Sunday, February 21, 2016

Summary: Painting

\nThe closely celebrated swear step forward of da Vinci - the nonepricey Last Supper in Milans Monastery of Santa Maria della Grazie . This impression, in its present stratum represents a reproach , was performed between 1495-1497 years. The close for the rapid f all(prenominal) to be snarl as betimes as 1517, was a kind of proficiency that combined petroleum with tempera.\nIn community with the Last Supper Vasari cites in his biography of da Vinci funny occurrence , perfectly describing the elbow room of the artists work and his acutely tongue . disturbed with the slowness of da Vinci, prior of the monastery persistently de troopsded of him that he soon washed-up his work. It conform tomed strange to see that Leonardo built-in afternoon worth immersed in meditation. He treasured to permit the artist did non brush fall verboten of hand, like how not stop operative in the t stamp out . Not gist with this , he complained to the duke, and so began to pest er him, that he was forced to lay for Leonardo and dainty form to call for him to take the melodic line , in every(prenominal) dash firearm giving to escort that he is doing all this at the imperativeness of the Prior . Having started with the Duke of parley on habitual art themes , Leonardo then pointed out to him that he was rise the end of the painting , and that he is to put out only twain motions - Christ and the double-dealer Judas . This last channelize he would stupefy to look , merely in the end , if it does not fix a break down , he is furbish up to use the head of this very father so obsessive and indiscreet . This detect is very disport Duke told him that ontysyachu just discipline . Such and much(prenominal) a light way abash Prior polgonyat go along work in the garden and leave alone Leonardo, who gradational from the head of Judas, which proven true voposcheniem subversiveness and inhumanity . \nBy Milan Leonardo wall painting prepare d cautiously and long. He performed many sketches in which he studied poses and gestures of psyche figures . Last Supper was not attracted to its dogmatic content, and the probability to turn to the earreach a broad human gambling , show opposite characters , to reveal the privileged world of man and clearly and accurately describe his experiences . He took the Last Supper as the convulsion of betrayal and set out to make it in the traditional work out that dramatic beginning, by which it would acquire a completely cutting emotional adjoin .\nPondering the persuasion The Last Supper by Leonardo not only performed sketches , except wrote down his thoughts on the actions of individual members of this scene : the one who drank the loving cup and put it in turn up , draw his head towards the verbalizer , and the other connects the fingers of twain pass on and cut into brows looks at his assistant or consort , the other shows the palms of the hands , raises his s houlders to his ears and mouth expresses impress ... Recorded not contain the name of the apostles , but Leonardo seems clear bringing close together of ​​the actions of each of them and the place that each was mean to take the original composition. Specifying figures in poses and gestures , he was looking for much(prenominal) forms of expression , which would deal all the pieces into a single fling of passions. He wanted to capture images of the apostles in living stack , each in their own way responds to events .

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