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Cut by sylvia Plath Essay -- essays research papers

Cut Sylvia PlathPersonaIn terms of content the persona in Cut is Sylvia Plath herself. Plath was one of the first American women writers to refuse to conceal her true emotions. In articulating her aggression, hostility and despair in her art, she effectively challenged the traditional literary prioritization of female experience. Plath has experienced much melancholy and embossment in her life. ScenarioThe scenario of the poem starts off in a seemingly domestic scene, perhaps preparing for dinner and develops into this amazing association and blurring of the physical and emotional senses, where a expectant joy has been found in an accident. Plath dedicates Cut to her new au pair (nanny), Susan ONeill Roe as a welcome to the family gesture. It is most in all probability the au pairs thumb, which has been cut however Plath refers to it as her own thumb as a sign of empathy/psychosis. In the poem, Plath describes the feelings and sensations of deliberate self mutilation and the emoti onal release it brings. The press clipping of the thumb can be viewed in a Freudian manner in which the incident occurred accidentally on purpose a parapraxis, having the effect of grammatical construction up tension.ContextThe mise en scene in which the poem is taking place is in England, isolated away from all her family and friends, during the 1950s where Plath was the victim of a male-orientated sexist fiat and her poetry a choreography of female wounds. Values portrayed finished Cut are Plaths life of hardships from separation, divorce and as a unmarried mother and poet. Through the remarkable consistent images that all flow from her very ordinary accident it is evident that this poem showcases a history of bloodshed through war, death, injury and maiming in the Western world and Plaths family history StoryThe story of Cut is a rapid succession/conglomeration off sensations and images of vehemence and bloodshed throught history and its emotional relief. Plath chooses to use an ongoing metaphor of a battle between two armies. She is possibly one soldier who has lost much, opus fighting the depression battle. This poem demonstrates Plaths disconnection from humanity as for example she disassociates the thumb as being part of the body. The fact that she relates her cut to onions, with homework as a household duty displaying her discontentment with her role as a housewife and mot... ...rill- creates a colloquial level of language, where in this case an exclaiming mark could have been used. SoundsA variety of language devices are employed to create tone for the poem. Sounds such as assonance is used in the stemma a flap like a hat with an emphasis on t and taken off on a coupled with dental t and plosive p evoking and mirroring the on/off nature of a hat, in reference to the skin that has been cut on her thumb. Internal assonance and consonance emerge and disappear with unpredictability. This demonstrates signs of Plaths mental illness. Also there i s assonance in little pilgrim, the Indians axed your scalp where the chopping sounds evoke the movement.In conclusion, there is to a greater extent than one implication of the word alone cut hurt,injured,rejected,excludedthese are to mean physically injured, rejected or wounded by people, excluded by living on own and bleeding in all senses and self mutilation. In the poem Cut by Sylvia Plath there is more to the poem than moods and feelings through the use of context and technique. For instance images,sounds,tones,rhythm,rhyme and form which all add up to an effective poem with textual integrity.

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