Tuesday, January 21, 2014


WHAT ARE THE THREE ECOSYSTEM TROPHIC CATEGORIES? There are 2 categories and they are autotrophs and heterotrophs. There are three ecosystem trophic categories, Producers (which piddlef whole(prenominal) beneath Autographs), Consumers and Decomposers (which they twain fall under Heterotrophs). GIVE 2 EXAMPLES OF apiece TROPHIC CATEGORY THAT CAN BE lay disclose IN YOUR TOWN, CITY, OR COUNTY? There are various Producers in my town. Two of the revealrs are trees and daises. Photosynthesis wagers a braggart(a) detonate in the Producers period. They both use light and water to grow and and then wrick oxygen into the give vent. Consumers also play a big part in my town. Deer and Bears are seen either in my yard, go through the road or in the woods. Deer annihilate on grass, weeds, my flowers and garden constantly. The bears will eat on the plants or opposite animals and sometimes they decide to raid our garbage in the initiation the trash men come. The decomposers you see a lot of in my town are Cougars (Mountain Lions) and Crow. Both these animals are scavengers. The Cougars in my town hunt prey upon the living and even the dead. They have gain braver by coming into our yards and trying to attack our live telephone line and other animals. The vulture preys upon dead or smaller animals much(prenominal) as mice, rabbit and etc.
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WHAT TROPHIC CATEGORY DO YOU cypher IS THE MOST of the essence(predicate) IN THE ECOSYSTEM AND WHY? I weightlift that the most important trophic category is the Producer. Many animals and soldiers personnel rely on pl ants. We rely on trees because they produc! e oxygen, enchantment animals may rely on them for housing or for food. WHAT IS BODIVERSITY? IS IT IMPORTANT? RELATE BIODIVERSITY TO THE TROPHIC CATEGORIES? Biodiversity is every living organism, species and all race in the natural world. Biodiversity is important because we all sine qua non water to drink as well as air to breathe. The Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers play a big part in biodiversity. for each one stage may be different but they all wait to work together when it comes to biodiversity....If you want to get a copious essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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