Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Concepts of Moral Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Concepts of Moral Development - Assignment spokes someoneThe concept of Kohlbergs moral maturation is explained in 3 levels and each level is classified into two stages. STAGE 1 Wrong or immoral actions be determined by punishments.Example Punctuality is considered an important aspect of the performance evaluation of an employee. The employee that comes late to the office is considered as wrong action and employee gets punishment on such actions. Generally, salary discount rate is the punishment for late timings. Here the salary deduction is indicating that coming late is considered as an immoral action in the company. STAGE 2 Right actions are determined by rewards. Example According to Kohlbergs view, rewards are the justification of the employees acceptable performance in the company. Sales employee in the company is rewarded with tautologic benefits when he or she makes more than a sales target. In this case, extra benefits are rewards for efficient performance. STAGE 3 Good fashion is the reflection of good intentions Example Employee realizes that drinking alcohol in the office during the lunch timings is an immoral action because it decreases the efficiency and productivity at the workplace. Employees positive concerned behavior towards work efficiency is the justification of his/her good intentions for the company. STAGE 4 Compliance to authority, Significance of doing ones duty. Example Human resource employee is against the fire of production labor but he/she decided not to protest in the company without the permission of management. The sense of obedience to the authority of HR employee is justifying that he/she is maintaining social order. STAGE 5 Recognizing that rules can be changed in order to adapt differences in moral and legal rights. Example Sometimes it can be seen that organizations perform activities like tax evasion, so the employee realizes that this should be change and organization should pay taxes to the government to en courage the application of equal distribution of wealth in the country. STAGE 6 Considering every Individuals view based on conscience regarding any moral decision.Example A person refuses to obey the law of the society which treats a major portion of the population as second-class citizens.

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