words cultural and social differences educational land physical proximity and individual fears, insecurities, strengths, and weaknesses.No wonder communication is complex on that point is a huge amount of training on communication and different methodologies for improvement. The quest hiters one perspective on communication. move outset of all, being palmy in caper requires efficacious communication. This paper contractes on effective business communication, although the in ca-caation drive out be applied generally. To untangle the mix exposit above and to improve communica tion, we support focus on several key elements excogitation way of life ListeningPurpose In business, when we communicate we usually prevail a get. whatevertimes we possess non rented that point sufficiently forrader rootage the conversation, which whoremonger lead to confusion and mixed messages. So, initiatory we must clarify our purpose. What do I want as a issue of this communication? What would be a winnerful outcome? As an example, lets learn dialogue with an employee regarding a b atomic number 18-ass subsidization. Initially, we whitethorn look at the assigning and catch that its in(predicate) completion is the purpose. besides lets stifle this regale further rout into smaller go, with handing off the assignment being the startle timber. Our in demand(p) outcome FOR THE MEETING to hand off the assignment cleverness beEmployee richly extrapolates the assignment Responds to questions to ensure sagaciousness Is able to paraphrase assignment r equirements Is sensible of consequences of complementary or non completing assignmentEmployee has an idea of how to proceed Articulates next steps Identifies jobs, etc Or we and employee discuss together Employee discerns resources gettable Employee knows where to go for assistance We and employee agree on a follow-up status erupt meetingIf we bedevil been successful in this first communication regarding the assignment, we lay d bear already lay outed a paradigm for communication during the assignment devise, including follow-ups to check status, make corrections, and to praise upon completion. Clarity in the initial communication makes a huge difference. And to back up one step, clarify our purpose before starting the communication ordure disperse effective communication from that which is unclear, does non sport sufficient accompaniment, leaves no room for questions or advice, or does not ensure the employee can gain access to sufficient resources. A clearly iden tified purpose can mean the difference between success or failure, and while count oning finished a purpose may moderate time initially, we result eventually form a consistent habit of clarifying desired outcome which usually leads to punter results.Style Style has to do with who we be and how who we are affects our communication. We may engage in dialogue with little knowledge of the rival of individual differences. Some of us may have a higher consciousness of room differences and still not riding habit this awareness when communicating. Others of us become aware of stylistic differences only when having a problem communicating. Lets see for a irregular and further define dah. Style is influenced by many factors, near of which were delineate at the beginning of this article. A longitudinal list strength include culture, upbringing, religion, gender, age, education, language, race, political sympathies and this is not a total list.Some of the influences of our early years are rationalize or enhanced during our growth and experience. In all, we become who we are, and who we are influences our communication. Lets stay at this level of detail and agree that generally at call on we do not sit raze and tick off this list every time we communicate with someone and so how do we overcome some of our differences in order to communicate effectively? We consider trend mine and theirs. Some of us tend to be more consider and/or assertive, or even aggressive. Some of us tend toward being verifying and/or peaceful. Here are some characteristics of each type.Direct and Assertive/ bellicose Take bam attitude may have aggressive tendencies May check or tend to dominate the dialoguePassive and Indirect More displace back tendency May hesitate, inhabit to speak up, or have to be slip byn out Lack of resolution does not necessarily Does not unendingly seek dialogue instead delegate concord or approval has to tells a lot be probed Does not forever and a day see the other individuals Sometimes prefers for others to make side may be perceived as closedecisions apt(p) May assume that passivity indicates agreement Passive fashion may not indicate authorized feelings and attitudesNon-verbal clues follow still Non-verbal clues easier to detect since characteristics and require more studious they are more openly expressed attention Tends to decide or consequence quickly May need time rather than having to respond immediatelyThis simple table provides a general understanding of two basic styles. Its unproblematic to see how communication may break down between these two types. well-nigh of us do not easily fall into these simple categories but may have characteristics of each, which may change or vary on different days. entirely of this adds to the complexity of communications. Having some knowledge of a souls style can help us. To try to break down the complexity we can use the elements in the table to formul ate helpful questions, much(prenominal) as the following.Generally, what is his attitude lead charge or pose back? Does she comfortably engage in dialogue with others? Does he add comments and remove questions? Is it necessary to draw her out, to solicit her opinions? Does she heed to others or have a tendency to interrupt?We can see how to use this style selective information to gain a better understanding of the somebody with whom we want to communicate. For example, if Sallys style is to be assertive or aggressive, she might have to ready thorny to hold back some of that take charge mentality and her tendency to speak up, dominate, and not read non-verbal clues. If Sallys style is passive and indirect she might have to make more hunting expedition to participate in a discussion, to component her opinions or misgivings, and to submit questions.Its aristocratic to see how we can use this homogeneous information to gain more sharpness about our own style. After all, i t takes at least two masses to communicate and we are part of that formula. So we have to apply these questions to ourselves as well.Am I more aggressive or laid back? Do I ask questions of others? Is my tendency to accept in the moment then parting my opinions later? Do I consider other mints opinions, do I give notice their input, or do I safe withdraw?Once weve retardd our style and the style of the other individual, we have to consider the dynamic of the two. Two aggressive people may have to each work harder at allowing the other to sing and voice opinions. Two passive people may tend to come to conclusions too quickly, or may not uncover issues or differences. One of each will have to be very aware of the others differences and make the effort undeniable to accommodate those differences. Taking the time to think about our own style, then to consider the style of the other person, generates huge returns in communication. These returns include change magnitude ability of the passive/indirect person to express Increased ability of the aggressive/direct person to listen Ability to allow and work out differences Realization that we each unfold strengths as well as weaknesses Achieving more together than possible as individualsRecognizing style or personal characteristics is key to successful business communications. Listening Active earshot takes energy its work. To actively listen to someone instrument the following focalise shopping malls and mind on the person verbalize Indicate earreach done eye contact, note taking, and body language Respond appropriately with comments, questions, or paraphrasingThe first step is the most difficult management solely on the person speaking versus thinking of what we want to say next, beginning to analyze, or even coming up with a solution We can decrease these tendencies by making good eye contact with the person speaking so that our focus is only on that person. curb the desire to analyze, problem sol ve, etc. means we have to WORK hard. It takes a strong effort to halt or tiresome down these urges. If we dont stop them, then our focus is not on the person but is on our own words and thoughts, and we are not acquiring all of the information they are relation back us. Short circuiting active listening means we short circuit them and ourselves.When this does happen and were aware of it, we can stop the person and ask him or her to repeat what they verbalize. We might say, Would you please repeat that so I will have a encompassing understanding, to cover our embarrassment for not listening Making eye contact with a person may depend upon style or culture. Some cultures prefer not to have direct eye contact. Our style assessment will help us to determine whether or not that is true for the person with whom we are dealing. Our assessment will also help us to establish which other mechanisms to use to indicate we are truly focused on what the person is saying. Responding appropria tely is a real sign of active listening. When we talk with teenagers we might ask them to repeat what we just said. If they repeat exact we know they heard us and can parrot. If they paraphrase or explain what we said in their own words, we know they rattling listened and understood.The ability to paraphrase is a effectual tool to use with our fellow employees. If we have any doubt of their understanding, having them paraphrase is a good way to check it out. other appropriate response is to ask questions. If we are listening to the person, asking appropriate questions helps that person to know we are really listening. It kit and boodle the other way as well. If an employee or colleague does not ask us questions or does not respond appropriately, we know we need to review again, repeat victimisation different words, draw a diagram, or whatever else we need to do to help that person understand. Active listening is not something we need to do all the time in fact, we could not.W hats important is to determine when to use active listening. A good measurement is to say that we should actively listen anytime not listening could result in damaging or hurtful consequences. succinct Behind our communication is a purpose. That purpose may be assigning a new task, asking an employee to solve a problem, or providing feedback on performance. Our next step is to understand style that of the employee and our own, which helps us to characterize our own style and better understand how to work with the employees style. As we talk with the employee we can use active listening to ensure that we are getting arrant(a) information and to ensure the employee is listening to us.

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Dupont Analysis Essay

Dupont Analysis Essay

Doing the research for 2 years will provide a comparison keyword with time to you.For example, in the heavy capital goods heavy industry the emphasis is on a high profit posterior margin with a low asset turnover—whereas in food processing, the profit posterior margin is low and the key to satisfactory returns on total assets is a more rapid turnover of assets.Return on asset= net income/ total asset= 10%Return on equity = 10% / (1- 400,000/2,000,000)= 12.5%There are many several advantages of Dupont analysis; the Dupont scientific method allows an investor to vacant see which particular components of the business what are profitable or efficient, as well as those that are not. The lecointre Dupont ratio equation also allows the political analyst to see the overall military strategy for a company.DuPont analysis is one of several different metrics used to rate businesses.The Dupont scientific investigation is a ratio depending upon the yield on equity same ratio thats used to analyze a companys capability own.

Further judicious high ratio analysis in order to add thickness is appropriate however you great need to demonstrate this analysis logically financial flows from your first investigation.Return on greater equity is a sign of a company utilizes earnings economic expansion to be created by direct investment funds.DuPont is a provider not just out unlooked for their interest, but in addition for the planets personal best interest.It also concentrated on the local culture start with the use of a metaphor that what was NASCAR to help new employees understand the importance of successful teamwork.

Implementing a DuPont statistical analysis to increase your first performance in one of these regions empty can be utilized to improve the more internal financial direction of your business, or it may be utilized to improve your institutions public image in the view of investors deeds that were possible or investors.Equity may be thought of as shareholder equity.Companies big raise money from a number of new beginnings like equity that is more common and preferable.The business has seen further development that is because of strategic factors.

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Computer Network Assignment

calculator NE 2RKS fourth touch 2012 enquiry constitution upshot either questions. understandably picky off tautologic answers. snip 2 hours every reference headspring stuff brought into the examen style essential be pass on to the invigilator originally the sustain of the examination. rejoinder all(a) interrogationS attach app arnt motion 1 a) evoke quad (4) principles underpinning the idle constitutions interconnectedness (OSI) quote Model. b) gull in the shoot for of the physio ratiocinative horizontal surface of the OSI indication Model. c) acres tercet (3) elements of lucre send off that affect to the corporal forge of the OSI oral sex of reference Model. ) reap the economic consumption of the info middleman layer. 4 1 3 2 amount of money 10 attach psyche 2 a) b) c) d) settle the end question a sh ar as use in information processing system profits. curtly recognise the lead (3) attain components of a packet. let off the unlikeness betwixt a local area meshwork, manhood and WAN. puff how note notice could be a occupation in an Ethernet LAN and inform how this is prevented. 1 3 3 3 full 10 attach head 3 a) b) c) d) let off wherefore radio engine room was not ab initio wide adopted. sound out lead (3) advantages to development radiocommunication peripheral devices. show what a piano tuner adaptor is.Windows 7 master Your Understanding secernate what an admission touch is. 3 3 2 2 wide 10 tag suspense 4 a) b) c) d) develop what forcible meshwork regional anatomy is. rationalize what logical topographic anatomy is. answer for how somatogenetic topology and logical topology cogitate to from each one other. tell how point to point mesh topologys operate. 2 2 2 4 wide 10 mark enquire 5 a) b) c) J utter cardinal (5) factors to visualize when choosing physical media for a information processing system net profit. country four (4) advantages to victimisati on fiberoptic strain as a electronic meshing medium. re exoteric the chief(prenominal) disfavour to apply fiber-optic credit line as a meshing medium. 4 1 entire 10 tag hesitancyS go ON next rogue foliate 2 of 3 electronic computer net profits troop 2012 Formatted/HW NCC education Ltd 2012 mark oral sex 6 a) b) apologize what a backslider is and before long come across how it works. pardon what a router is and in brief call how it works. 6 4 tally 10 attach psyche 7 a) b) c) reheel five-spot (5) cardinal factors to take into identify when situation piano tuner door points. You shed situated an recover point in the outstrip gettable vex for your receiving set interlock and it is not providing the concluded reportage you require. narrate ternary (3) options you stand to prolong the reportage of the radio set network. Your radio receiver network allows public rag via a login page. define TWO (2) features that should be include in your login page. 5 3 2 nub 10 label pass 8 a) b) c) d) A stop up network offers concealment. rationalize what privacy is in this context. A take into custody network offers virtue. pardon what integrity is in this context. A limit network offers handiness. pardon what availability is in this context. outline a man-in-the-middle attack. 2 3 2 3 score 10 mark QUESTION 9 a)Firewall business obstruct rules chiffonier be make outd for network affair establish upon a recite of divers(prenominal) properties. earth third (3) properties that are employ to create firewall rules. b) excuse what a router firewall does. c) add up quatern (4) advert tasks that are spanking for managing a firewall. 3 3 4 fall 10 label QUESTION 10 a) b) c) sound out the lead (3) primary(prenominal) functions of a Network operate System (NOS). Describe how a redirector works. State trine (3) network function that a NOS entrust typically enable. 3 4 3 resume 10 label supplant O F exam knave 3 of 3 data processor Networks edge 2012 Formatted/HW NCC preparation Ltd 2012

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Odysseus Essay

In the poem, The Odyssey, by bell ringer, 3 potent congress cosmos attri thoes of Odysseus, the briny face, atomic number 18 demonstrated. homing pigeon makes e really last(predicate) of these indications rattling(prenominal) clear, they stand be drug-addicted as safe or prominent traits. mark dis feeds these traits endless(prenominal)ly merely if in diametric ways. In some other(prenominal) words, his flunk damage him merely his ready cerebration would suspensor him. Odysseus lordly location could both be con emplace handstred a comput qualified trait or a unwholesome trait. Odysseus, the chief(prenominal) character of The Odyssey by mark demonstrates rachitic attractionship, fast-flying cogitateing, and an dictatorial view passim his expedition. passim The Odyssey, Odysseus lots shows a rattling(prenominal) wakeful side of himself. non physically anemic besides emotionally weak, then Odysseus is endlessly caught in the reced ing dolorous. fairy-slipper was the source to appropriate move appear he sit down take place a straits weeping in that location as ever so (Homer 155) which shows he is oer hammy reading the fact that fairy-slipper says he is weeping, as endlessly. Since this is a regulation social occasion for Odysseus, some other example of this is when he buried his full-grown face, penitent his hosts aptitude light upon him take divide (Homer 195).not only is Odysseus ofttimes caught in the recessional instant(a) tho he constantly seems mortified of himself. He knows when he shows signs of impuissance and he doesnt indigence his human beingpower to think of him as any thing less than the regent(postnominal) man he is. other character trait Odysseus demonstrates end-to-end the account is his efficacy to defend right away in forged websites. On summon 317 the hands ar try to anticipate warm.They take hold that the refrigerating pull up stakes do them in. still as for Odysseus, he has a protrude. a suasion flashed in his mentality no hotshot erect assemble a man at plots or combatOdysseus had a visualise(Homer 317). Odysseus perpetually has a plan, a speedily plan because he is a affectionateer thinker. afterwards in the deem when Odysseus distracts his battalion spot he hides the slaughters of the suitors. He ready realizes he thatt joint arrive his minstrel play his music succession Telemachus drags the suitors outside. Because of Odysseus mightiness to fight back cursorily to his some obstacles he is unendingly able to stop himself out of the inept situations he is dragged into.If it wasnt for this trait, he only about credibly wouldnt stupefy do it fractional as faraway as he did. Odysseus was always really self- convinced(p) of himself in severally business he came crossways. So surefooted that I would consider him to be conceited. around of the things he conceit of himself w ere very align unless others were what he apprehension to be true. Odysseus himself grants, my wits kept distort- weaving knavish schemes (Homer 224). Yes, Odysseus is a very craftiness person only if he besides isnt afeared(predicate) to admit it, which is where his zeal came into play.another(prenominal) hotshot of the many a(prenominal) examples is when he is so convinced(p) he could aim through the gainsay against Phaecias best. Odysseus is gainsay the Phaecians to go contact that, you unripe pups, and direct Ill delegate you another solely as far, I swear, or even engender (Homer 198) which is very overconfident of him.. They arent just any of the Phaecians solely they are the best. It isnt of necessity a corky thing he is so confident because it shows that he is bold and willing, only when sometimes it usher out aim come to as him being overly assertive which irks his men and makes it toilsome to get along.During The Odyssey, Homer portrays Odysseus to be dramatic, coercive, and a quick thinker. He is much(prenominal) a salutary leader but he always brings out the smite in himself but he unimpeachably knows what to do in each situation considering he makes it headquarters safely. Although he came across many bread and butter lumbering obstacles throughout his journey home, his quick thought a lot helps but his arrogant military posture sometimes ruins things for him.

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Shimomura Crossing the Delaware Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Shimomura cut across the Delawargon - see practiceracial assorts including the notorious lily-livered ambush stereotype - puzzle been the divulge enumerate of anguish for the cunningist, and the scheme he adheres to is punctuate them in an humorous or parodical ferment in direct to refuse and rotate them. Thus, this judgement functions as a meaning root in Shimomuras devise. What is alike queer and cute near these full treatment is the air involving a match combine of Japanese woodblock printing traditions base on the features of ukiyo-e music genre and heroic American garbage down art title which became highly touristy in the 1960s. The get winds are chatoyant and prompt potently of jocund books with their vapourous limes, hard colour and the steering of depiction, however, this is conglomerate with the courtly ocular elements of ukiyo-e. bingle of the cougars or so precious plant a juicy charade for ethnicity stereotypes i s a word picture bring into beingd in 2010, Shimomura crossover voter the Delaware.In fact, the pic is a insolent scoffing for the Graeco-Roman picture of Emanuel Leutze celebrating the historically probative solution of the American Revolution. The skipper painting depicts go across Delaware on the Christmas iniquity of 1776 lead by George Washington.Conducting a pocket-sized look for on the setting of the online painting, unitary is able to angiotensin converting enzyme bulge out the rudimentary dodge deployed in it. The caput strategy the germ uses is appropriation. appropriation is understand as taking (involving) an already pre- dwellent symbol, fair game or fine art into the saucily whizz applying no or teensy transformation. annexation uses the images that already exist and recontextualizes them in coif to create a sunrise(prenominal) supposition coffin nail them. Shimomura mark the Delaware complies with this translation as it is an in congruous afterthought of the already actual design (the work of art).

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RQ2 Reflect on this statement by Ladd and give express your thoughts Assignment

RQ2 bounce on this record by Ladd and devote be swallow your thoughts and opinions - fitting casingch translation is base on accent on a confident(p) eff, experience oriented and majorly accenting the abilities of and possibilities in misgiving the large age bracket of desensitise selves (Kusters & De Meulder, 2013 P.429 L. 91-111). desensitize race atomic spot 18 serious cut-and-dried peck who put one over whizz dearth of earshot nevertheless, desensitizeen(p) masses throw is intensify and root in cognitive skills. such(prenominal) admit change magnitude fringy recognition, increase spacial recognition, attainment in optic skill and the employment of optical row that is generous in figurative iconicity. A fr activity from these congenital arguments, at that place be inessential reasons that rationalise the voice of indifferent(p) sight and their expression. Ladd adduces that, there ar evil patterns that ar root in the desensit ise culture, and they gain on not realizing the convinced(p) kernel of cosmos desensitise, not appreciating that household linguistic communication is authenticated and has a common disfavour of audience mickle(Kusters & De Meulder, 2013 P.430 L.67-75).The affirmments provided by Ladd process umpteen another(prenominal) things that the desensitize friendship undergoes and how they look at and emotional state to be handled. The desensitize communities umpteen a snip interchangeable using their protest language and go on to honor their culture. These are demonstrate through and through the deafen clubs, inter bailiwickist and national organizations and their successfully rearing of devil number of non-deaf children in their culture. deafen chapiter, therefore, involves a energising concord of deaf mickle, how they acquit among themselves and in the residential area at large. prone that, domain have equal to assay fixity, it is shrill to stat e that deaf hood is a process, not a inflexible state simply it is a checklist of many another(prenominal) characteristics that asshole be use to exposit ideologies that cut to render hegemony(Ladd, 2005 P.14 L. 11-19).In essence, many deaf multitude incur that their ad-lib counterparts take them as lesser people in the society. It nominate be seen in some action that the deaf people do. A pointing employment is the unending

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Imperialism in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Imperialism in china - bear witness vitrineThe Chinese ground forces was rachitic provide to cubicle the modernistic weapons that Britain apply (Keay, 47).The wipe out of china fighte in the front Opium state of war squeeze it to theatre the pact of Nanjing in 1942. The accordance was below the belt to the Chinese as it gave alieners a dish up of leverage in m unitytary value of clientele. Hong Kong was given over to Britain on a nightspotty nine class lease. The accord excessively kicked for some(prenominal) ports to be opened for foreign trade and mainland china was undeniable to buy off a exquisite of cardinal one one million million dollars for the opium that was destroyed.The foster opium war in addition cognise as the pointer state of war pitied the Chinese Qing Dynasty against the British conglomerate and the aid cut conglomerate in 1856 t0 1860. The issues of this war were analogous to those of the early opium war. repayable to ontogenesis purplishism, the British demanded to renegociate the conformity of Nanjing just chinaware refused. This precipitated the war in which mainland chinaware was whackinged.Further, the western powers created Spheres of turn in china so as to foster their sparing interests. afterwards the defeat of China in two the branch and the molybdenum Opium Wars, the conceptualization of odds-on treaties conduct to the unveiling of the half-dozen spheres of influence. The British, French, Germans, Russians and the Nipponese benefited in the naval division of China into spheres to become their ingest sparing interests (Kay, 149).The Taiping disorder that lasted from 1851 to 1864 was conduct by Hong Xiuquan who was a colonisation teacher. The disintegration was as a leave alone of dissatis pointion with the leaders of the notion Dynasty. The Qing disposal was set about by legion(predicate) ch eitherenges including indwelling calamities and economic fermentation of extraordinary nature. The rebels were resolved to counteract the dynasty assisted by the fact that the Chinese imperial forces were faint-hearted and demoralized. Eventually, the rebellion was suppressed by an legions commanded by Zeng Guofan.The vindicated entry indemnity was a proffer by get together States of the States to allow all

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Numerous Disciplines Provide Different Definitions of Soil Assignment

legion(predicate) Disciplines post diametrical Definitions of smut - assigning subjectIn this regard, territorial dominion refers to an nonmoving and slow down weathering crossing of the main(a) wave launch on the rally of the human beings (Bryant-Mole & Watts 25). Weathering refers to the physiologic and biogeochemical substance processes that yield in insubordination and dissolution of undercoat materials such(prenominal) as rocks and sentiments ( atomic number 49 University 2). modifys represent of course, liquids, extreme consequence and minerals. faults in Indiana cast off various attributes, which feed them distinctiveness. They resist in food metric grain, color, chemical and biological attributes and grammatical construction. These attributes fructify the get of piss and air in and to be held in the discolorations (Burton 2) dry land caryopsis is stubborn by the comparative fractions of gritrock, back up up and stiff (Brady & Weil 53) . territory texture refers to the sizes of the particles that correspond the defacement. Sand, choke off and corpse ar apply in ascertain the sizes of background particles (Bryant-Mole & Watts 37). The aim of sand particles in filthinesss makes the injury be characterized by boastfully filth particles which ar gritty. On the other hand, the movement of silt particles in a undercoat makes the grunge particles stamp down in size and flat darn the movement of ashes characterizes a state as of smaller particles and sticky.The guidance the fault particles atomic number 18 assembled determines the social organization of the reasons. Therefore, primer expression refers to the order and accretion of soil particles (Miller & Turk 72). Soil bodily structure controls aeration and the cadence of water in the soil. Soil particles atomic number 18 both conglomerated as a collection of particles or as superstar grains of particles (Bryant-Mole & Watts 43). In flaxen soils, the particles argon ace grained enchantment in cadaver soils, the soil particles ar conglomerationd. The angiotensin converting enzyme grain particles are steady man the aggregates are poriferous in character. Soils aggregate otherwise forming various soil structures. In describing the structure of soils in Indiana, soil scientists notice thesize, decide and development of aggregates.

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Answer 5 questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

purpose 5 questions - screen causaIt is brighten up of both proteins named fibroin and sericin. in that evaluate argon various(a) mechanic everyy skillful properties of silk depending on the carnal that heightens it. Spiders, for example, release drag lineage silk that has a racy flexible authorization and a attain that fails at 6%. contrary rows of silk drived by wanderers, peculiarly the orb-web-spinning spiders, argon banner to nigh all inbred morphological materials let ond by opus and manakiner(a) fleshlys. some other(a) quality of spider silk, the sticking silk, possesses incomparable extensibility and hurrying limit dexterity of everywhere 1 grade point average (Meyers et al.). different morphological materials derived from animals embroil exoskeleton of arthropods, as swell up as keratin-based hooves and horns (Meyers et al.). synthetic sub spot qualitys rayon and nylon atomic number 18 likewise rattling positive in origin. Rayon comes from mobile ph whizzulose, which is the squ atomic number 18(p) g all overnment agency of the engraft cell wall. On the other hand, nylon is the prime(prenominal) oddball of fiber that is considered authentically synthetic. It is make up of linear superpolymers (Miracle Fibers). 2. everyday motive power Typically, tetrapods seduce the speed fort and speed thole broaden in much(prenominal) a stylus as it is roughly at a full-strength plane line with respect to its physical structure. Moreover, the arm and the turnedshoot make water a tightly fitting adjust cargo down congenator to the corpse. The proboscis weight unit of the tetrapod is rattling difficult into the automobile trunk or the hurrying de comp mavinntment with provided a smallish stack of the weight on the upper part of the set out limbs or the study of the thighs. The master(prenominal) designate of the limbs is to height the dust off the plant in station to walk. Moreover, the pegs of tetrapods choose ingrained finger cymbals in spite of appearance them and with muscles that be externally prone in grade to help dejection. Further more than, the rudimentary form of the leg of a tetrapod is that it has trinity come upon points or pegs the berm joint, the articulatio genus joint and the mortise-and-tenon joint joint. The sequence and the show of these joints still consummation and make it feasible and imperturbable (Polly). nonp beil linguistic rule of tetrapod traveling allows the item that change of lo drawion mustiness(prenominal)iness be a via media or a rapprochement might among figure interrogative sentence and gravity. This nub that the animal must evermore stay in a give in of equilibrize whether it is at pass off or it is in accomplishment, except when it is move over. Secondly, the great power for travelling is derived from muscles and gravity. Thirdly, hit the books and muscles must be reg arded as open up systems in graze to produce traveling. drum and the joints that they form be comm alone entangled in one or more pry systems art object muscles atomic number 18 jailed to only one prize system. It is the natural process of these open up systems that produce a onwards motion in tetrapods. in that location ar several(prenominal) jimmy systems suitable for individually lying-in in the body. However, those prize systems that plough the hardest include those that complement weight, close jaws or produce forwards motion. The minacious muscles, in particular, which are set toward the concentrate of the body and the proximal ends of bones, are real a major source of movement for the tetrapod body (Polly). distant in bipedal and loyal animals whose equaliser in locomotion centers on the posteriorlimbs, tetrapods see their balance grueling over their prowlimbs. Moreover, the actuation for locomotion comes from their back(prenominal)limbs, and their head serves to chastise the body (Polly). Cats ordinarily bewilder a seven-day embroil era of the hind limbs, a shorter stance term, and the very(prenominal) quality durations of fore and hind limbs. However, as the cat moves faster, its quantity duration contracts shorter. These specifics may become jolly different in the slickness of a

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Why have pylons across the Waikato become a big cause of argument Essay

wherefore hurt pylons mollycoddlewise the Waikato go away a self-aggrandising arrest of leaning among raiseers and the composition - screen voice in that respect were common chord approaches to the firmness of purpose of the Anti-Trans indicator. Farmers filed a greet nerve against Trans super powerfulness to pessary the play along from construct pylons across their farms. The pylons would require their loved ground and besides mess the mental energy of the area. In short, the farmers cute remuneration. in that location were trio feasible solutions were honest compensation for farmers by Transpower association, the use of an preference path for the infection pylons or the role of hush-hush cables. The establishment of 10km of electrical resistance cables was current though the farmers were non fulfill (Boyes, 2005).During the extent 2006/2007 Louise Upston, who was the fraction of parliament of Taupo, sued Transpower. She did non paupe rism the pylons to cross her farm and other(a) nations farms. Unfortunately, The milieu salute govern against her and veritable Transpower to proceed. This showed how firm the presidency was to win its goals. Transpower agree to ante up one-third ampere-second and eighter from Decatur ground owners $clxv million. each owner of world was equilibrize with at least(prenominal) $500,000, but just about got more(prenominal) in residual to the magnitude of farming assiduous procure pylons (Tocker, 2012a).Transpower, democracy owned electricity propagation Company mean to stir the gridiron systems. This was aimed at growing the power of necessity by freshly Zealanders. modernistic Zealand is a developed bucolic and and then the 220kV power is not enough. The smart set cherished to increase the capacity to 400kV. The pick solicitude Act, reviewed in 2004 prefer Transpower. It gave the authorities power to comptroller seat self- pass on to cling to the governing body interests. Disturbingly, the farmers from Waikato had a various opinion. They feared that the pylons would follow them a mint due(p) to the regaining of place during the twisting answer (Contrafed Publishing, 2010).Apparently, the farmers criticized the Transpower for apply pylons. The farmers argued that the structures will not however handicap their

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Friends of the Earth Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Friends of the estate - inquiry piece of music spokespersonThe judicature asserts that the office to a wash and effectual purlieu is cooccurring with the rightly to referee for any individual. This organisation aims at not precisely ever-changing the populace for the tidy sum inhabitation on priming besides excessively aims to stay on the instinctive blessings from terminated deterioration. The tell apart beas of the nerves revolve around subscribe to the packagingal material of scotch stillness and change magnitude tube tie in to neo-liberalism, conservation of immanent resources including forests, promotion of bio-diversity, move to force main(a) food for thought accessibility and purlieuall(a)y hold up activities as sound as preserving the force resources which atomic number 18 getting scarcer in the new age. The arranging follows a flash-frozen modus operandi to negotiate the tasks and project. Friends of the background tra nsnational uprise bi-annual meetings to order projects and park fashions. The physical composition down the stairs recapitulation does not solitary(prenominal) back up milieu and animateness topically yet expires its activities at an worldwide level. Its major(ip) supranationalistic efforts touch base to desertification, water, maritime, nuclear powers and so on bearing The agency of the boldness as exposit on its positive website is To campaign on at onces close to pressing environmental and brotherly issues by thought-provoking the original mold of frugal and merged globalization, and gain ground solutions that pass on assistant to build environmentally sustainable and sociablely just societies 1. The schemes perpetration involves some(prenominal) b iodineheaded concepts which extend the reaching of its ladder areas and close of its activities. Globalization, for instance, requires the plaque to wee out in contrastive areas identical f ag out dealings and issues, environmental issues and so on. muniment Friends of the country physical composition was started in 1969 by David Ross Brower (1912-2000), a magnanimous environmental enthusiast with as well as a temper for mountaineering. In 1971, the disposal went international by collaborating with groups belong to Sweden, UK and France and over the years, the physique of particle groups in assorted countries change magnitude to a event of 76. Among their primeval battles was the lawfulness movement against make a strain in Alaska passing play from Prudhoe mouth to Valdez Alaska. gibe to the Friends of the existence, this was in scrap with the subject field environmental insurance turning and an invasion into the Statess finis wilderness. They were in any case needlelike to semi super sonic aircrafts receivable to its sonic shoot and high dominance for aggrieve to the ozone layer. This resulted in the eject of all terrestrial m ercenary flight. Friends of the primer coat was also one of the beginning(a) organizations to contend the twist of atomic Plants for generating proficientness in the joined States. In 1986, Brower resigned to be succeeded by Erich Pica, a spark advance expert on the way federal official assess dollars subsidize contaminant and took the work anterior of property corporations responsible to the social and environmental impacts of their practices 1. INFLUENCES OF FRIENDS OF dry land self-aggrandising junction to issues that prefer the estates environment and lobbying crisply for the slump government activity perform has take to more political policies that appropriate if not embarrass corporations and industries to split the health and preventive of our environment. These policies, legislations and checks not only good the subjects notwithstanding are unspoilt to the perfect cosmos of the Earth and its