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Debates 2000 essays

Debates 2000 essays The third Presidential Debate was between Vice President Al Gore and Gov. George W. Bush. The debate was in the format of a Town Hall debate. Both Vice President Al Gore and Gov. Bush performed well. An audience member asked the candidates a question and given two minutes to answer the question set forth. After the two minutes the other candidate was given the opportunity to rebuttal. In some instances the candidate that was asked the question was given the chance to refute the prior statement given. The people were very surprised by the actions and the reaction of the two candidates. Al Gore was very quick to make his point and just as quick to show the lies within Bushs plans. Bush was quick to give a sound byte response. Gov. Bush and Vice Pres. Al Gore were very quick to show their distaste for the other candidate. It was obvious that the nation was in for a spectacular performance. It seemed that every time Bush was asked a question he managed to avoid answering it directly by means of saying a sound byte from his campaign. Gore seemed to be performing his absolute best. He managed to show people that even though he seems rigid he is very intersested in learning what it was that the people of the nation wanted. When Gore was asked about a certain topic he would come out of his chair and try to comfort the people about what it was he thought they should hear. In my opinion, he did not seem to be telling people exactly what they wanted to hear. Many people seemed taken back due to the constant references to the way Bush has handled Texas. Bush was also noted by the Wall Street Journal for lying about his plans for social security. The constant references regarding Texas seemed to really make people listen. Gore told people that Texas was last in insurance. For a fact it was last. The topic of affirmative action arose only to disturb people. Bush was asked his views on affirmative action and he ra ...

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Book Report - Night by Elie Wiesel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Book Report - Night by Elie Wiesel - Essay Example Through Eliezer, he relates his story although there were minor differences. Example, Wiesel was wounded on his knee and Eliezer was wounded on his foot. He created these slight variations to establish a distinction between him and his character. But Wiesel and Eliezer are the same persons. They share the same experiences, they share the same perspective, they share the same feelings. And because they have too many things in common, Wiesel could be lost in developing his narrative. This does not make Night a fiction story. Wiesel only made things a little bit different because it was too much memory to bear. There was a personal need to change certain things so he can continue with his narrative as truthful as it can be. As you would notice, the differences do not impact the experiences of the character. Whatever he felt during his experience, it was the same feeling that Wiesel felt at that moment he experienced it. Wiesel’s experience had left a mark on him. Although it did not completely destroy him, it changed him significantly. Who wouldn’t, when he had experienced the cruelty that man inflicted towards his fellow men. That was the essence of the last statement of the narrative. By the end of the story, Eliezer was a changed man. As Wiesel created a division between him and his main character by giving Eliezer slightly different experiences, Eliezer created a barrier between him and himself. He felt he was a different person as he looks at himself in the mirror. Although he sees himself, he feels that his reflection is staring at himself, that his eyes have their own life, gravely emphasizing the emptiness that he was feeling at that moment. Eliezer is a dynamic character. He changes with time within the story. This is significant as the narrative focuses on relating Wiesel’s experiences. The narrative is concentrated in telling Eliezer’s experiences through his own eyes. Whatever opinions there are, whatever tho ughts there are in the story, it was his and only his. You would not hear or see things beyond his thoughts. You would not read about Chlomo’s thoughts about his son. You would not find anything about Moshe’s experiences when he was caught by the Nazis. You would only observe and look into Eliezer’s thoughts and emotions. Eliezer’s relationship with his father was a significant point in the story. It became his stronghold, the reason for living through the dreadful torture and persecution of the Nazi era. During his childhood, he found the Jewish religion because of his curiosity. Moshe the Beadle was the one who guided him and taught him what Jewish religion is. When Hitler seized control of Romania, Eliezer found himself in the middle of a discriminating world. That’s when he started to get confused. He was not deeply affected when he heard Moshe’s stories about the cruelty done to the Jews. But when he saw it with his own eyes, his faith started to shake. He did not expect that world to exist and â€Å"never shall (he) forget those moments which murdered (his) God and (his) soul and turned (his) dreams into dust.† At â€Å"the first night in the camp†¦the little faces of children, whose bodies†¦turned into wreaths of smoke†¦(the) flames consumed (his) faith forever.† He did not expect that this could happen and everything that he learned in his Jewish faith was turned upside down. When he heard the question, â€Å"Where is God? Where is He,† his answer that â€Å"He is hanging here on this gallows† indicated that his faith is slowly dying, like the man who was slowly dying in front of him. Before this experience, he felt that the question â€Å"where is God† is a strange question to ask, that it is similar to asking, â€Å"why did (he) live(s) and why did (he) breathe.†

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Latest Domain Adaptation Research Papers - Tools in the Right Hands

Latest Domain Adaptation Research Papers - Tools in the Right HandsThe world of Domain Adaptation Research (DAR) has been developed from the use of NLP to various topics that are related to internet research. Internet research can be defined as a successful method of comparing and contrasting similar websites in a country or a group of countries.In other words, a site's domain name may determine its popularity or its SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. A study conducted by DAR has shown that there are many advantages of having a domain name. These advantages could include increased conversion, increased traffic, targeted visitors, direct sales and enhanced search engine results.One of the first things that you need to understand about the techniques of Domain Adaptation Research is how reverse domain lookup (RSDL) works. The basic concept of RSDL is that the Google robots, commonly known as the 'Googlebot', automatically scans the domain name you are linking to for relevant inf ormation. When the website links with the domain, the Googlebot will then send a very brief query that usually looks like a phrase containing the site's name and possibly the keyword 'about'contact' to determine the exact nature of the link. After a few seconds, you can see the results, which include the link's location and possible negative or positive values based on the link's purpose and the state of the link.In the modern world of NLP, this technique of RSDL has been used by the DAR to determine if the domain name that is linked with is really the right one or not. The information contained in the query can actually be retrieved in a different way but the RSDL is the most practical way to prove that the link really exists.There are other techniques of NLP such as Googlebot, Selkis Googlebot, Meta Links, Hot-Bot, Wildcard, Generic RDFa, Boolean NLP, Time Domain Tool, Link NLP, Cascading Web-ID, Reverse DomainLookups, CVSN and many more. All these techniques are designed to work in a logical manner but the most appropriate NLP techniques in the real world will be those which are most likely to work in the case of internet websites.On the other hand, this is a technique that is very useful for internet researchers but it does not belong to the domain adaptation research itself. On the contrary, the researchers do not have to do any research to find out a domain name and all the other basic things required by this technique.It is important to note that the best thing about the domain adaptation research papers is that they are easily understandable to all. The techniques mentioned in these papers will help you expand your website visibility, rank better in the search engines and even increase the conversion rate of your visitors.

HP Case Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HP Case Paper - Essay Example HP also laid emphasis on differentiation, constant change, and creating a brand family, as well as offering additional services and accessories. For price, HP has introduced a wide range of competitive pricing based on the differentiation of products. This has seen an increased margin for retailers and wholesalers through the bundling of accessories and services (Kotler 394). For the promotion element of the marketing mix, HP, over the years, has focused more on the creation of a brand identity on the company and products. Thus, they changed their strategy to pull based from push based, with greater spending implemented on sales promotion and advertising (Kotler 391). Finally, for the place element, HP has begun to offer better terms of payment, as well as bigger quantity on discounts for the dealers. Because of the improved relationship with the dealers, HP has increased its number of full time retailers to 750 from 350, as well as stocking additional 1050 dealers for a portion of t heir line. Discuss two concepts covered in the chapter that best relate to this case and how? Social marketing is the adoption and adaptation of processes, institutions and commercial marketing activities as a way to induce behavioral change among the target market on a permanent or temporary basis in order to achieve its social goal (Kotler 395). It involves the induction of an approach of leadership, which involves deliberate use of persuasion and influence to move the target market to a course of action that is more specific. For the social marketing concept, the company should consider the long-term interests of the society and consider the needs and wants of the customers. HP has given its commitment aimed at drastically cutting down their impact on the environment. HP has managed the impact of its energy needs via the calculation of GHG emissions, which their daily operations produce through their use of electricity and by their daily operations. The selling concept is the not ion that the customer will not buy something automatically but, rather, it needs to be sold to them (Kotler 396). This means that a persuasive sales assistant or advert that tells the customer of the ways the product will alter their lives, which could make them buy a product that they do not desire. The consumer will not purchase enough products from the organization until they undertake promotional selling. Consumers are inert and require goading to buy through conversion of their inert need to a purchasing motive via selling and persuasive action. Hp understands the wants and needs of the customer and, therefore, customers will not purchase their products unless they are promoted and sold. Hence, HP has placed increased focus on the creation of sales transactions by conducting regular promotions, which are aimed at attracting customers, as well as increasing the truncation of sales. Which of the sales force structures described in the text best describes HP’s structure? HP utilizes a separated consumer sales force as its sales force structure. In decentralized organizations, field sales managers carry out the everyday operations of the organization, as well as shouldering responsibility for their sales staff performance (Kotler 392). The sales force also consists of a mixture of specialist generalist salespersons. However, the employees do not make all of the company’s sales; the company’s sales force structure utilizes home-based telemarketers. They also have independent sales agents on contract who conduct their sales in particular geographic areas. What are the positive and negative aspects of HP’s new sales force struc

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How to Title Papers in College at a Glance

How to Title Papers in College at a Glance An application essay is among the most essential components in the university application procedure. A letter of consent will likewise be sent to them together with a sample copy of the questionnaire which will be used, together with the protocol of the researcher. Recognize your execs and pitfalls and are convinced no matter if you're heading in order to create the paper punctually. Both major things to know more about the essays are structure and content. Consult your supervisor to supply you with an example or locate a fantastic sample on the web, where there are a great deal of ideas for research paper topics. What's more, it looks like college program has been produced for some super-human beings, as you can't stand the flow. The exact same applies if more than a few organisms were studied. If do not have any idea what a fantastic title should look like, utilize a how to begin a research paper guide! Frequently, a title is a vital issue when somebody is selecting a book to buy. It should not only sell your essay in a few words but also give an idea about the most important point that you are about to make through the essay. As known, long title are not simple to read. It ought to be brief and clear and ought to be halfway down the webpage in the middle of a page. You should also check whether you will need title page in any way. A refined title page isn't as unreachable as it may seem. Set the page number of every page in the top right margin of the webpage. In case you're sad aided by the essay, you're persuaded to have a comprehensive reimbursement! Writing an Essay that will win your teacher's heart is no simple job, but it's our duty to aid you. Meanwhile, thesis statement indicates the goal of an essay. The point is quite crucial in writing college application essays, you might also learn about writing a prosperous college application essay to learn more. The samples we've got on our site can help in the variety of the greatest research paper topics for college students. Employing Internet sources to purchase college papers has existed since the 90's. It is essential that you address a recent issue in your paper that could be helpful for different students in the exact field. Even how you head your research papers might be different from what you've used in high school. Hearsay, Deception and How to Title Papers in College Place your heading in the top left-hand corner of the webpage. Instead, the very first page of the paper contains some exceptional formatting followed by the text. Place your very first and last names on the very first line. Double space after the heading and start your paper employing a 1-inch indent to commence the very first paragraph. Here's What I Know About How to Title Papers in College For certain, you aren't selling your custom papers, but you must have effective essay titles to catch readers' inte rest. Such titles imply that you're likely to try to narrate years of your life in a couple hundred words. Very good titles for essays supply the possible audience with the intent of reading the paper in the very first place. One particular important general rule to bear in mind is that a scientific paper is a report about something which has been done before. In addition, it tells everybody precisely what the paper will be about. Writing a research paper title may appear an easy undertaking, but it requires some significant thought. If writing a paper gets difficult for you, there are lots of choices to acquire reliable assistance.

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The Pain of Research Paper Topics 50 Ideas to Get Started

The Pain of Research Paper Topics 50 Ideas to Get Started Before you begin on your paper, you will want to get an in depth comprehension of what your teacher expects out of your completed assignment, along with a really wonderful topic that it is possible to spend a good deal of time researching. Writing about isn't a simple thing, especially if you don't have a clue about what to write about! For many students, the toughest procedure of paper writing is simply finding an idea on what to write on. Find interesting facts you could enhance your bit of writing. Our proficient academic writers have many years of expertise. As a writer, you ought to be extra careful to not settle on a topic that's too general, therefore specificity is vital. Attempt to recollect themes that you've already investigated. The Debate Over Research Paper Topics 50 Ideas to Get Started How science has revolutionized the idea of drug addiction. You can proceed and divide the research into phrases to check at every aspect keenly. Look at seeing how long and research is needed for each topic and if you're limited with time, think about narrowing down to research paper topics ideas you may finish in the allotted time you've got. Your research will finally have a flow. The Fight Against Research Paper Topics 50 Ideas to Get Started The very first thing that you ought to do when you're going to research or write about a topic is to think about a subject, a subject or just a news story that you're passionate about. What's more, you'll also must ensure the topic is extremely streamlined towards a specific research issue. Undoubtedly, it would be a lot easier that you learn more about the topic that's related to the area of your interest. When you choose a research topic, make certain it is one which you understand and have a firm grasp on. Needless to say, deciding upon the proper topic for your research paper is the very first and most critical step on the best way to writi ng the paper itself. When it has to do with finding research paper topic ideas you would like to make sure which you can write on them effortlessly. Whatever research paper topic you select, be sure to really can explore it and prove your point in the little quantity of space you've got. While you do research, it's highly important to prevent the trap of feeling lost. Scientific documents appear to be an extremely dull undertaking. Research papers are trying, but in addition they have the capacity to be somewhat rewarding. Research paper topics select a research topic. Research paper topics on Business will aid you in finding good suggestions to compose your research about. The Principles of Research Paper Topics 50 Ideas to Get Started You Will be Able to Learn From Beginning Today As you start writing your research paper, you might encounter the should revise your top research paper topics. From time to time, excellent research paper topics are just the easiest ones. Re search paper topics on Marketing will re-fresh your suggestions and give a few important hint on the probable topics you could pick for your paper. Research paper topics on English Literature will offer you fresh ideas to utilize in your paper. If you're interested in your topic, learning about it's going to be more pleasurable and you'll write with increased passion, so select your topic thoughtfully. Psychology is such a wide subject, so you wish to locate a topic that enables you to adequately cover the subject without becoming overwhelmed with information. An argumentative essay requires you to choose a topic and have a position on it. When you have chosen the subject, you should emphasize the narrow direction to which your article is going to be devoted to. Any psychology topic you require, we've got a suggestion for a wonderful paper. Research Paper Topics 50 Ideas to Get Started: No Longer a Mystery A professional will be able to help you spot an error that you might have missed and help you achieve clean, easy-to-read copy that's certain to impress. Therefore, a research paper is a sort of work which intends to discover some problem and provide unique outcomes. Another essential point to know is you need to use suitable format. In order to be successful, you will have to devote sufficient quantity of time to research. If you still have issues with topic selection, don't hesitate to request help at GradeMiners. After you choose a specific topic, step one is to develop into an authority in the area. When it has to do with ch oosing topics for a research paper there are many choices to select from and you need something that's unique while having the ability to compose well-defined details. Locating a solid topic is just one of the most crucial steps when writing any kind of paper. A superb outline has become the most significant step in writing a great paper. Moreover, distinctive and authentic information will entice a great deal of readers. If your topic is too broad, you won't have the ability to focus your paper since there is simply too much info to cover. A great research paper entails detailed info on your subject of choice. Pick the topic you'd like to research about in your work. Simply take a while to find out more about the web for information before you decide on research paper topics and you might even discover that fun research paper topics will be more interesting to write on. Choosing topics for research papers can take some moment, and here are a couple of ways to help you sel ect the one which is just perfect.

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Earthquake in Pakistan Essay Example for Free

Earthquake in Pakistan Essay Earthquake activity in Pakistan is mainly concentrated in the north and western sections of the country, along the boundary of the Indian plate and the Iranian and Afghan micro-plates. The Chaman Fault runs along Pakistans western frontier with Afghanistan from Kalat, in the northern Makran range, past Quetta and then on to Kabul, Afghanistan. A fault also runs along the Makran coast and is believed to be of the same nature as the West Coast fault along the coast of Maharashtra, India. An active subduction zone exists off the Makran coast. The great 1945 earthquake was centred in this region. This zone forms the boundary between the Arabian and the Iranian micro-plate, where the former subducts or dives beneath the latter. Thrust zones run along the Kirthar, Sulaiman and Salt ranges. There are four faults in and around Karachi and other parts of deltaic Indus, and Makran coast. The first is the Allah Bund fault that passes through Shahbundar, Jah, Pakistan Steel Mills, and runs through eastern parts of the city and ends near Cape Monz. This fault, in fact, has caused extensive damage in the past many centuries in the deltaic areas. The destruction of Bhanbhor in the 13th century and damage to Shahbundar in 1896 were caused by this fault. The other one emanates from the Rann of Kutchh. The third one is the Pubb fault which ends into Arabian sea near Makran coast and the last one is located in the lower Dadu district near Surajani and falls in the vicinity of Karachi. Tsunamis or tidal waves have also affected the coast of Pakistan. The worst case was in 1945 when an earthquake of magnitude 7. 9 struck the Makran coast, waves as high as 12 meters were reported.