Sunday, April 21, 2019

Trend and analysis of SLS hotel external environment Research Paper

Trend and analysis of SLS hotel external environment - Research paper ExampleThe SLS Luxury brand caters to a specific class of volume who desire a lifestyle of high-class service, sophistication, over the top luxury, and an atmosphere that fulfills these needs. SLS Hotels have created a new trope in the luxury hotel experience that speaks to a global, civilize audience. SLS stands for style, luxury, and service. This speaks to the needs of todays sophisticated travelers, offering an array of widely customizable features and an unwavering commitment to innovation and superior guest service (Hotels, 2014).The mannikin of products and administrations requested by customers is generally impacted by their convictions and state of mind which, on the other hand, argon affected by social molding. The surrounding social entities and the associated activities. The Hollywood presence, for instance, presents the hotel with great opportunity for the constant current of clients who even sta y for longer periods. The hotel location is a great contributor to the accessibility by the laughingstock population who include the diplomatic tourists and business persons in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, in particular, is a favorite destination for people seeking luxury and high-class lifestyle. The Hollywood movie industry, high-end shopping options and opportunities, beaches and resorts such(prenominal) as Santa Monica Pier and Venice boardwalk, attractions such as the Universal Studios, many museums and cultural events in L.A constitutes to the main social agentive roles that make the destination popular (Enz, 2009). Being an economic hub, Los Angeles provides the hotel with an adequate supply of market as business people from all over the world frequently come to the city for conferences (Hotels, 2014).The growing population of Beverly Hills is also a social factor to consider. Currently, the population of the city stands at over 34,000 people. However, the p opulation has various demands depending on the age-group and socioeconomic factors.

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