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Desiderius Erasmus Essay

Erasmus Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (27 October 1466 12 July 1 536), kn own as Erasmus of Rotterdam, or simply Erasmus, was a Dutch Renaissance improver, Catholic priest, social critic, teacher, and theologian. He was most widely known for his minute and satirical writings. He attempted to tidy up the church and because of that, was prosecuted by many people. I am going to consider for and against his industrial plant and make my own Judgement. Most of the opinions differ. Erasmus became humanist because of his precept and morality.He was an intelligent and strong- minded(p) person. He travelled a lot, so that he became a European savant with huge knowledge of classical literature. Erasmus believed that education could change the area and I powerfully agree with him. In his gain Adages (1500) he aimed to make classical learning capable to a public and more than than 800 sayings in Latin and classic were explained, which means that he re altogethery act to achieve the terminus of reflecting every aspect of the christian humanism.Later, he created New Testament in Hellenic (1 516), which was the first ork available in Greek, non in Latin, with lots of notes and explanations, in cosequence of, all public got a great fortune to access this testament and become more educated. He lived as a high-priced Christian, but was concerned with the corruption that had ranch through the religious positions of the Church. However, Erasmus believed that religious revolution led directly to anarchy thereof he took the side of neither the Pope, nor the mitigate radical, Martin Luther.In all his reproach of clerical follies and abuses, he had always carefully weasel-worded himself about with protests, that he was not cont completion church institutions themselves and had no enmity toward the persons of churchmen. The world had laughed at his satire, but only a few obstinate eactionaries had seriously interfered with his activities. He had a right to beli eve that his work so far had commended itself to the best minds and in any case to the dominant powers in the religious world. His criticism of the Church was therefore heard passim Europe.He preferred reasoning to bloodshed, hostile many others of his time. While he did not criticize the Church as ofttimes as Luther had, he did call for an end to the corruption that had seeped to the core of the Church. However, it is thought that Erasmus tried to undermine the Church, destroy its form. Again, in those congratulations of Folly he argued with popes who claimed to be the Christ representatives on earth Practically no class of man lives so good with fewer cases for they believe they do preferably enough for Christ if they play their bug out y means of every form of ceremonial and display for them it is out of invent to pertorm miracles, teaching the people is too a great deal like nard work and praying is a waste of time. Without formally speechmaking out against the Pope, Erasmus implies that the Pope put on a facade as an all-knowing, omnipotent mortal. He states here that the Pope has no true knowledge as to what perfection expects from his worshipers. He cannot believe that these lucky scientists start out people to believe them.With this last statement, he calls to the people of the Church to not contract everything that is told to them from corrupt authority fgures. He gives an polish up on the standarts of the members of the Church. Also, in his second rendering of the New Testament in Greek he weakened the Church because he undermined the authority of it by criticising texts on which it relied. Finally, I came to conclusion that Erasmus and other Christiam humanists attempted to crystallise the Church by calling to the sound reflection to the simplicity of the first Christians.They tried to give the axe the corruption. Erasmus tried to broaden and clear the minds of people. In his Freedom of the Will (1524) he verbalize that humanki nd could choose his own density. So, he did not want to undermine the Church completely but make it easier to understand. He changed the education bases. From the Handbook of a Christian soldier (1 503) Charity does not lie down in many visits to churches, bowing own in front of statues of saints, in the spark of candels or repeating set prayers.Of these things perfection has no need. Charity is to love your neighboor. In my personal opinion, Erasmus was a great man. He reasoned while others fought. He was doughty in his criticism of the Church. He was a pacifist and a man of tolerance. He was disdainful of cardinals who were too much knotty with making money and concerns of the world. Erasmus has Just fighted for his views of life, not paying attention on his enemies. Bibliography AQA muniment AShttps//

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Hca Case Study

I. Introduction The demarcation-level dodge is acombined and synchronised collection of the obligations and actions that are utilise by the pixilateds to attain a belligerent advantage. The unwaverings give to consume core abilities in genuine product markets. Under this outline, the homes stipulate their plectrums on that how they plan to strive in soulfulness product markets. Its all-important(pre nary(prenominal)inal) that all upstanding should improve a business-level outline to generate the differences between its suffer ordain and its competitors places.The bond between the customers and business-level strategies is very important because the customers are main cause of the systems success. The bond that a devoted develops with its customers dos the range and profit exp 1nt. thither are fin business-level strategies that a rigid shouldor can praxis to create and support its chosen strategicalal position against competitors. These include the variatio n, the apostrophize leadership, the center cost leadership, concentreed disparateiation, and the unified cost leadership/differentiation. In chapter 6, it argues these five strategies and spatial relation by side with the risks that are associated with for each one and only(a) other.In chapter 6 they also argue corporate level strategies. The corporate-level strategy has emphases on the actions that a firm recalls to attain a rivalrous advantage by choosing from and handling a collection of different businesses competing in different product markets. These strategies help the firms in choosing on new strategic positions that are prob suitable to increase the value. The product diversification is avital role of the corporate-level strategy. The diversifications also can differfrom the low levels to the full(prenominal) levels. Well normally, the diversification strategy is used to raise the firms value by improving its whole mathematical process.It is intimate that th e managers should attentive to their firms internal organization and to its external purlieu when qualification decisions regarding the most advantageous level of the diversification. In chapter 7 there is discussion of mergers, takeover, and acquisitions. A merger is formed when the two firms sashay their businesses with each other. An acquisition is a strategy that involves when one firm get the spate or all interest into other firm with the aims of making it into a subsidiary order within its own group.A takeover is a type of acquisition where the acquired firm does non ask for the capturing firms proposal. Acquisitions are used for thenumerous reasons, which contain increase in the market power and curb the entry obstacles to new markets. Sometimes a firm must restructure its ego in coif to change its crime syndicate of businesses or monetary procedure. This can be done through the downsizingor leveraged buyouts. A firms major intent for restructuring is to ear n or successful in strategic control. II. SWOT Analysis A. External environment The U. S. health vexation application is one of the biggest industries in U. S. The U. S. ospital industry is split with the assorted ownership and noniceably different revenue sources with a comminuted fall of the main firms. The HCA was direct in a conservative industry where their aremany challenges and financial constraints. One of the major aspects that affected HCA is the increase quantity of the un see to it Americans citizen. The capital of South Carolina/HCAs goal was to emphasis on the providing beds for insured patients to ache the profits up. As the number of uninsured Americans citizen increased, it made it harder to keep the beds at full capacity. The increases in health sympathize with costs also played a role in the HCAs actions.The dwell and Triad infirmarys are recognizedas the big competitors for HCA. The HCAs business strategy also puts them in competition in the urban areas in general against autonomous non-profit infirmarys. Many do not have the equal financial performance aims and this helped HCA to be the market leader. B. Strengths and Weaknesses The HCAs strengths involvedarethe lede position in the hospital market, thespacious and innumerable service offerings. The HCA developed such a strategy that dedicated on a main group of market-leading hospitals by utilizing its own financial resources, health check related, and watchfulness growth personnel.At current, the HCA stock-still utilizes this whole operating strategy. The HCA controlledits move business practice. After selling its non-hospital business and the other facilities that did not resemble with its strategy, HCA is still persistent to focus on the providing of high-pitched quality healthcare. The keep corporation also has some(prenominal) weaknesses including its negative past and spoiled frequent image that included charges of the fraud, which headed to the federal gover ning body investigations. Over the years, the organizations strengths have mostly remained same, except the fact that HCA does not provide the spacious amount of unavoidable services.The HCA made a clever choice to focus on only with child(p) the hospital services in order to increase its quality and not to be putteringthemselves in other industries. The HCA still is cognise for its previous corruption, besides still carcass the prominent firm in the hospital industry. C. The Case of HCA 1. The HCAs core capabilities inhabit of the broader patient care and its public presentation strategy it that has been using for many years. Its other core capabilitiesare includesthe financial resources, checkup background, and the management proficiency.These competencies build the value for the high society by specializing in the removal of surplusage capacity and the gratitude of the economies of scale. The HCAs organizational resources add the unique value for the firm. In 1968, the HCA was founded and they operated on a lower floor aunited cost leadership/differentiation business-level strategy. There was achance in the hospital industry to create the low cost services with secernate qualities, and this is what HCA desired to implement in their system. The HCA was able to adapt quickly to the new technologies and unwavering changes that arose in the external environment of the HCA.The beau monde focused on two resources of competitive advantages-cost and the differentiation in various aspects. The HCA establisheda knock-down(prenominal) network with physicians and with other healthcare practices under this strategy (HCA, 2011). 2. The HCAs arepurchase of many down in the mouth agrarian hospitals and the opposing investor-owned health care companies created a positive return on the firms invested capital in market. The HCA acquired these health care facilities in the belief of revolving them into the most profitable hospitals and control the industry for that specific region of state.There were problems of the recruiting in wee rural hospitals, plainly HCAs investments in the equipment and facility renovation have common sense improved the firms ability to gain the support from small rural physicians. The external factors, such as the great unemployment in the certain or various locations and in the farming communities affected the purchasing of said facilities. The acquired hospitals constantly had the small module in contrast with their competitors. However, the HCA focused on modification of the bed size. The acquired hospitals also had a good amount of oard-certified experts in affinity with their competitors. The HCA focused on main renovations and developments for the acquired hospitals for the human race of financial economies. 3. The HCA used both plane and vertical integration for the cultivation of mergers and acquisitions. The capital of South Carolinan &038HCA had such an acquisition strategy in place and the purchasing facilities and in structure new facilities that prohibited its offers to purchase. In the firms own integration strategy, the company simply acquiredthe physician practices where HCA were not steadfastin its investments.The company fixed admission goals for the acquiring of physicians. The company then owned the coarsely 2,700 medical practices, and these acquisitions then began purchases by nonprofit competitors. 4. The HCA did not aspect too much integration because of its management proficiency. The company established a working strategy to obtain its goal and to succeed in gaining market authority. However, the management appeared to be too focus on the acquisitions and obtaining total power, which landed the company in such trouble that, consisted of a federal investigation for fraud.The company had befogged focus on the point of quality of service. The firm also had become too colossal due to acquisitions. Before the downfall of the capital of South Carolina/HCA, it had 2,700 medical practices, many of which were the non-hospital practices (Goldsmith, 1998). The HCA soon soundless that the focusing on size was not really a good strategy for the success path. Overall, the HCA was between the 60% of failures in the merger/acquisition strategy. The merger with Columbia and the hostility to go into the several acquisitions was one of the reasons of HCAs downfall. III. My Impressions of the CaseThe HCA had a great operating standard of the concentrating on patient care, but they lost focus by pushful to control the health care industry. Their business-level strategy primarily started off well but some are developed into one that only attentive on profitableness of success of the company. The company soon lost sight of the main goal of lusty the customer to achievethe value for the company. The HCA focused on the developing acquisitions and mergers to gain more advantageousness and variation in market. This caused the company to embroider b eyond its ethical operating means.It took the benefit of integration systems in order to take over the industry. This case revealed how a firm can negatively and positively usesthe acquisitions, mergers, and leverage buyouts. Overall, this case was one of a neat case to transmit to Chapters 4, 6, and 7 of the text. References Hitt, M. , R. Hoskisson, D. Ireland. (2012). strategic management Competitiveness &038 globalization. (10E ed. ) Mason, OH South-Western,Cengage Learning. Montague Brown, Ph. D. (April 1, 1992). Physicians and solicitude in Health Care. Jones and Bartlett Learning. April 1, 1992.Jeff Goldsmith. (1998). Perspective Columbia/HCA A Failure Of Leadership. Health Affairs, 17, no. 2 (1998)27-29. Retrieved November 21 2012 from http//content. healthaffairs. org/content/17/2/27. full. pdf HCA Holdings, Inc. (2011). Our History. Retrieved November 21 2012 from http//hcahealthcare. com/about/our-history. scatter McCosh, Jonathan G. (2003). A Strategic Analysis of the Hospital Industry and HCA Incorporated. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship. Retrieved November 21 2012 from http//www. highbeam. com/doc/1P3-1178660521. html

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'Marine science Essay\r'

'5.Explain how a Harmful Algal Bloom shadow impact an ecosystem. The toxins john be blossom throughout various organisms as of reality and the food chain. If the consistent blooms it can stopoer the light from r for each oneing into the water and it can cause m both organisms dead. 6.Cr wipe oute a chart or Graph showing the estimated sparing impact of HABs on the United States over three years. You whitethorn use any type of chart or graphical record you wish. If you need some help with charts or Graphs click on the Graphs and Chart athletic supporter below. You may use one for each year or include e truly last(predicate) three years on the kindred chart or graph. Based on the data what would you predict about the stinting impacts in the years to come?\r\n1.Name ii types of sickness you can get from phytoplankton in Florida, and describe how you can get them. What symptoms conduct to the diagnosis of our patients? The two types of sickness ar Lyngba and Karlodinium Vene ficum. You can get lyngba when you swimming in the ocean and you can get karlodinum veneficum if you eaten a fish they have toxins in it.\r\n2.Explain how an HAB bam can have a destroy economic impact? It reaches to tourism, public health, natural rubber jobs, and coastal communities. It causes the beaches to be closed the fish and shellfish to shut down.\r\n3.Why do you suppose it can be difficult to visit the causes of HAB related illnesses and events? It can be very difficult because many of the symptoms are equivalent every sickness which include sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and may be confused as a common cold or fever.\r\n4.Summarize how the conditions be in the Gulf of Mexico contribute to the giantism of phytoplankton. Gulf of Mexico has over 40 kinds of toxic algae and since people still eat the fish it contribute to the overgrowth.\r\n'

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'Concepts of Health Promotion Essay\r'

'wellness is defined as a assign in which human needs atomic number 18 met in an autonomic port, and is non express mail to the absence of complaint or stultification (V. Henderson). Optimal wellness is a lively, self-motivated offset of corporeal, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and favor fit well-being. The c at one timept of wellness asseverate delineates the method of empowering people to increase interpret over, and to advance their own overall wellness.\r\nThe chief(prenominal) purpose of wellness publicity is to jump people’s motivation to arrive at for optimal wellness, while assisting them in fashioning life style modifications that entrust help them advance their wellbeing to an ideal state. Modifications of the unfavorable way of living hobo be enabled through and through and through a combination of strategies and learning experiences that call down aw arness and rise motivation; nearly measurablely, the change is made possible through the creation of opportunities that permit access to situations that crystalize positive wellness practices an easy choice.\r\nIndividuals and communities inquire a great deal of wellness education in nightclub to deliver the goods optimal wellness levels. The development of health progression has allowed the adjudge to reinforce the transaction’s office on health progressional material and unsoundness legal association, propagate culture that promotes an educated public, and assist individuals and communities to change found negative health manners.\r\nThe breast feeding roles in health progress vary greatly depending on the individual or assemblage’s needs, and their level of readiness to drive action toward lifestyle change and behavior modification. In order to be an efficient educator, the arrest has to perform a self-awareness legal opinion of own health beliefs and practices. In health publicity, it is of great immenseness that the educat ors live what they teach, on that headlandfrom becoming models of healthy lifestyle behaviors and attitudes. A control who bequeath teach the brilliance of smoking cessation must non be a smoker; the soil is clear and obvious.\r\nShould the invitee learn that she smokes, he will lose confidence in her role of health advocate, and undervalue the importance of smoking cessation. The trust of the concord- thickening relationship mogul be compromised, and the likelihood that the customer will stop smoking will simplification signififannytly. An extensive approach of health promotion can be achieved through the nursing process including assessment, diagnosis identification, planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes. Even though the process is alike, the support gives emphasis to teach the client accountability for self-care. After the client and the educator agree to the goals together, the health-promotion plans are constituted; in that location after(prenominal) , the client takes accountability for the success of the plans. A comprehensive assessment of the individual health status is fundamental to health promotion.\r\nThe hold up has to take in consideration doubled factors, and collect significant data from the client’s milieu before root to design a plan of health promotion education. Some elements of assessment should let in the health history and physical examination, physical fitness assessment, lifestyle assessment, spiritual assessment, social stand-in systems review, health risk assessment, health beliefs review, and life-stressors review.\r\nPlanning has to be through tally to the needs, desires and priorities of the client. The client decides on health promotion goals, and the actions and interventions to achieve those goals. During the planning process the nurse acts as a resource psyche rather than as a counselor. The nurse provides information, highlighting the importance of gradual change, and appraises the cli ent’s goals to ensure that they are realistic, quantifiable, and okay to the client. Implementation is the â€Å"acting” towards behavior change. The nurse gives emphasis to self-responsibility for implementing the plan. Depending on the client’s needs, nursing interventions may consist of supporting, counseling, teaching, consulting, modeling, and enhancing the behavior change.\r\nThe nurse has to offer ongoing and non-judgmental support that focuses on the desired behavior change. Moreover, the nurse will help the client constitute his social support system, which is snappy in the goal attainment process. Evaluation of the outcomes should not be sporadic, but rather done on a perpetual root in shared collaboration of nurse and client. Evaluation is the time of celebrating successes, or a time when the client may consider to rear mountain chain priorities, or adjust strategies. health promotion aims a wide range of targets at different levels in the comm unity.\r\nThe coarse upbeats resulted from health promotion and disease measure efforts make many realize that this force field of health care is worth to be invested in. The focus is shifted evermore from the medical to the enlistment approach, from treating the disease to avoiding the onset of it. Nurses have a fundamental role in health promotion by their position and fundamental interaction with the community. In subacute care settings, they send off the people at their toughest times of their lives. It is there nurses can assist endurings make important informed decisions in regards to their health. The nurse has the role of assisting the patient in moving in the right direction on the health-illness continuum.\r\nsomebody might argue that there is no more room for bar once the illness occurred, but the truth is that there is always something to be checked. For example, the patient who was admitted with diabetic ketoacidosis (without even knowing that he had diabetes) will need a hatch of information and support on how to lie with the disease and prevent complications. The nurse in the acute setting will engender the health promotion process for this patient, and moreover refer him to diabetes specialists. Once the patient follows-up with them, the betting odds are that another nurse at the doctor’s office will continue the process of teaching the patient about the disease management. Disease measure is included under health promotion umbrella, and consists of three levels of prevention: primary winding, standby, and tertiary.\r\nThe difference amid them is determined by the particularized point in time in the flux of the disease progression when the health promotion is initiated. The primary prevention targets health promotion and protection before disease or dysfunction arise. It includes but it is not restrict to immunizations, routine health check-ups, and risk assessments for specific diseases, family planning services and ma rriage counseling, health education on various threats to well-being. The primary(prenominal) goal of primary prevention is to flinch the risk of exposure of the individual and the community to potentially harmful sources.\r\nIn comparison, secondary prevention concentrates attention on a timely recognition of health issues and a rapid intervention to lessen health problems. Its main goals are to identify individuals in an sign stage of disease and to point of accumulation forthcoming disability. For example, a patient who experiences an acute heart attack can benefit from emergent cardiac stent placement. After this initial step of treatment, the patient will not only need a continual adherence to the recommended regimen, but also make appropriate lifestyle changes in order to prevent further health problems think to the initial cause of injury.\r\nHealth promotion at the secondary level is truly important because the patient who experienced a life-altering event may be able to return to prior level of forest of life, in conjunction with the appropriate lifestyle modifications. Some examples of secondary prevention are: teaching self-examination for breast and testicular cancer, yearly screening colonoscopy after 50 years of age, or yearly mammograms after the age of 40. At last, tertiary prevention places emphasis on restoration and replacement with the goal of helping the individual to fix an optimal level of functioning.\r\nChronic disease management is an example where tertiary prevention comes in to assist the client proceeds control and quality of life to a certain extent, as permitted by the disease process. Education and support about managing inveterate illness at home to prevent complications is part of the tertiary prevention. The levels of prevention can overlap in practice because resembling interventions can serve different causes. For example, if a mortal decides to follow the Weight Watchers nutrition plans to lose weight for the reason of increase overall health and state of well-being, this will be primary level health promotion.\r\nOn the other hand, if the same person decides to lose weight with the motivation to light the risk for cardiovascular disease, then it is considered a behavior of secondary level of prevention. In conclusion, health promotion is a vital component in society because it helps its citizens gift to a qualitative life. Without health promotion and disease prevention programs, mortality and morbidity would always be our next gateway neighbor. By health promotion we can see more people laughing, dreaming, and enjoying the upthrow of life.\r\nReferences\r\nBennett, C., Perry, J., & Lawrence, Z. (2009). Promoting health in primary care. Nursing Standard, 23(47), 48-56. Blacksher, E. (2009). Health reform: what’s prevention got to do with it?. The Hastings midst Report, 39(6), inside. Marcus, S. (2012). Poison prevention: engineering in primary\r\nprevention. Clinical T oxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.), 50(3), 163-165. doi:10.3109/15563650.2012.658474 Kozier, B. (2007). rudiments of nursing: Concepts, process, and practice. Upper Saddle River, N.J: assimilator Hall Health.\r\n'

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'Benefits and Risks of 3D/4D Ultrasound Essay\r'

'Non-invasive method of producing pictures of split of the torso by exposing them to high-frequency sound waves is know as echography imaging or sonography or ultrasound see. The images obtained indeed atomic number 18 captured real-time, thus showing the movement, mental synthesis and blood flow of the internal variety meat. The equipment employ for this purpose is known as ultrasound s hoboner which consists of a condole with, a photo introduction screen and a transducer. The console contains a computer and electronics. High frequency, infrasonic sound waves ar sent into the separate of the body through the transducer in puny pulses.\r\nThese waves bounce off the tissues producing a diversity in the pitch and direction of the sound. This alteration is again picked up by the transducer and then based on these echoed waves, the shape, size and torso of the part of the body is deducted and a real-time image is created on the monitor (radiology info, n. d. ). Until late only the conventional 2 dimensional images were being produced. However recent advances ache direct to the development of 3-dimentional and 4-dimentional images too.\r\nSuch images are very popular in obstetric see and are being utilize to view the botch up in the large(predicate) mother. The 3D/4D images allow physicians and mothers to look at the features of the baby and in any case watch the baby move and grow (Wood, 2008). 3D pictures are produced by storing the echoed waves digitally and shading the life- homogeneous images of the baby. Adding component part of movement to 3D pictures produces 4D pictures. However, the clarity and action mechanism of the images depends on the gestational age and the strength of the fetus at the time of scanning (Wood, 2008).\r\nBenefits of 3D/4D ultrasound The most relieving realize of the new-fashioned 3D/4D ultrasound is that thither is no preparation needed precedent to scanning. The conventional 2D ultrasound demanded full-bladder make discomfort to the patient. Also, certain parts of the body like the arms, face, legs, toes and fingers are seen a good deal clearly in the 3D/4D. Thus conditions like cleft palate are more easily detected in the modern ultrasound. Various movements of the fetus like smiling, crying, yawning, blinking, and pathetic fingers can be seen with 4D ultrasound.\r\nAnother earn with this type of scanning is that the type of display is multiplanar allowing optic cut through of structures and organs in any plane. Thus notwithstanding the foetal brain and its cavities can be studied (Wood, 2008). Studies grow reported that 3D ultrasounds were some(prenominal) superior in find out fetal weight more appropriately. Also, 3D ultrasounds require lesser views, are easier to use, are more efficient and produce much clearer image when compared to 2D scanning (Wiseman and Kiehl, 2007).\r\nThus, 3D ultrasounds are able to analyze fetal abnormality in a bettor way. 3D ultras ound is superior to 2D in nuchal cord credit at term (Wiseman and Kiehl, 2007). 3D ultrasound can identify women who have chances of delivering early by measuring cervical length. 3D is also superior in gender identification, steady in the first trimester (Wiseman and Kiehl, 2007). There is round of potential to study neurological expression of the fetus using 4D ultrasound (Wiseman and Kiehl, 2007).\r\nOn the whole, 3D/4D ultrasound gives an opportunity to big(p) mothers to know and familiarize their babies much in the lead they are born, thus creating bondage amongst mother and baby. The engineering also allows visual confirmation of pregnancy and reassurance of well-being of the fetus. Risks of 3D/4D ultrasound Although no obvious risks have been identified with 3D/4D scanning as is the case with 2D scanning, the American launch of Ultrasound in Medicine warns against the scuttle of biological effectuate of scanning which may be identified in futurity (Wood, 2008).\r \nEven the American College of Radiology and The get together States Food and Drug Administration warn against casual exposure to ultrasound curiously during pregnancy. This warning comes in the light of blastoff baby photos in malls using scanning machines. There are also concerns or so possible thermal and mechanic distress to the fetus caused by sound waves which has led to the ALARA principle of exposure, meaning, the sonologists expose the fetus to ‘As Low As Reasonably manageable’ doses of sound waves (Wiseman and Kiehl, 2007). Conclusion\r\n3D/4D ultrasound scanning is a wonder technology which is gaining lot of importance in obstetric medicine. This method of scanning allows better visual image of the fetus and its parts, early and proper identification of anomalies and establishment of bond with the baby much before the baby is born. However, though in that location are no reports of positioning effects of these non-invasive procedures, researchers wa rn against the possibility of thermal and mechanical damage to the fetus, thus discouraging surplus exposure during pregnancy.\r\nResearch is warranted to discover the side effects of these wonder technologies. References RadiologyInfo. Obstetrical Ultrasound. Retrieved on 21st Feb. , 2009 from http://www. radiologyinfo. org/en/info. cfm? PG=obstetricus Wiseman, C. S. , and Kiehl, E. M. (2007). Picture immaculate: Benefits and Risk of Fetal 3D Ultrasound. MCN, The American Journal of Maternal and Child Nursing, 32(2), 102- 109. Wood, D. (2008). freshly Dimensions in Prenatal Ultrasound: 3D and 4D. Retrieved on 21st Feb. , 2009 from http://www. swedish. org/17337. cfm\r\n'

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'Dying a noble Death Essay\r'

'â€Å" anxious(p) a noble remainder”\r\n intro\r\n remainder is inevitable and everyone moldiness be make to nervus decease. The indite of, â€Å"If we moldiness faint” makes social function of opposite literary devices to describe devastation and to encourage multitude to be brave and not to worship finis. People should not just work like hogs or dogs although man beings atomic number 18 far bulgenumbered by death, they must live brave to face death when it progresss. Death does not have shame, it gets whoever it wants and at the clock time it best things is right. Death is a coward since it cannot come to commonwealth when they know or when they expect.\r\n synopsis of the Poem\r\n The rime by Mr. Claude McKay, â€Å"If we must die”, indite to urge the wispy people to fight for their freedom against the conquerings of the whites, portrays different literary devices workd to bring out the message of the metrical composition to the ref (Charters, and Samuel, 896). The mingled devices employ in the verse form acknowledge allegory, rhyme, metaphor which involves animal imagery, as notice in various likes through the use of different crys such as â€Å"hogs,” in landmark 1 and early(a) speech communication such as â€Å"hunted, ” â€Å"penned,” which argon build in by-line 2 (Charters, and Samuel, 896). Further more than, the informant uses words such as â€Å"mad and hungry dogs,” and â€Å"bark” found in line 3 of the poem, â€Å"monsters,” in line 7 and the word â€Å" direful pack” in line 13 to show animal imagery for the reader (Charters, and Samuel, 896).\r\n The use of hyperbole is observed when the author writes the words, â€Å"If we must die, let it not be like hogs” found in line 1 of the poem as hearty as, â€Å"and for their thousand blows deal one death-blow” in line 11 (Charters, and Samuel, 896). Furthermor e, the author of the poem has used onomatopoeia which is observed through the word â€Å"bark” (Charters, and Samuel, 896). To make the reader more intrigued and part of the poem, the author poses a movement that is rhetorical which is found in line 12 where he says â€Å"What though onwards us lies the open grave?”\r\n The use of this question is intended to act as a reminder to the reader that death is inevitable and everyone will face death at one point in life and what do human beings face to lose when they die? The author of this poem uses most of these literary devices as a way of creating a sense of exigency so that the reader is always ready and aware of the happenings in life and around death (Charters, and Samuel, 896). The author has also written the poem utilize 14 lines in addition to the rhyme scheme which has been used of ababcdcdefefgg hence making it a Shakespeare sonnet (Charters, and Samuel, 896). The other literary device the author has u sed is repetition which is seen through words such as â€Å"If we must die” which has been repeated in the poem 2 times in line 1 and line 5.\r\nConclusion\r\n Every human being is bound to face death when their time comes. This does not mean that people should not be ready and do their best to fight against injustice and oppression which leads to the death of human beings. By using the different literary devices, the author of the poem encourages people to be brave against death and should not fear when they are confront with circumstances.\r\nReferences\r\nCharters, Ann, and Samuel B. Charters. Literature and Its Writers: A Compact entree to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins, 2010. Print. pp.896,\r\nSource document\r\n'