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Little Words, Big Ideas free essay sample

My first diary was blue with a Hello Kitty on the front. I’d carry it everywhere with a little yellow pencil, filling the blue pages with big letters and small ideas. Each year, as my thoughts and observations grew, so did my journal. Now my journals are 60-page documents on the computer with small font and big ideas. Throughout my life, poems would wake me up in the middle of the night. They would float into my head during car rides or while waiting in line. I would scribble them on post-it notes, the margins of my homework, and even napkins. The quiet tapping of my fingers on the keyboard meant early Sunday morning has arrived. Writing was such an intrinsic part of my life that I never realized my interest was unique and my work could be worth sharing. I performed my first slam poem called â€Å"No Talent† at a summer camp talent show last summer. We will write a custom essay sample on Little Words, Big Ideas or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In it, I tried to convey my restless frustration with both my slow results of my activism and my attempt to embody poetic sophistication and talent. My eyes were glued to the paper in my shaking hands as I nervously opened my heart to the audience. When I finished, a stunned three seconds of silence was broken by an explosive standing ovation. When I performed â€Å"Consent,† another poem of mine, in front of my ASB class, there was another storm of cheers, applause, hugs, and even tears. After my abuela died, I wrote â€Å"Pennies in Heaven† about her childhood dancing in the streets of San Salvador for coins. It made my mother cry. Writing is the enchanting forest of which I’m the adventurous child. Through poetry I’ve explored and discovered my voice as a human on Earth. There is nothing like hearing â€Å"Elise, you inspire me so much† after sharing a poem. There is nothing like writing.

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The Alibaba Company Strategy

Introduction A strategy direction is an overall plan for deploying organizational resources with a view of establishing a favorable business position. It shows a company’s awareness of its competitors. Attracting and retaining customers is the ultimate goal of strategic management in the achievement of economies of scale.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Alibaba Company’s Strategy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More A number of factors that include the company’s structure, competitive position of the organization, current policies, and functional processes play a crucial role in determining the viability of strategies that need to be implemented in the business. However, such factors have to be evaluated profoundly according to the recommendations for execution of the strategies. The Alibaba Company is an online marketing business that bridges wholesalers and retailers all over the world. A r obust online marketing strategy is the sole determinant of the company’s success. Innovation requires establishment of a stable and competitive position in the ever-dynamic online business. This essay critically discusses the interplay of the abovementioned factors with a view of highlighting apt ways implementing the strategic recommendations. Recommendations for the Management of the Alibaba Company To remain abreast with modern business activities that are driven by unpredictable technology, the Alibaba Company is recommended to invest in innovation, web-based customer services, employee training, and electronic human resource (EHR) systems. A vast application of information technology in present-day business has become a norm in modern organizations. The Alibaba Company is faced with a challenge of handling a million inquiries from its enormous customer pool worldwide. Establishment of a web-based customer support forum will not only handle common customer questions at a time but will also minimize communication costs that are incurred by the company and its customers.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Frequent questions that pertain to the location of the business, working hours and types of services and products will be answered via the web easily rather than making calls to the individual customers. Secondly, the Alibaba Company has an enormous employee population. Workforce issues form an integral part of human resource roles. With this high number of employees in different countries globally, it has become an enormous problem for the human resource managers to handle individual cases. Therefore, there is a need to establish electronic human resource services in the company to handle cases that arise from the infinite number of employees. The implementation of a web-based human resource site that allows employees to report working hours, t ax withholding options, and beneficiary services, among other responsibilities will be an efficient method of minimizing the operational costs of the company. At the Alibaba Company, employees have to send a request for change through the central human resource office and remain hopeful that it will be considered. This situation has created an obstacle to the employees since most of them do not understand the manipulation of taxes and payrolls. Therefore, designing a user-friendly tool that allows individual employees to input most of the information in a computer interface creates an immense workload relief to the human resource staff. This situation creates more time for the HR department to provide a quality response to the customer needs; hence, the employees remain motivated. There is also a need to train employees on self-management skills to minimize unnecessary consultations that can lead to time wastage within the organization. This situation will also reduce instances of a uthorizations that direct report managers have to approve. As a result, redundancy of the HR activities will be lightened.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Alibaba Company’s Strategy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Changing the office of the HR manager to a portal is the primary objective of this strategic recommendation. Today, many firms provide universal access to HR services using technology and web-based applications. This situation has radically changed the practice of human resource management. These changes often result from the need to cut costs, expand, and improve services. Organizations that adopt refined HR technology tools outperform those that do not. Therefore, implementation of this recommendation is paramount to the success the Alibaba Company. It will help the HR to change the business operations of the company. It will also cut unnecessary costs. Moreover, the Alibaba Company shoul d document transaction records using various means such as hand-written books, physical storage vaults, electronic, and/or online data recording avenues. These methods of storage will result in increased savings since the time for reviewing and approving manual records will be reduced significantly. For instance, in case operators make mistakes during data entry, electronic systems will prompt them to make real-time corrections to prevent adverse effects on company data. Functional Policies that Favor Implementation of Strategic Recommendations Functional policies are a set of standardized guidelines or procedures meant to guide an organization’s workforce on proper ways to provide products and services. It is the sole responsibility of management to outline these procedures, especially for an international business and ensure their strict adherence for the business to remain competitive and operational. Standardization ensures stability of the company’s capital activi ties and fosters productive relationships of employees. A careful study of the Alibaba Company reveals that there is a need for the management to redefine its structure to keep its workforce abreast with the dynamic environmental and technological changes in the modern regardless of the functional rules in place.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The management will need to standardize its processes by preparing precise instructions for the employees to ensure efficiency and proper organization of the business. Some of these directions include proper analysis of all business operations of the Alibaba Company, preparing the company for change, process monitoring, developing a plan for streamlining and formalizing the company processes, and identifying the company’s weaknesses in effectiveness and performance. Change management is necessary as it handles human behavior and attitudes, some of which hamper the success of projects due to a tendency to resist change. On the other hand, process management involves specific tasks executed by the company’s workforce and systems in a guided way to attain specified objectives or results. The marketing strategy recommendation forms an integral part of the Alibaba Company. Senior managers in the company need to understand the importance of inculcating an innovative culture. This situation can be achieved by engaging key decision-makers, marketing managers in fundamental marketing functions of the company, such as strategy formulation. It is important to engage managers in strategy formulation to ensure smooth implementation of changes in the organization. This situation reduces chances of resistance. There is a need to ensure respectable personal interactions between senior managers and departmental managers. Therefore, removing organizational communication hurdles can fruitfully encourage mutual consultations among management. In the prevalence of technological dynamism, creating a room for rapid and timely flow of information is inevitably important. As an online-based business, the Alibaba Company must ensure fast communication processes. It is also important for the company to delegate authority to marketing managers as this move enhances flexibility to adapt to changes. The senior management should create a favorable atmosphere of innovativeness, responsiveness, and openness. The strategy of empowering the marketing manager is very effective. It ensures the development of personal values and interpersonal relationships. This situation encourages them to engage other stakeholder firms actively. The ultimate goal of authority delegation to marketing managers is provision of support to innovative practices in the organization. Fostering interactions amongst different management levels fosters commitment and trust. The marketing department of this company will explore ways of remaining knowledgeable of the latest market trends through conducting a market survey over the internet. The information gathered will be weighed against the current position of the organization. This survey will entail new trends such as social media marketing and advertising, brand recognition, and company’s growth rate against competitors, among other market-related variables. The company will also look into its current position concerning techn ological changes. In the advent of online marketing, which has been adopted by many business organizations, the management cannot relent on keeping abreast with the latest online marketing practices. The management of the Alibaba Company has recommended training its Information Technology (IT) department to keep pace with technological advancement. This responsibility is crucial to positioning the company competitively up-to-datee technologically. Some key roles of the IT department would include prompt updating of information on websites regarding products descriptions and their prices. Furthermore, there is a need to ensure availability of promotional services and products to attract more customers. The strategic role of top management is to provide the necessary support to the IT managers to ensure that plans to keep pace with technological changes are implemented in time. Evaluating the Organizational Structure of the Alibaba Company Organizational structure influences informati on flow, coordination of work, and decision making as part of strategy implementation. A company’s structure is based on some proportions, which determine the successful implementation of top managerial strategic directions. The directions include formalization, centralization, and specialization. A formal structure is the one governed by rules and procedures that provide a means for defining appropriate work practices. The Alibaba Company currently adopts an organic structure. Horizontal and vertical communication models characterize this structure. Although this structure enhances flexibility of roles, it cannot be the best for the company. To encourage a collaborative and innovation supported culture, the organization can do better with a structure that removes superiority. Since the Alibaba Company is an online business that primarily depends on dynamic market changes, it should adopt a centralized structure. To achieve innovation and achieve strategic marketing direction s the company will adopt the specialization structure. This structure allows specialist to tackle tasks that they are best suited. This phenomenon will ensure that within the departments only the specialists handle the relevant tasks. For instance, the marketing department can focus on cooperative promotions and advertising, pricing, distributor relations and proper identification of market segments. E-marketing forms the basis of the company. Specialization in the marketing department will contribute significantly to the company’s success. The Company’s Culture Organizations culture comprises shared beliefs, norms, and values in an organization. It is the basis for strategic directions as its influences formulation and successful implementation. Culture influences strategy implementation in various ways. A flexible and stable culture brings about partnerships, togetherness, teamwork, and cooperation among the company’s workforce. On the other hand, a culture of resistance will derail success of the business. As an online business, the Alibaba Company will create and sustain a collaborative culture that will ensure active interdependent interactions among department managers and the top management. This situation will create an amicable environment for creative consultations besides encouraging support for new ideas. The Alibaba Company will focus on cultural alignment. When the culture sides with strategy implementation, the company positions itself efficiently in the international market. Culture allows staff to practice dedication and honesty when working individually or in a team. For technological innovation to be successfully implemented the company will need to encourage an innovation culture through the provision of necessary support. This support can be based on managerial, financial, or labor aspects. This situation calls for the entire company workforce to be well aware of the importance of innovation. Next, each person will see the need to support new ideas. The ultimate achievement is success of the company. Adaptability to the rapid change in the modern-day business calls for a culture that allows employees to switch to new ways of doing business. Proposed Functional Tactics, Cultural, and Structural Changes for the Alibaba Company The company will need to address functional policies, culture, and the current structure if successful implementation is to be realized. Change and process management procedures will be properly executed to keep the employees and departmental managers focused on the goal and processes of the company. The top management of the Alibaba Company has to outline rules and procedures to avoid duplication of processes and deviations. These policies should be enforced in each department. Proper training is also required for the employees to understand the importance of adherence. Successful implementation of the marketing strategies will require delegation of authority to managers. It is advisable for the company to discard the formalized structure and embrace specialization as the latter ensures that activities are not generalized. Only specialists in the particular departments handle them. This move avoids unnecessary costs by eliminating incompetent decisions that result in losses and poor performance. It also ensures time efficiency because experts formulate the implementation decisions. Cultural alignment is paramount to fruitful strategy implementation. It ensures that the company to encourages adaptability and stability. Employees should be thoroughly educated on the importance of the vital cultural practices. The management can achieve this through goal definition and goal unification. Managers should define culture in terms of performance, development, customer orientation, goal orientation, and administration to take care of the overall objectives of the organization. Obstacles/Constraints and Management Solutions The management can face a number of ob stacles during implementation of strategies. Such obstacles include financial constraints to fund market surveys and research. In addition, the company can face employee resistance in cases where change has to be implemented. Insufficient guidelines can result in poor execution of business strategies. Inexperienced employees lack adequate knowledge about implementation of new strategies in the business. To improve the application of new strategies, some elements need to be tackled. The management should be in a position to ensure availability of important resources, communication channels, and distinct action plans. Failure to empower people in the organization creates an inferiority complex. This state of affairs hinders the motivation among employees. Conclusion From the above discussion, it is evident that strategy implementation is not an easy task. It is the duty of the management to outline functional policies. It should also adopt an appropriate structure that aligns with the organizational culture. Coupled with the involvement of the management, innovation, and technological competency, this situation will ultimately lead to the overall success of the Alibaba Company. The key strategy of online marketing requires a specialization structure that calls for recruitment of competent specialists in various departments in the organization. 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Date Rape Drugs essays

Date Rape Drugs essays The issue of substances used to facilitate date rape is one that deserves a great deal of attention. Over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in reports of drug misuse leading to sexual assault. It is necessary for everyone to be aware of the general threat of substance misuse and what to do if they think that they have been drugged. It is also important that people know how to keep a look out for drinks that have been tampered with so that they can take the appropriate measures to make sure that these drinks are not consumed. For these reasons, I believe that a health promotion program needs to be planned and implemented to address these issues and combat the problem of date rape. I have planned a program which follows the Comprehensive Health Education Model and which is grounded in the Social Cognitive Theory. It is based on extensive research that I have summarized below on the topic of date rape drugs and their effects. Sedating substances are used to enhance the effects of alcohol and/or other drugs and to diminish inhibitions. Although there are many sedating substances linked with date rape, my research will focus on the two main drugs associated with this topic, GHB and Rohypnol. In recent years, GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate) has become a popular recreational drug found mostly at raves and night clubs. For this reason, young people go to these places are the most vulnerable group and are most likely to benefit from a program of this type. GHB is a central nervous system depressant available in both liquid and powder forms which is used as an anaesthetic in some countries. However, it is illegal in Canada and smuggled into the country where it is sold for approximately ten dollars per dose. The drug may also be known as "Liquid Ecstasy", "Liquid X", "Georgia Home Boy", " Easy Lay", "Soap" and "Grevious Bodily Harm". It is often used in combination with other drugs such as ecstasy. GHB induces a stat...

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Country Assessment - PORTUGAL and ARGENTINA Research Paper

Country Assessment - PORTUGAL and ARGENTINA - Research Paper Example FDI in Portugal has been on the increase since 1990s due to increased involvement of Portuguese firms in international market. The average FDI figure for the past decade ranges from â‚ ¬21 million and â‚ ¬32 million and in 2008, the gross FDI was â‚ ¬31.9 million. Low wages in Portugal is one of the key factors which attract FDI in Portugal. Currently, foreign enterprise forms an important source of exports and employment in the country. Argentina does not have a record of good FDI levels and the figure have also been decreasing from USD 24 billion in 1999 to a virtual dry up. In 2009, this figure was $ 4.9 billion (IMF, 2010). Portugal has been experiencing a steady growth in its PPP since 1980. Since 2004, this figure has been over $20,000. According to IMF (2010), Portugal had a PPP of 23,113.858 in 2010. On the other hand, the growth of PPP in Argentina has not been steady though there is a general increase. For example there was a decline between 1998 and 2002 followed by a sharp steady increase till 2008. In 2010, its figure stood at $15,603.132. Portugal has not had a steady growth in its GDP. For example there was a -1.3% in 2004 followed by an average of 1.15 over the next four year and -2.60% in 2010. This figure is estimated to be 1.0% in 2011. Apart from a -14.70% recorded in 2003, Argentina’s GDP has been experiencing a good positive growth with an average of over 8.0%. However, this figure dropped to 6.80% in 2009 and 0.90% in 2010. The figure for 2011 is projected to be 7.5% (IMF, 2010). International Trading and Issues Most of Argentina’s exports are processed agricultural products, making up 54% of the total exports. Other exports sectors are industrial manufacturers, fuels and energy. Its major trade partner is Merscor. Others are US and Asian nations. Argentina adheres to most trade treaties and international agreements relating to intellectual property. However, in 1997, its pharmaceutical patent law was unsatisfactory causing the US to suspend 50% of its GSP benefits. The principal exports for Portugal are wood and paper products, fabrics, clothing and textile. Principle imports include machinery and transportation equipment and minerals. Its trade policy is similar to that of other EU members (Alguacil et al, 2008). Business regulations Importation of certain merchandise are restricted or totally prohibited in Portugal to protect its economy and security while some are subject to restrain under import quota. Exporters are required to ensure they get correct information indicating that a Portuguese importer has availed the correct information to allow submission of necessary information concerning goods labeling, packaging among others. It should also indicate proper arrangements for entry of goods into Portugal (US Department of Commerce, 2010). Argentina also restricts importation of certain goods for sanitary or safety reasons though restrictions also apply to used vehicles and their parts. S ocio-economical factors affecting international companies. Argentina has been experiencing social problems like wide-spread poverty, unequal income distribution and worsening public safety which has damaged the investment environment. It has made foreign investors to be hesitant in investing in Argentina. A notable percentage of Portuguese people also operate in a low socio-economic status. However, international companies are attracted to Portugal due to its low wage rates and relatively low levels of

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The heart that bleeds Latin America Now Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The heart that bleeds Latin America Now - Essay Example policy like no others in the Western Hemisphere. Interspersed are profiles of the Argentineans Evita Peron and Che Guevara and Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa. Nearly half of the book is devoted to a series of scarcely believable tales from Mexico, where Guillermoprieto was born and returned to live in the mid-1990's. All of these essays appeared in The New Yorker and in The New York Review of Books between 1994 and 2000. In this book, Guillermoprieto is at her best in her psychological portraits of Latin America's unconventional politicos. Among them are Vargas Llosa, the Peruvian writer who lost a presidential bid; Guevara, the icon by which the Latin American left defined itself, and Vicente Fox, the Mexican rancher who dethroned a corrupt political machine to take the presidency. Guillermoprieto makes it clear why Vargas Llosa, an author of inspiring prose, failed miserably in his presidential bid. Her essay about Vargas Llosa also opens up a window into a cruel theme what Guillermoprieto calls a fundamental trait of Peruvians, but is very much a continuing problem of Latin America and those in the diaspora to the United States. These nations and their peoples are constantly immersed in conflict over their mixed blood and class. It's the deep-seated explanation for the conflicts and frustrations of Peruvian life. In her artfully handled essay on Che, it's easy to understand why Guillermoprieto, with her sympathies for the poor, was drawn to Che as a subject matter. Here she dissects three weighty tomes, published in 1997, on Che. And in doing so she quickly takes the reader into her generation's own psyche. She said Guevara was born in Latin America's hour of the hero. And so many of our leaders have been so corrupt, and the range of allowed and possibly public activity has been so narrow, and injustice has cried out so piercingly to the heavens, that only a hero can answer the call, and only a heroic mode of life could seem worthy. Guevara stood out against the inflamed horizon of his time, alone and unique. She sees Che's flaws, though. With horizon inflamed, a generation of followers were "incinerated" by their Che ideology. In a very personal passage, she details how those "children of Che" armed in radical revolution would die, including a great friend of Guillermoprieto's mother, a poet and feminist editor named Alaide Foppa. And by synthesizing details from a book by Jon Anderson, she shows how Che, this man of the people, was a machista of an elitist background who would have his sexual way with the family maids. She writes that Guevara's slogans now sound foolish. And she highlights that with work from a book by Jorge Castaneda, a political scientist who is now Mexico's foreign minister. Castaneda's Che is a man who cannot bear the natural ambivalence of the world, a world of gray where people have mixed allegiances. As the eventual head of the Central Bank, for example, Che was flummoxed by day-today realities of running a government. "Why corrupt workers by offering them more money to work harder" Given the region's history of rickety economies, the reader wonders if a Latin American could be found today

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Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Assignment Example Community health care can be defined as the overall healthcare provision service that is formulated to deliver health care services to the homesteads. It is a decentralized avenue of taking the services to the lowest level of households. It ensures healthcare services accessibility to the marginalized, coronary illness victims and generally reaches to the disadvantaged at the ground level. It is designed to help people live as independent as possible within the confines of their homes and communities. The trends of interconnectedness in global practices have led to sharing of positive effects as well as negative effects as regards to the various health care systems. On the positives, globalization has led to the easy spread of favorable healthcare practices at all the care systems from one country to another. However, infectious diseases are easily spread within the era of globalization through easy travelling from one place to another. In my own opinion, improvements in the health c are systems notable within the US can be attributed highly to globalization. This is because there is easy movement in technology and improvements. However, globalization has also adversely affected the health sector in that there is a high rate of new infections due to easy movement. Health care teams have noted effects on the ever increasing numbers of immigrant nurses. Despite the great need for nursing services within many countries, the mass movement of nurses towards the other countries especially the developed countries has been disturbing. Much of the concern is due to the increased competition which in turn leads to strain in resources within the management teams in catering to the rising costs to maintain these immigrants. Moreover, the management teams may find it hard to effectively handling the ever-growing number of these immigrants. Though cultural diversity may be interpreted in different perspective, the challenges that accompany it are widely spoken of. Majorly, ma nagement practices vary due to the reasons of the varying cultural practices as well as believe. Moreover, interpersonal relations may be affected by the cultural lineages. Organizational management as well as better communication strategies is among other effective strategies that the nurse leaders within culturally diverse working group may use to ascertain effectiveness in their roles (Contino, 2004, 1-2 of 11). Through proper organization, the diversity in cultural orientation would be positively interpreted for the sake of productivity. Moreover, efficiency in communication would bring cohesion within the nursing fraternity and hence success in management. As a nurse, the future success in the profession requires certain professional as well as personal attributes through which the effectiveness of a nurse is analyzed. Nursing is a profession and as many other professional careers are, they are guided by set values, ethics and regulations for work. Moreover, personal attributes are very basic for the personal effectiveness as a nurse. Among the strengths that would drive me towards realizing competency in the field of nursing are the basic professional values which are globally biding. Nevertheless, some of these values and traits are human developed and as such requires personal efforts to cultivate. The self attributes of compassion, empathy, self awareness, selflessness as well as knowledge-ability equally befits me for a successful nursing career in the future. Image

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Semi Empirical Formula For Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

Semi Empirical Formula For Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Abstract A Semi empirical formula for both phase space factor and Nuclear Matrix Element (NME) is developed for neutrinoless double beta decay, and the formula is used to compute the neutrinoless double beta decay half lives. The computed half lives for neutrinoless double beta decay are compared with the corresponding experimental values and with those predicted by QRPA model. The semi empirical formula predictions are found to be in good agreement with experimental data. The semi empirical formula is used to predict neutrinoless double beta decay of various isotopes Ca, Ge, Se, Zr, Mo, Pd, Cd, Sn, Te, Xe, Nd and Sm that exhibiting single beta decay. As our semi empirical formula predictions agree with the experimental data we hope that the present work will be useful for the future experiments. Keyword: Neutrinoless double beta decay, Nuclear Matrix Element Introduction Double beta decay is a radioactive decay process where a nucleus releases two beta rays as a single process. Here two neutrons in the nucleus are converted in to two protons and in the process two electrons and two electron antineutrinos are emitted. In order for beta decay to be possible the final nucleus must have larger binding energy than the original nucleus. Double beta decay is difficult to study in most practically interesting cases, because both beta decay and double beta decay are possible, with probability favouring beta decay. The double beta decay is usually studied only for beta stable nuclei. Like single beta decay, double beta decay does not change the mass number A. More than 60 naturally occurring isotopes are capable of undergoing double beta decay. Double beta decay is of two types; the two neutrino and neutrinoless double beta decay. The two neutrino double beta decay [2ÃŽ ²(2ÃŽ ½)] which involves the transformation of two neutrons into two protons conserves not only the electric charge but also the lepton number. On the other hand neutrinoless double beta decay [2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½)] violates lepton number conservation and is therefore forbidden in the standard electroweak theory. According to this theory neutrinos are massless. The observation of neutrino mass and oscillation is a clear example of a phenomenon at variance with the standard model. There are different models for explaining the double beta decay process. Among them, two methods are mainly used to calculate Nuclear Matrix Elements (NME) for 2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½) decays. One is the family of Quasi particle Random Phase Approximation (QRPA) [1]. This method has been used by different groups and varieties of techniques are employed with results for most of the possible emitters [2]. The other method concerned to double beta decay process is the interacting shell model (ISM) [3]. It has been shown that as the difference in deformation between parent and daughter grows, the NME’s of both the neutrinoless and two neutrino mode decreases rapidly. The interest in double beta decay spans more than six decades. In 1937 Racah [4] following the fundamental suggestion of Majorana [5], discussed the possibility of a neutrinoless transformation of two neutrons into two protons plus two electrons. Even earlier Geoppert-Mayer [6] evaluated the decay rate of 2ÃŽ ²(2ÃŽ ½) mode and realized that the corresponding half lives could exceed 1020years. Furry [7] shortly afterwards estimated that 2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½) should be much faster than 2ÃŽ ²(2ÃŽ ½) decay. Thus the stage was set for the realization that observation of the 2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½) decay would establish that the neutrino is a massive Majorana particle. In 1982 J. Schechter-Valle while regarding 2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½) decay suggested the existence of Majorana mass of the neutrino in the frame work of Gauge theories [8]. In 1984 Fiorini et al [9] introduced a program to develop low temperature detectors for 2ÃŽ ² decay search. Next year Doi et al [10] made a fundamental theoretical analysis of 2ÃŽ ² deca y to obtain the main formulae for probability of decay, energy and angular electron spectra. In 1986 using QRPA model Vogel et al [11] gave satisfactory agreement between theoretical and experimental 2ÃŽ ²(2ÃŽ ½) half life values. Neutrinoless double beta decay is of great interest for studying the fundamental properties of neutrino beyond the standard electro-weak theory. High sensitivity 2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½) studies are the unique and practical ways for studying the Majorana nature of neutrinos, the neutrino mass spectrum, the absolute neutrino mass scale, the majorana CP phases and other fundamental properties of neutrinos in the foreseeable future. The first experiment [12] to claim 2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½) is the Klapdor, HM experiment done in the year 2001. Numerous experiments like COBRA, GERDA etc have been carried out to search neutrinoless double beta decay and 48Ca, 76Ge, 82Se, 96Zr, 100Mo, 116Cd, 128Te, 150Nd, 238U are some of the isotopes exhibiting neutrinoless double beta decay [13-17]. For the double beta decay processes, two crucial ingredients are the phase space factors and the Nuclear Matrix Elements (NME). A general theory of phase space factors was developed by Doi et al. [18, 19] following the previous work of Primakoff and Rosen [20], and Konopinski [21]. It was reformulated by Tomoda [22] by approximating the electron wave functions at the nuclear radius and without inclusion of electron screening. The Nuclear Matrix Element depends on the nuclear structure of the nuclei involved in the decay. The expression for Nuclear Matrix Element can be written in general as the sum of three components [23] as (1) Where, , , are the Gamow-Teller, Fermi and tensor components respectively. is the axial vector coupling constant and is the vector coupling constant. The present work aims to develop a semi empirical formula for both phase space factor and Nuclear Matrix Element for computing the neutrinoless double beta decay half life. By using this formula we would like to predict the possibility of 2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½) decay from various isotopes exhibiting single beta decay. The details of the semi empirical formula are given in Section 2 and results, discussion and conclusion are given in Section 3. The semi empirical formula In the standard scenario, when 2ÃŽ ²(0ÃŽ ½) decay process occurs by exchange of light Majorana neutrinos between two nucleons inside the nucleus, and in the presence of left handed weak interactions, the life time expression can be written as a product of three factors and is given as [24] (2) Where G0ÃŽ ½ is the phase space factor for this decay mode, is the effective neutrino mass parameter, me is the electron mass and M0ÃŽ ½ are the Nuclear Matrix Elements depending on the nuclear structure of the nuclei involved in the decay. The phase space factor depends on the energy decay QÃŽ ²ÃŽ ² and nuclear charge Z and studied the dependence of phase space factor with ZQ3 and Z2Q6 for various isotopes undergoing neutrinoless double beta decay. From the observed dependence of phase space factor taken from ref [25], with ZQ3 and Z2Q6 we have developed a semi empirical formula for the phase space factor. Using ZQ3, Z2Q6 and Z3Q9 as variables, a new formula is obtained and is given as, (3) The constants are, , , Due to the two-body nature of the transition operator, the NMEs can also be expressed as a sum of product of two-body transition densities (TBTDs) and matrix elements of the two-body transition operators for two-particle states. We have studied the dependence of nuclear matrix element values taken from [26] with Z-1/3 for various isotopes undergoing neutrinoless double beta decay and a new formula is obtained by making least-squares fit to the nuclear matrix elements data and is given as, (4) The constants are, , ,, , , The comparison of the computed nuclear matrix elements using the present formula with the values of Ref [26] and comparison of computed phase space factor with the values of Ref [25] are shown in Table 1. Results, discussion and conclusion The Q value for double beta decay of mother nuclide with mass mm to the daughter nuclide with mass md is given by the mass difference [27] which in turn can be written as a function of frequency ratio and the electron mass me; (5) In the present work Q values are computed using the experimental binding energies of Audi and Wapstra [28]. The present empirical formula is applied for all the observed neutrinoless double beta decay isotopes. Column 7 of Table 1 represents the computed half-lives for neutrinoless double beta decay of various isotopes and is compared with the experimental values given in column 8 and QRPA values [26] in column 9. It is found from the table that our formula predictions are in good agreement with the experimental values and the QRPA values. The value of ÃŽ ½> is taken as 50meV and is obtained from Rodin et al [25]. We have applied the present formula for computing the phase space factor, Nuclear Matrix Element and half lives for various isotopes that exhibiting single beta decay. Tables 2 represents the computed Q values, Phase space factors, Nuclear Matrix Elements and half lives for neutrinoless double beta decay of various Ca, Ge, Se, Zr, Mo, Pd, Cd, Sn, Te, Xe, Nd and Sm isotopes. As our semi empirical formula prediction agree with the experimental data we hope that our prediction on neutrinoless double beta decay of various Ca, Ge, Se, Zr, Mo, Pd, Cd, Sn, Te, Xe, Nd and Sm isotopes will be a guide for future experiments.  ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­ Table 1. The computed, and for neutrino less double beta decay of various isotopes and their comparison with the experimental, QRPA and Ref [26] values _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Table 2. The computed Q values, Phase space factors, nuclear matrix elements and the predicted half lives for neutrino less double beta decay of various Ca, Ge, Se, Zr, Mo, Pd, Cd, Sn, Te, Xe, Nd and Sm, Gd and Pt isotopes ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Table 2. Continued†¦.. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 103Mo 6408.8 1.10330E-11 3.47678 7.83E+23 104Mo 7759.0 6.71620E-11 3.47678 1.29E+23 105Mo 8588.0 1.72446E-10 3.47678 5.01E+22 106Mo 10067 7.43636E-10 3.47678 1.16E+22 107Mo 11430 2.37009E-09 3.47678 3.65E+21 109Pd 901.0 1.92669E-15 2.56879 8.22E+27 110Pd 2004.0 7.81588E-15 2.56879 2.03E+27 111Pd 3253.5 2.48567E-14 2.56879 6.37E+26 112Pd 4244.5 2.49383E-13 2.56879 6.35E+25 113Pd 5359.3 2.60657E-12 2.56879 6.07E+24 114Pd 6523.9 1.74643E-11 2.56879 9.06E+23 115Pd 7690.5 8.20373E-11 2.56879 1.93E+23 116Pd 8759.0 2.73683E-10 2.56879 5.78E+22 117Pd 9895.0 8.38279E-10 2.56879 1.89E+22 118Pd 11239 2.67934E-09 2.56879 5.91E+21 114Cd 540.1 1.30076E-15 2.37189 1.43E+28 115Cd 1945.5 7.60027E-15 2.37189 2.44E+27 116Cd 2809.1 1.46594E-14 2.37189 1.27E+27 117Cd 3975.0 1.46594E-14 2.37189 1.25E+26 118Cd 4947.1 1.48733E-13 2.37189 1.37E+25 119Cd 6158.4 1.35555E-12 2.37189 1.61E+24 120Cd 7131.1 1.15360E-11 2.37189 4.01E+23 121Cd 8144.1 4.62494E-11 2.37189 1.17E+23 122Cd 9215.9 1.59314E-10 2.37189 3.73E+22 123Cd 10510.5 4.97662E-10 2.37189 1.12E+22 124Cd 11526.8 1.65584E-09 2.37189 4.84E+2