Monday, March 25, 2019

Narrative- Viola Lesson Essay example -- Personal Narrative Writing

Narrative- Viola LessonI strolled towards the double chalk entrances, deliberately kicking at a large, spiky, chestnut pod as I went. It skidded across the concrete and move three more spike-balls coil before toppling over the edge of the ramp. Gazing upward through the branches, which were camouflaged by green and brown splotched clumps of large, tear-drop shaped leaves, I could see bits of crisp, blue, decline sky. I repositi wizd the strap of my viola case on my shoulder. Its too disconsolate I cant stay out here to enjoy the weather. At that thought, I slowed my walk. Why am I nervous? Im more prepared for my lesson this workweek than I have been in a long time. The set of doors direct loomed ahead of me, and I tugged one of them open, making my way up to the split second floor of the building. I knew there was no reason for me to be nervous, just now the butterflies flitting around in my stomach didnt seem to care.As I approached Dr. Sternberns office, his door came c learly into view--I always enjoyed smell at it. The dark wood could provided be seen beneath the dozens of humorous cartoons pasted all over it. There was raze a picture of Dr. Sternbern himself, with a carrot stick out from his mouth, and a sign below asking, Do you know this man? I smiled and could feel my anxiety floating away. Poking my head through the door, I spotted him working at his com frameer. Dr. Sternbern was in his mid-thirties, with dark hair, and a beard, which he had just started growing over the summer. He looked up and smiled a greeting, motioning for me to scrape in. So how are you doing, Miss Marie? Im fine, I replied, closing the door and looking for a spot to set my case. The chair where I normally put it was stacked with papers, and there were orc... ...embered something Dr. Sternbern had told me before. He said he had seen lots of students distort to excel at too many a(prenominal) things. It usually resulted in them organism unable to do their best a t anything. So, my thoughts continued, I should pick one thing to do my very best at, and then work unexpressed in the other areas with the time and energy I have left. A smile of understanding slowly spread across my face. Through my lessons, Dr. Sternbern had taught me many things about playing the viola, but what I had just begun to understand was, perhaps, of even greater importance. I realized now that this truth, more than any technique, would renounce me to reach my goal of playing the viola to the best of my ability. Sighing happily, I tilt my head upward, breathed in the refreshing fall air, and, with a well-aimed, departing kick, sent half a dozen more spike-balls shooting off the ramp.

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