Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Great Gatsby :: essays papers

Great Gatsby 4When F. Scott Fitzgerald first published The Great Gatsby, it was namedUnder the Red, White, and Blue. However, after having revised the novel galore(postnominal) times with his many editors, publishers, and per word of honoral advisors,Fitzgerald eventually released the book under its contemporary title.Why did Fitzgerald make the change? Under the red white and bluereferred to the life of people in America, or under the American flag.His novel is focused on the corruption of the American dream, and thecorruption of those residing within. The great Gatsby referred to oneof the principle characters in the novel, Jay Gatsby. Why was Gatsby sogreat that the book was named after him? Jay Gatsby was portrayed byFitzgerald as the son of God, or of a God. Fitzgerald reminds us ofthis throughout the novel, and from beginning to end he fills the textwith hints as he alludes to Gatsbys divine spirit. The Great Gatsbywas a great man- Fitzgerald tells the reader that Gatsby was s o greathe could not have been a man- that he was a heavenly figure. Fitzgeraldwanted the reader to believe that the American dream had died, and tofurther ingrain his belief in our minds, he destroys religion andmorality notwithstanding now the final and most dismal reality Fitzgerald faces uswith is that no man is a great man- the only great man encountered inThe Great Gatsby is the son of God- who is superior to man, and cannotbe judged by the same rules. An author uses imagery to convey specificthoughts and emotions from his readers. Fitzgerald constantly remindsus that Gatsby is a heavenly figure by associating Gatsby with the slug. The moon is a heavenly body therefore, Gatsbys presence bringsout the heavens. The first time the narrator, nick, meets Gatsby, it isat one of Gatsbys gaudy parties, and the moon had risenhigher.(Fitzgerald p.51) just before Nick met Gatsby. When Nick leavesthe party, a wafer of a moon was shining over Gatsbys house.(p.60)After Myrtle had been ru n over by Daisy, Nick speaks to Gatsby outsideDaisys house, and Nick could think of nothing except the luminosityof his pink suit under the moon. The imagery in this location suggeststhat Gatsby is innocent of the crime he is implicated in, which is themurder of Myrtle. The moon shining down on Gatsby, making his suitradiate, suggests that heaven looks with favor upon Gatsby. Gatsby islinked with the heavens occurs when he name d having kissed Daisyfor the first time.

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