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Compare Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Compare - Term Paper ExampleThus, it is paramount to understand the motives for these explorers to set pop out on the journeys to the AmericansMost of the Spanish explorers were sent by the Spanish monarchs of the time. Christopher Columbus, Hernando Cortes, and Vasco Nunez are among the Spanish explorers that affected the world. Isabella was the queen of Castile. She sent Columbus to explore the world for the acquire of the religion and Castile. In September 1492, Columbus sailed with three ships, a crew of less than ninety men and a lack of fundamental understanding of the size of it of the earth. After about one month, on October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus voyage cited an isolated chain of Island, which came to be the Bahamas. On the second voyage, Columbus landed on St. Croix where he was welcomed with hostility from the locals. Vasco Nunez was the other notable Spanish explorer. While on an expedition, Nunez cited the Pacific marine in 1513 while searching for gold. Nune z claimed the area around the Pacific Ocean and opened the way for further Spanish exploration and conquest.Christopher Columbus voyage set out in 1492 to explore the world through the Atlantic Ocean. The aforesaid(prenominal) year was also important to the Spanish for others different from discovery. The Spanish monarchs issued an order for everyone to convert to Christianity or leave Spain. In the urge to continue their expansion and distribute of Christianity, the queen sent Christopher Columbus on a mission to spread information about God and to benefit Spain in terms of trade to Asia. They rig the Bahamas, Hispaniola and Cuba. Columbus voyage first landing and mainland explorations were in the Caribbean regions and South America (Reilly 332). Vasco Nunez explored the Gulf of Uraba near the present day Colombia and Hispaniola. Christopher Columbus and his men were not no-hit in their mission. Instead of reaching Asia as stated by their mission, they landed in the Caribbean. Columbus

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A Conceptual Model for Evaluating of Market Segments Research Paper - 1

A Conceptual Model for Evaluating of Market Segments - Research Paper ExampleIt is suggested by the analysis that a synthesis of these three models can potentially produce a holistic tool for evaluating segments a tool which considers both the internal and external forces and which incorporates the firms specific needs.The evaluation of market segments is iodine of the most critical aspects in the entire segmentation analysis, given that the segments that are eventually selected by firms need to be attractive, measurable and substantial (Beane and Ennis, 1987 Sarabia, 1996). Segmentation is important because it provides a direction for marketing strategies to be developed on the basis of segmentation firms design specific marketing activities targeting clusters of the market which shares some degree of homogeneousness and which are likely to respond in a similar manner to marketing incentives (Jonker et al., 2004). According to Wind (1978) and Ou et al. (2009) segmentation should be not only approached through statistical measures which only provide a picture of the differences between various segments, but more consistently should be approached through subjective measures as well, which herald the essence of the judgements of the decision makers and as Sarabia (1996) stresses, the distinctiveness of each firm (and each firms needs). Thus evaluation of segments becomes of crucial importance because it shows, on the iodine hand, the attractiveness of each segment identified but this attractiveness is measured by incorporating the specific-firm aspects as well. In this paper, three models for evaluating segments are presented and assessed in terms of their strengths in an attempt to synthesize a theoretical framework for segment evaluation.Market segmentation is treated differently by many academic researchers and scholars. According to Beane and Ennis (1987), the beingness of various approaches to marketsegmentation reveals the different viewpoints on the subject.

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The Concepts of Moral Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Concepts of Moral Development - Assignment spokes someoneThe concept of Kohlbergs moral maturation is explained in 3 levels and each level is classified into two stages. STAGE 1 Wrong or immoral actions be determined by punishments.Example Punctuality is considered an important aspect of the performance evaluation of an employee. The employee that comes late to the office is considered as wrong action and employee gets punishment on such actions. Generally, salary discount rate is the punishment for late timings. Here the salary deduction is indicating that coming late is considered as an immoral action in the company. STAGE 2 Right actions are determined by rewards. Example According to Kohlbergs view, rewards are the justification of the employees acceptable performance in the company. Sales employee in the company is rewarded with tautologic benefits when he or she makes more than a sales target. In this case, extra benefits are rewards for efficient performance. STAGE 3 Good fashion is the reflection of good intentions Example Employee realizes that drinking alcohol in the office during the lunch timings is an immoral action because it decreases the efficiency and productivity at the workplace. Employees positive concerned behavior towards work efficiency is the justification of his/her good intentions for the company. STAGE 4 Compliance to authority, Significance of doing ones duty. Example Human resource employee is against the fire of production labor but he/she decided not to protest in the company without the permission of management. The sense of obedience to the authority of HR employee is justifying that he/she is maintaining social order. STAGE 5 Recognizing that rules can be changed in order to adapt differences in moral and legal rights. Example Sometimes it can be seen that organizations perform activities like tax evasion, so the employee realizes that this should be change and organization should pay taxes to the government to en courage the application of equal distribution of wealth in the country. STAGE 6 Considering every Individuals view based on conscience regarding any moral decision.Example A person refuses to obey the law of the society which treats a major portion of the population as second-class citizens.

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Write about the formalism(Texture,symbol,images), psychoanalistic and Research Paper

Write about the formalism(Texture,symbol,images), psychoanalistic and modern criticism in Gustave Flauberts Madame Bovary. Also Talk about the color down(p) in the Novel - Research Paper ExampleIn addition, it offers a standard a puckerst which to compare the works and writers that have followed it. It is impossible to understand or think modern European and American fiction without an acquaintance with Madame Bovary. This paper seeks to give a detailed account of the various aspects of literature that are at lean in the novel.Gustave Flaubert begins her famous novel Madame Bovary by highlighting the life of Charles Bovary from his early life as a boy who as unable to fir in his new school and as results became the center of ridicule from his classmates. His entire life is marked by dullness and mediocrity that is evident by how he conducts himself earlier other people. His failure in the medical school leads into him becoming a second-rate doctor in the country. He is married of f to a widow by his mother and the marriage does not last for a long time as the widow dies after a short duration. Charles who expected to gain a lot of wealth after the marriage is left with almost nothing and he becomes poorer than before (Rozen, 101).The life of Charles soon takes another turn when he falls in love with Emma who is a daughter to one of his patients and they get married. Emmas romantic expectations are not met in the marriage. She had spent a bankrupt part of her life in the convent and developed an inner belief that marriage was going to be the end of all her troubles. He dream for a school kind of a lifestyle was borne on the day she attended a very extravagant ball at the home of a noble flush man. The village life that she now has to put up with does not match up to her expectations and she gets bored and depressed. She falls ill and after conceiving, they move to another townsfolk with the hope that she will get better.In the new town, they meet differe nt people who begin to shape and transform their lives. Emma continues to be despondent after bragging(a) birth because she failed to

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Wernher Von Braun Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wernher Von Braun - Essay ExampleWorking as an assistant to a German scientist known as Hermann Oberth, Von Braun was fascinated by the experiments they carried out on liquid-fueled rocket engines. He pursued his ambition and dream and propelled aviation and the globe beyond the humble, early stages of rocketry to the planets and the moon. He had a vision to widen mankinds knowledge by exploring space and opening the terrestrial world to mankind. His efforts and contributions had, and continue to have, neat impacts on the aviation industry and the world at large. As the leader of the team that developed Germanys rocket program, he as yet drew review article for contributing to the negativities during the second world war. This essay will address the way his tempt has affected and contributed to aviation and the world. Von Brauns achievements make him the virtually prominent, even if not the first, spaceflight advocate and rocket engineer of the 20th century. To date, his resear ch, dedication and hard work are still considered the blueprint of peaceful space geographic expedition and moon landings (Neufeld 7). His presence in the aviation industry began with the German army, and his association with the Peenemunde Rocket Center put him in the limelight of the worlds base rocket program. At the rocket center, Von Braun and his team received more facilities than their predecessors in aviation who had designed aircraft for military purposes. After his successful launch of what was initially called the A-4 missile, the Nazi took special interest in him and started mass production, where he led the team that designed combat rockets for the army (Ward 14). The design of the rocket, later renamed V-2, was created and developed by Von Braun as the technical director of the space center. It featured a missile that carried its own oxidant as well as fuel, a profound aspect in modern day aviation technology as it became the immediate model used by present day Russ ia and the United States in space explorations (Neufeld 16). The downside of this development, though, was that critics have faulted him for developing weapons of mass destruction that unleashed vengeance on civilian populations (Petersen 21). However, apart from that single angle of criticism, the rest of his contributions affected aviation and the world positively, because he never intended his developments to be used against humans, as he was a staunch Christian as well. The V-2 rocket became Von Brauns most significant contribution to the development of rocket technology (Nelson 29). It pioneered operational, guided missiles in the world under his direction, setting in motion the development of the present day space travel and ballistic missiles. Through his projects, he influenced his team to great understanding of rocket propulsion, guidance systems and aerodynamics, and his concepts are still in use to date. His work influenced the contemporary space launch vehicle and the mi ssile expertise in the United States, China, Russia, Britain and France (Nelson 35). To mankind and the world, he contributed towards alleviating the disastrous effects of the bombings of the second world war. He was against the use of his developments to attack humanity. He voiced his opposition against war policies in Germany and led his team of scientists and their families in fleeing to the United States. The significance of the fleeing was that the mass production of the V-2 rockets in Germany could not progress much without his input, effectively cutting down the assault on civilians. This was achieved by surrendering themselves to American forces, where they were granted permission to carry on with their rocket research programs under the watch of the United States government (Petersen 19). The German space

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Statistics-demographic reports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Statistics-demographic reports - Essay ExampleFrom the General summary report it is evident that if we rank students on the basis of their educational status, then we will come to know that the highest percentage of students i.e. 44.19% is completing their bachelors degree. 33.99% of students are related to graduate degree thats why ranked at 2nd place in 2000 Educational Attainment. Therefore, the product should be introduced in the grocery by keeping the students of this age group in your soul as they appear to be signifi discounttly large segment in the region.Before pricing the product, the household income needs to be considered. The change in median household income is 123.60% from 1980 to 1990 and 68.10% from 1990 to 2000. The percentage changes for average household income are 178.80% and 69.50% from 1980 to 1990 and from 1990 to 2000 respectively. Similarly, percentage changes for per capita income are 184.00% and 65.60%. Among three categories average household income has the highest income in 2000 and the highest percentage change for household income. So, the unfermented snack food should be launched by keeping average household income in mind. According to the given data, the percentage changes of the tidy sum with salary $150,000 + is highest so, the target market for the products should be the people having salary above $150,000 +. However, if the new snack is going to have a low to average price then other income groups can be also targeted.In addition, it is also important to consider which the income bracket of the target market. The highest percentages of the people of the ages less than 25, 65-74 and 75+ earn Less than $10,000. The highest percentages that are 15.87%, 14.43%, 11.86% and 11.50% of people of ages 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 54-64 respectively earn $100,000 - $124,999. So, the people having salary range $100,000 - $124,999 should be targeted for this product. The people having salary range $75,000 to $99,999 also have large per centages

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Describe the effects of American expansion across the Southwest from Essay

Describe the effects of American expansion across the Southwest from the 1820s through the 1840s - prove ExampleVermont joined the Union in the year 1791 as a separate State. In 1792, Kentucky was admitted to the Union and in 1820, Maine was included (Westward Expansion).The treaty between the US and Spain of 1821 served to establish the boundary of Louisiana. Under this treaty, the boundary was to commence from the mouth of the river Sabine in the Gulf of Mexico and proceed till the west bank of the Sabine up to the thirty second degree of nitrogen latitude. From there it was to continue along the north of the Red River, along the south bank of the Red River to the one one-hundredth degree of east longitude. Subsequently, the border was to pass north of the Arkansas and then onwards to the south bank of the Arkansas. Finally, it was to pass along the forty-second degree north latitude up to the Pacific Ocean (Westward Expansion).This treaty settled the boundary issue with regar d to the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and the western regions of Wyoming. The US claimed this land on the basis of its discoveries in 1792, its explorations of 1805, and settlement in 1811. In 1848, the dispute with Canada, regarding the boundary between the latter and Washington and Idaho was resolved (Westward Expansion).The expansion took place in the directions of the south, west, and the declining Spanish empires new territories. In 1819, Spain ceded Florida to the US, under the requirements of the Adams Onis Treaty. This Treaty clearly demarcated Louisiana and Spanish Texas. This border passed through the Rocky Mountains, along the coast of the Arkansas River, and along the southerly borders of the states of Idaho and Oregon (Johnson and Woloch). This Treaty played a major role in determining the borders of the United States, along the land adjoining the Pacific Ocean.In the design between 1820 and 1840, there was a westward movement of the people, in the US, which h ad a profound effect on agriculture, education,